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March 12, 2008

Going Down

It seems that I have finally caught the ick. How do I know? Aside from the normal signs (scratchy throat, lymph nodal swellage, headache) I've been exhibiting knitting symptoms. Most noticeably the fact that I've just spent the last four hours knitting the same row.

I kid you not. It was like my life was on some sort of crazy sisyphean loop: *calculate increases, knit said increases, notice mistake, unknit, reknit correctly, change my mind about how the increases should be spaced, unknit. Repeat from * until delirious. And to make the whole experience just a little bit more trippy, I had the same song on repeat the whole time. And those of you who have ever listened to Billy Joel's Goodnight Saigon for four hours will agree with me that someone should have stopped him from rhyming "soft soap" and "Bob Hope." For peetsake Billy.

And since the knitting I'm doing is of the secret variety, you get a picture of last weekend's baking experiment:

Hello. I am heaven with a hole.

Recipe here. Don't fool yourself into thinking that they are any healthier than the deep-fried variety...they just don't make your house smell like an all-night diner when you make them. Also less danger of grease fires. Safety first peeps.

March 2, 2008

The world has turned upside-down.

Let me just start by letting you know that I am making fabulous progress on the argyle vest.

That said, my wrist needs a little break from the tiny stitches now and again, so I cast on for something a little chunkier. Join me in welcoming the Snowy Tomten to the family...

Hola. I am Scandinavian.

And can I just say Holy Cow, this thing is knitting up quickly.

For those of you who will ask (because you always do) the yarn is Joann's Bellezza Collection Doceltto. It's a hugely soft wool/nylon/cotton blend that seems to be machine washable. I'm hoping that will appease whomever will be laundering this white baby garment.

flashing a little garter

In other news, Bloomington FINALLY has a new yarn store! A couple lovelies and I went and checked it out today. I'm giving it a 7 out of 10 for now. Points were docked for a) no Rowan (what?), b) small needle and handpainted sock yarn selections, and c) shelving all the yarn with ball bands hidden (why oh why?) but points scored for a) general friendliness and helpfulness b) having a pretty decent stock for having recently opened c) carrying more than one kind of wool wash and, most importantly d) the fact that they exist.

And is it as warm by you today as it is here? It was 69 degrees on my car's thermometer when I was driving home an hour ago. The windows are open! There are birds! The sky is blue! I'm going to go knit outside.