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greetings, knitters. we are single and on the prowl.

So I made some yarn, and frankly I'm a little underwhelmed. Granted it's been a couple of years since I've spun anything and I did pick the crappiest of the recently-purchased roving to practice on (some hairy el cheapo Romney with a goodish bit of v.m., short ends, etc.), so I'm not giving up yet.

The deets: 4oz Romney, 2ply. A tad underspun, but surprisingly balanced. Not worth measuring WPI yet, I think.

What I learned:
-Making a little reference card with a sample to refer to does in fact help me spin a more consistent thickness.
-I should probably split the roving by the number of bobbins I plan to fill so that I can minimize the leftover singles.
-Buy nicer fiber!

Abe Lincoln agrees that this is quite possibly the most unremarkable yarn ever.

The plan: plain old mittens look like about the only option here. I'm going to definitely knit with this so that I can see what I need to do differently.

Question for all you spinners out there: do I need to wash it and set the twist before I knit with it, or can I just knit and block?

*I figure if I name my yarn, I'll be more likely to keep track of it. So I'm starting with the beginning of the alphabet and moving on from there. We'll see how soon I make it to Xavier, Yul and Zebadiah.


Ah, so there was a reason that Romney was "such a good deal." Oh, well. It was good practice, I suppose. Meanwhile, I still haven't taken my roving out of its bag.

I've found that washing and setting the twist makes me *want* to knit my yarn much more than before I do it. I don't think you have to, but it does make a difference. I'm no expert though either.

Shame, I can't see the pictures! You will have to set the twist first, as your knitted item will otherwise be wonky. Blocking only shapes the garment, but the yarn in itself will still be trying to twist in one direction.
If it is a reasonably balanced 2ply you can skip the setting the twist if you really don't want to do it - as said, can't see the pics.... :)


I'm spinning some "came with the wheel" roving right now of unknown fibre (coopworth, maybe?). I was ignoring it for a long time in favour of nicer stuff. I felt a bit bad for it sitting there unloved.

Hrm. I would set the twist before knitting it.Just to keep it together and in case it changes texture a bit.

It may not inspire you, but I think it's a very nice looking yarn! Considering it's been a while since last you spun, I think you should be very pleased.

I wash/set the twist on all my handspun. I've found so far that my yarn really changes a lot in the washing -- it fluffs up and evens out. I would think that would also make it much easier to knit.

Definitely wash and set before knitting - Sarah is right, it will make it much easier to knit!

Well, it looks nice to me! I decided it's much more motivation to spin if you have nice colorful fiber to spin. I want to see what comes of your Stefania rovings!

I slacked off and knit without washing and setting the twist last time I did some spinning - I just needed a little more to finish a mitten and thought it wouldn't hurt to skip the washing and drying and all that. It was a mistake. It's a wonky mitten top, and it was sort of twizzly and obnoxious when I was trying to knit with it, too.

Clearly, you have more spinning experience than I do, but I have noticed that there is a noticable (positive) difference int he yarn after soaking and setting the twist.

Also, don't forget Xander, Yentl and Zoltar.

I much prefer the name Earnest.

it looks nice (I love natural colored yarns), and at least you learned a lot for future spinning

I would definately wash and set the twist. I know its a pain but it definately makes a difference in the final yarn.

If you set the twist, then your yarn will not make a wonky fabric. There are certainly creative options, but generally, I always wash, block the skein on a yarn blocker, and then I have bootiful yarn to play with.

It looks great to knit with. I agree with the setting the twist thing as the yarn will fluff up a bit too. Definatly get yourself some pretty colours to spin, its so much nicer when learning!

I too have had an underwhelming spinning experience lately. Regardless of the end product, I do love the process of spinning.

I'd set the twist - and dye it! :-) Very nice job getting back into spinning.

do you use a niddy-noddy to make your skeins? if so, you could set the twist in your yarn while it's still on the niddy by passing it over the spout of a kettle of boiling water and let the hot steam do its thing. faster than wetting and hanging and you can then knit with the yarn and then wash and block the finished garment. :)

I always wash and set the twist of my yarn before I knit with it. Plus it usually gets plushier after I wash it!

Definitely a great color for dying. I've really enjoyed dying some of the oatmeal colored fibers lately.