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Very finished: the Twiggy Bobble Hat

The Twiggy Bobble Hat was born last September and, being a wily hat, it has heretofore eluded capture for tagging as a FO. In spite of its elusive qualities, it was recently caught on camera (in the exotic locale known as Beneath the Stairs) before scampering back under a shrubbery.

Exhibit A
the hat is startled by the photographer

The Specs:

-Pattern: Twiggy Bobble Hat by Andrea Tung, Pattern here.
-Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed.
-Skeins: Less than one skein of Cocoa (143).
-Needles: Size 7 circs and dpns.
-Start to finish: Knitted sometime in September 2007.
-For: me!

The Pattern:
I could pretend that I vividly remember knitting this hat, but that would be silly. I only have the vaguest of recollections. I may as well have been abducted by aliens, brainwashed into thinking that I knit this hat, and returned to Earth.

Here's what I can dredge up from the bottom of my brain: There was some errata (ravelry link).

Exhibit B
it perches quietly on the head of the common knitter, with whom it shares a habitat

I love this hat. I love that it's a bit oversized (for those of you who have never seen me around other people for scale, I am tall. I have a big head. Not freakishly large, just too big for many hats). I love the reverse stockinette. I reeeeeeeally love the bobbles, though occasionally they'll invert themselves and you have an inny instead of an outie. I consider this endearing.

Final Verdict: A fantastic hat. High thee hence and knit one for yourself.


Soooo cute! I assume we'll get to see the hat and its matching mittens in the wild soon?

Cuteness! Almost as cute as your post itself ;) I love the little bobbles and the tweed being so adorable together.

Love the cute hat and mittens. Felted Tweed is one of my fav yarns!

Luffly!! I've often enjoyed Knit-Watching and have even purchased an excellent set of Knit-Watching binoculars so I can see them flitting about in their nets or stash locations at a distance, lest I disturb them.. A very interesting and lovely specimen you have captured on film there!

Crikey, that's a cute hat!

That hat is so cute in tweed! And you look adorable in it. It's really making me want to cast on...

you do have an unusually large head. i do too. i like the way your red dress looks over a t-shirt!! didn't we do a good job shopping last summer.

yay! three cheers for felted tweed. i think i'm going stash-diving for my tweed now too. such a cute FO.

I love this hat, and aren't you so uber cute?! I am not tall, but I have a large head. Maybe I should knit this hat for myself and not have such a huge looking head...

Very cute! Bobbles and tweed are a great combinations. Glad to see you're feeling better, too!

You are just adorable. The hat is cute, too!

That is a great hat!

Mmmm, Felted Tweed. I want to eat it with a spoon. What a capital hat!

V. cute! Are those the very knucks that were very nearly waylaid in my garage?

Thanks for the DPN's btw. I have started knitting! Only problem currently is that my stockinette stitch is coming out all garter. Could this be a left-handed/right-handed issue? The instructions said to knit all rows (in the round so I shouldn't have to switch to purl right...?). Perhaps I don't actually know HOW to knit. Yes, I think that is it....

What an absolutely cute pairing! Great photo shoot too!

Verry cute, Elli! Funny- I'm knitting a hat with bobbles right now, too - how much fun are they?! :)

Oooh, I think it's the perfect pattern for that yarn, complements the tweediness.... I love it!

Very fun hat and mitts!

Ahh! The cuteness took me completely off guard as well. I. must. knit. it.

That's a really lovely hat and great colour!:)