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Going Down

It seems that I have finally caught the ick. How do I know? Aside from the normal signs (scratchy throat, lymph nodal swellage, headache) I've been exhibiting knitting symptoms. Most noticeably the fact that I've just spent the last four hours knitting the same row.

I kid you not. It was like my life was on some sort of crazy sisyphean loop: *calculate increases, knit said increases, notice mistake, unknit, reknit correctly, change my mind about how the increases should be spaced, unknit. Repeat from * until delirious. And to make the whole experience just a little bit more trippy, I had the same song on repeat the whole time. And those of you who have ever listened to Billy Joel's Goodnight Saigon for four hours will agree with me that someone should have stopped him from rhyming "soft soap" and "Bob Hope." For peetsake Billy.

And since the knitting I'm doing is of the secret variety, you get a picture of last weekend's baking experiment:

Hello. I am heaven with a hole.

Recipe here. Don't fool yourself into thinking that they are any healthier than the deep-fried variety...they just don't make your house smell like an all-night diner when you make them. Also less danger of grease fires. Safety first peeps.


take plenty of H2O!!

Hope you feel better soon, Elli! The donuts look yum.

Yummmmmm!!! Being as I've limited my intake of baked goods to ones that have been home made, donuts are clearly OUT.. but now, you've given me my donut back!

Oh yeah. I love 101 Cookbooks. We recently bought her book and it's awesome. Dinner tonight was brilliant and tasty. I'm planning on making those donuts in the near future. God, they look good.

Oh no! Hopefully your icks will pass quickly...

The doughnuts look faaantab. Yum!

OH, I have so done that knit the same row over. OR, have the knitting lay there and look at you while you feebly attempt to do some of it.


Haha, you just made my morning! I never realised the soap/hope bit, but then again I am not even sure I know the song...
After a while of having one song on repeat I feel strange as well, it's all in the repetition!

Hope that row worked out for you in the end. :P


Hope you feel better soon. I wanted to say that I knit the Herringbone Mittens for the No-More-Humdrum-Mittens swap - a really great knitting experience (?!) and the recipient loved them too, so thank you for the pattern!

Best wishes and take care of yourself,

Oh so sorry to hear your sickie news. By now the fever, chills and body aches probably have started. Drink a ton of water and good luck.

"And we will all go down together!" (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Feel better! Donuts definitely help, in my book.

Those doughnuts look divine. And just the way I like them, with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.

I listened to billy joel's greatest hits over and over last semester during finals. that song is amazing -- but i do agree (but didnt notice previously) about the bad rhyme. at least it wasn't "we didnt start the fire" for four hours.

feel better!!

I have spent most of my adult life desperately trying to banish Billy Joel from my consciousness, but those doughnuts one the other hand...

Feel better soon - I hope the illness will be of short duration! Hit the vitamin C and water and take care of yourself. We can wait for the knitting. :)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets bugged by silly rhymes in songs. I also hate it when singers pronounce the word "believe" as "Buh-lieve." Now that I've called your attention to it, you'll notice it all over the place...

Anyway, feel better soon. I hope your knitting starts moving smoothly forward again...

Duuuuude. I am down with the ick too, and I have no Billy to keep me company. Very sad. Those donuts, on the other hand, are lookin mighty fine... I wouldn't mind one of them keeping me company... :D

Hope you feel better soon!

Oh, so sorry to hear you are sick. I know that feeling--when you can't even knit a simple row. Stay in bed. Sleep. Lots of water or tea with honey. And thanks for the recipe! Can't wait to try it.

Awwww....get well soon!

Sorry you've got the crud. At least you've got awesome doughnuts. I'm definitely going to try these out. Soon. Like maybe tonight.

Ooh, those donuts look amazing! Heaven with a hole, indeed.

I'm sorry to hear you're under the weather and hope that you start feeling better soon. Being sick is the absolute worst.

I live across the street from a Dunkin' Donuts...

I want that donut. Now.

No! Our family just got over "it" and it was awful. So I'm sending you cyber chicken soup and warm wishes for getting better quickly.

Try this too. Mix 1 tspn of apple cider vinegar, 1 clove of garlic roughly chopped and 1 tspn of honey (or however much it takes to choke it all down)into hot water and drink 2-3 times a day. Also if you are really congested steep 1 Tbspn of Fenugreek seed for 5 minutes in a pot of boiling water taken off the heat and then drink. You will be amazed at how clear you'll be.

Get better soon :-)

ooh you and elliot are sick buddies!! except he just has the sneezies and has been licking his snot off of his upper lip all day (ok, so I admit I gave up trying to wipe his nose around 10:30). Those donuts look really tasty. Just remember, there's a donut cutter at OUR house too so you could make them for elliot's birthday party!!!!

Liar you... I know you aren't sick... tee hee.

I hope you don't get the full blown "icks"!

Feel better soon!

Oh, I love doughnuts!!!!! Those look really good. Hope you feel better soon!!!

Those look amazing. Is the yeasted dough hard to make? I'm proud of myself when I bake a very basic cake! Hope you feel better... and that you can get all your secret knitting off your hands and into the waiting paws of the intended soon xx

mmmm those donuts look DELISH!!
Thanks for the link =)

So you think you're good at something? The Swedish chef will always have you beat:

Those look heavenly...curse you! Hope you feel better:)


I came back from vacation with the crud, ick, plague or what have you. It really is a killer to productivity. I love baking experiments, especially when they come out so pretty and (I am imagining) tasty.

BAKED DONUTS?? oh. my. god.
oh, and feel better soon. :)

I second you on that doughnut recipe - I've made it a few times and looove it. Not at all healthy, though, and best halved if you are a family of two. Feel better soon!

Oh...you've awakened my inner Homer Simpson with that donut shot.

But also my inner adolescent boy, because now you know people googling "going down" and "heaven with a hole" are going to be coming across...your crafty living blog. Not what they had in mind, necessarily.

Sorry. I work with 11 year-olds.

Well wishes coming your way.....there are lots of nasty bugs out there this year.

Those doughnuts look Y-U-M-M-Y!