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What I did this weekend

I hit the Argyll V-Neck hard. Observe:

all gylls present and accounted for

One back, with all duplicate stitching completed and all 10 million ends woven in. Phew!


One front, with all knitting finished and (since this photo was taken yesterday afternoon) all existing ends woven in. Duplicate stitching has commenced.

I'm still fairly certain that I won't have enough black to do the armhole and neck ribbing but I'm choosing to remain in denial. I'm leaving for vacation in a week so all responsible brain cells are being diverted toward packing, not knitting. Well, except for those required for the packing of the knitting. That comes before all else.


I am way too much of a commitment-phobe to begin such an undertaking. Congrats on being so close to finished. I'll bet you have enough black to finish. It's just this feeling I have...

Holy wow. You ARE going to show us the wrong side sometime, right? Not that I'm not already impressed enough.

Fingers crossed for surprising yardage...

Oh! All of that duplicate stitch! You must be made of patience!

I'm super impressed. That looks amazing!

You did hit it hard! I can't wait to see it all done. I'll be in denial with you and send you "enough yarn" vibes to get you through all the ribbing. Where are you headed?

wow that is looking good!

Could you do the armholes in pink?

that looks awesome! i'm doing a fair isle piece too but in the round to avoid seaming all that craziness. the things we knitters can do given the time.

btw i've had a crush on your demi for the longest time. i tried it out of ecowool, but it was too heavy. maybe scottish tweed aran. anyways, great job again on the vest.

You are a braver woman than I. May your black yarn runneth over!

Wow! That's fantastic! Very impressive :)

I can't believe your perserverance! It looks amazing so far!

A "Wow" from me, too! It looks really wonderful.

It's looking wonderful! and I shudder at the thought of all those loose ends.

Wow, amazing! The end is in sight! :)

wow, it looks great!!

It looks great, fingers crossed for the yarn not running out!

It looks amazing. I can't even begin to imagine the bobbins and the weaving and the duplicate stitching. *bows*


Great to see a post about a long term project being pushed across the finish line! I bet its all the more gratifying for the effort (As if the fabulousness of that argyle isn't enough!)

Well worth the work! Can't wait to see it done!

Very wonderful knitting. You are a wonder!

That is an incredible amount of work and it looks fantastic - enjoy your vacation - you deserve it!

It looks crazy amazing, Ellie. My brain cells will be all about the packing of knitting for vacation soon as well. Have a good trip!

Wow...you must really, *really* love someone. Argyle is one thing I can not do and it makes me really mad. I can't wrap my mind around how to twist the yarn in back and just end up with a bunch of diamonds attached at the points.

It's beautiful. I hope they wear it every day.

Yay, look at all those gylls! I have some black Palette yarn you could have, if that helps at all with the ribbing dilemma... after so much arring and gylling, though, I'm sure you'd rather just look for the extra skein of black tweed.

GREAT colour work! You're a trooper, I could never undertake something requiring that much attention (I drop stitches just by looking away, lol).

That's some intense knitting--it's looking fabulous!

Thanks for the comment on my blog!
Your argyle (and dedication to it) is utterly amazing. Argyle is one thing I haven't tried yet, and I have to admit that all those bobbins look too scary for words.

wow. I am so seriously excited about this.

wow I see nearly a month has gone by, so is it finished yet? Just askin'!