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Finished: Pop's Birdwatching Gloves

This is my Dad. He's a bit obsessed with birding.

The Specs:
-Pattern: a hybrid of Knucks, by Pamela Grossman, and Bird's Eye Mittens, by Martin Storey, from Knitting For Him.
-Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed; less than one ball of shade 133 (blue), and a bit of 156 (natural).
-Needles: size 4 dpns, and size 3 (3mm) dpns for the ribbing.
-Start to finish: mid-June to early July.
-For: Pop. A rather belated Father's Day gift.

I inherited many good qualities from Pop, not the least of which are a) fair skin and b) my ability to completely immerse myself in a hobby.

The idea for these gloves was hatched last Christmas when my Dad tried on my brown Knucks (which fit him nicely) and also pointed out that he liked the Bird's-Eye Mitten pattern. Since those mitts don't have individual fingers, I though it would be nice to combine the look of the Bird's-Eyes with the excellent design of the Knucks. To cap it off, the fact that both patterns use Felted Tweed was just too good a coincidence to ignore.

Combining the patterns couldn't have been simpler. I was planning on having to modify the Knucks a bit to accommodate the colorwork, but the men's size has the exact same number of stitches in the hand portion as the Bird's-Eyes. So I just knitted up a pair of Knucks that incorporated the simple colorwork. Easy peasy!

My camera is not this large.

The Pattern: This is the third time I've knitted a pair of Knucks and I stand my my original opinion of the pattern: top down fingerless gloves = brilliant.

Final Verdict: Pop likes them. I am a happy knitter.

Ready to track down something feathery


They look great!

Did he spot any loons?

Beautiful gloves. They look warm and comfy!
Nice colours too.

I can see the resemblance! Very nice gloves.

Your family looks sooooo much like you...

Beautiful! Love the gloves, and the happy look on the recipient.

So great. He looks so happy with his gloves and birdies. Well...and massive camera lens.

Nice job on the knitting, as usual. Dad is handsome and happy. I'm trying to finish a knitting project, so I come here for inspiration.

Such a thoughtful and considerate gift for your Dad. You obviously love him very much, as he does you, judging by the pics.

Those look great! What a thoughtful and obviously well-appreciated Father's Day gift!

Very nice! And they look quite warm, too!

They look great, I may have to show my Dad (a fellow birder!) as he has never wanted anything knitted but they might persuade him!

How satisfying to make something that looks so great but that was customized to suit an appreciative recipient!

So cute! I like your Dad-in-the-wild pics. I know about the Heather Ross...the prints reminded me a ton of your dishes and the Crabtree soap you used to have. I love how she used so many cute motifs and colors.

Birthday idea?

omg rotfl. is dad wearing his binoculars on a TORSO HARNESS?

i love him.

your dad was very eager to wear his new gloves. they look great!

Although that harness resembles a bit the one we used to put Elli in to keep her from straying, it is indeed for binoculars, to prevent the viewer from getting the terribly incapacitating (although rarely fatal) "birder's neck", somewhat like tennis elbow but not really.

What a great post about your Dad's knucks -- he sounds like a wonderful man!

dad is a looker. and so are the gloves and you.