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knits ahoy!

It's been a while since I've showed you some knitting. Let's do something about that.

who am I? where am I?

I may have been holding out on you. This is my current guilty pleasure knitting. Whenever I start going cross eyed from knitting the Argyll V-Neck (yes, still working on that...) I pick up this little gem of a half-sweater and get happy all over again.

For those of you who will ask, it happens to be the Aran Crossover Top, by Mari Lynn Patrick, from the 2005 Holiday Vogue. Only one other person has some progress shots of this up on Ravelry. Why, you ask, have so few people cast on for this little treasure? Check out the photo from the magazine. Yup. A sad case of overexposed cables. But I will do my darndest to salvage this little gal's reputation.

The yarn is Jaeger Baby Merino in a shade I like to think of as Muted Macaroni. Very tasty.

In other news, I'm still plugging away on the Argyll.

Almost. There.

I'm a bit concerned that I'll run out of the black yarn...which is ridiculous because I have way more than enough of the other colors, but I refuse to buy more until I find myself high and dry.

Thanks for all the advice on the handspun, by the way. You will be pleased to hear that my twist is set.


beautiful new sweater! i think it'll be a great color on you.

Is it just me, or does VK overexpose their cables more often than not? I can think of more than one dramatically lit photoshoot where no matter how you squint at the sweaters, you just can't really make the patterns out!

Your Crossover Aran Top is lovely. I've also been admiring your progess on the Argyll. I've been wondering -- how do you know how much yarn to wind onto each bobbin? Does the pattern specify, or do you just have to guess?

Wow that top is looking beautiful. Can't wait to see how it looks on you.

The new cable sweater is lovely. I think few people make it because so few people will look good in that much bulk from the cables. You, of course, are the exception! It will be fabulous on you. Rock on.

That yellow colour is so lovely and springy. You must take that sweater out on a picnic when you finish it.

I'm with Ruth- Vogue does overexpose its cables a lot. Although there was this weird shiny purple shoot a little while ago where they overexposed *everything*, so maybe it's some kind of aesthetic choice.

Love that sunny yellow cross over top! The argyle is looking great too, but I know what you mean- all those balls of yarn try the patience sometimes.

I think what turned me away from that piece was the way it just ENDS in no-man's-land at the bottom. Am I right in thinking that your version is longer in the torso, which seems like a good idea?

I've always liked that top, but I wasn't sure about that cord closure. I look forward to seeing yours (and did you have to mention macaroni? It's making me hungry even though I just had breakfast ;-))

Now I might have to take another look at this pattern---your progress looks amazing!

You really have vision, I'd never had cast-on for that pic. Is looking beutiful, I'd love to see it soon.

That yellow color is delish!

Your 'muted macaroni' vest is so cute! And yes, much more inspiring than the VK pic.

beautiful. you are so right that picture is pretty in vogue but doesn't do the sweater justice! i'm glad someone has taken up the challenge and revived it's reputation : )

Wow! Now if I was going cross-eyed I would be picking up something much easier to do. Like ribbing or something. You are amazing!

Wow, it's lovely. Perfect color!

i am very flattered that you still have a postcard i wrote you five years ago on your desk. what does it say?

I love the idea of bringing recognition to an under-loved pattern! I think you could really make some headway with your macaroni version. :)

You always have to look really carefully at pattern photos, don't you? It amazes me how these popular magazines (Rowan even) sometimes fail to properly display their samples. That is gorgeous, and I'm guessing you'll start a trend - with me at least!

Love that you are spinning, too. Isn't it fun?

Love the yellow cables. It is going to be a great top.

Muted maccaroni. I like that. I also like the way the pieces are looking, I think it's going to be very cute when all is said and done. And tasty as well.

Beeeutiful bobbles! That is going to be very cute. Oh also I found a greeny stripey looking unfinished sock in a bag in the back of the Bug. I assume it belongs to you?

Good heavens that is a dreadful photo of the sweater in VK. Yours, however, looks delightful.

Both projects look really lovely so far.

Ooh. I am so glad you're bringing that little treasure to light. It's going to be gorgeous.

It's absolutely gorgeous! I need to knit something aran!