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In Vogue

The preview for the fall issue of Vogue Knitting is up! Guess which pattern is my favorite?

photo courtesy of SoHo Publishing

Project details later. I'm going to go have a celebratory grape soda now.


Squee! I can't wait to get my mitts on a copy. Hah, I slay me.

I was scrolling through all the sweaters, thinking maybe that one or maybe that one until I got to the mittens and knew right away that these were SO you. I love them! Congrats to a job well done.

Oh my, they are so fantastic!!

Congrats! Love the mittens!

Grape soda, eh? Enjoy!

Congrats! How exciting! :-)

How awesome! Congratulations!

I love them!! congrats!

Oh yeah, I need me a pair of those!

Gorgeous! Can't wait to get my mitts on a copy. Irresistable pun. It's in a very good issue too, lots of wearables in it.

Wow, they're awesome! Big congrats - I can't wait to knit them up!

love. love. love. so cute. congrats!

Let it snow indeed! They're fantastic! Congratulations :)

That is very exciting. Congratulations! It looks like a fun project to knit up!

congratulations! It is my favorite as well! Love it!

Congrats!! The mittens are awesome. I'm going to run out and buy a copy of this magazine as soon as it hits the shelf!

How exciting!! Congratulations!

How cool! Congratulations! I love those mittens. Can't wait to get my copy.

Wow! Awesome and exciting. Congrats!


Go crazy with your bad self. :-)

Oh! They are SO beautiful. Congratulations! You deserve some strawberry tart with that soda.


Beautiful, congratulations!

Woot woot!!!! Congrats!

Fabulous! Congratulations!

So cute! Congratulations! :)

You designed those? They're delightful!

I like the detail on the thumbs. Too often, mitten thumbs feel left out. But these are happy thumbs.

They are so cute! Congrats!

Congratulations!!! Think you might have earned yourself a Saturday night in with NPR :)

Congrats! I noticed your name along with those when I saw the preview a few days ago. They're gorgeous!

Congratulations! These are lovely - hope to get a copy soon.

They are very charming. Congratulations.

Wow, those ROCK! Way to go, Elliphantom :)

Delurking to tell you that those mittens are what's going to make me buy my first Vogue in 2 years! I already have plans to make 2 pairs for friends for Christmas.

I've had a couple of year's off VK but I'm thinking this issue is worth revisiting! The mitts patterns alone will get me to buy!


lovely mittens. it is so lovely to see bloggers turn out to be upmarket designers. congratulations from copenhagen.