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Signs of the apocalypse

hi there. elli is busy right now, but if you leave her a message, she'll get back to you soon...

Sign #1: Mutant chickens are planning to take over the world.

Thankfully I've discovered their plot and have reported it to the appropriate authorities.

Sign #2: Trees are also plotting a hostile takeover.

Evidence: this pollen is ridiculous

Sign #3: My apartment agreed to replace my carpet.

Ever wonder what it would look like if you put everything you own in the kitchen?

I'll be back soon...if I survive...


OH no!!! And with this weather, it's not like you could put anything outside.... Eek! I hope you survive! We're knitting tomorrow at the Pourhouse if you make it!

Double yolks are super lucky! Either that or they're an abomination and of the devil. I can't remember which at the moment...

Just out of curiousity, who are the appropriate authorities for chicken take overs?

hehehe, everything I own in my kitchen? Hmmmm.... I think not! :D

Congratulations on getting the carpet replaced, but your kitchen looks like a rather uncomfortable and crowded place to sleep at the moment.

Your apartment agreed? Wow. Maybe I should try talking to mine. 'Flat, you really need some new paint in your hallway. Flat, how about painting my bedroom? And flat, while you're about it, any chance you could learn to self-clean?'

Hope all the unbloggable knitting is keeping you happy. Hugs xx

Bwa ha ha ha. I am much amused by the kitchen pic. Luckily I have wood floors, except in the foyer (stupid planning on the apartment people's part - what area in your home gets the most dirty traffic?) so if I had to replace it I would have to move... an area rug. If you like wood v. wall-to-wall you should see if they will spring for that (or Pergo)! It is so nice... (although brand-spankin-new carpet is nice too...) :)

PS Are you in collusion with my grandmother? She tried to get me to paint garden gnomes the last time I visited her...

I was at the NC Farmer's Market this weekend. There's a little stall inside the one building where I buy my obligatory RC Cola before shopping for veggies. I noticed they were selling double yolked eggs by the dozen! Inconceivable! While I was tempted, I also noticed they sold for almost $5 a dozen. Perhaps the next time I make creme brulee I may indulge.

Ha ha, the kitchen pic made me remember... we stuffed all we could find not screwed or glued stuck into tho room of a friend, after he had passed out in the officers mess and we had to carry him to his room. His room was filled to the roof with tables, trash cans, firehoses and all. The look on his face when he came out for breakfast was just priceless.

Ok, now I see what you mean. Good luck with that!

I'm still shaking over the "everthing in my kitchen" thing. The horror!

Thank goodness you're getting new carpet, tho.

And the double yolks. Triple runny goodness!

I can attest that the new carpeting looks smashing.
Villikins the gnome is so happy for you!!

Well, your kitchen may look crowded, but doesn't it give the rest of your apartment that open, airy look? You may grow to love it that way.

The fact that you can put everything you own in the kitchen astounds me. Considering my husband and I just emptied two massive storage units so that we are now finally settled from the relocation, it's time to get rid of stuff.

If the end is near, I'm quitting my job and attempting to knit through as much of my stash as I can........I can't take it with me, after all. =)

wow, I feel negligent. I recently had a double yolked egg and did nothing to report the happening. I simply scrambled and moved on. I didn't even put it to good use by leaving it sunny side up.

I hear ya! June has been quite the month.