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Not having a functioning camera is making me stretch the old noggin for blog ideas and, strangely enough, makes me want to blog more. Because you always want what you can't have, right?

So today you get my sisters.

See? There they are. Rae and Krick.

Besides being some of my most favorite people in the world, they've also got blogs. Sally forth and give them a visit, whydon'tcha? Better yet, flood them with commenty love for me.

Made by Rae
Rae mostly sews adorable things, but there's a little crochet and other craftiness in there as well. She's the mother of the wee nephewling so there's some general baby-upkeepy stuff too.

Bibliokrick aka We Have Unlimited Juice?*
The hilarious account of the life of the fledgling librarian who is my little sister. With promises of embroidery soon (hint, hint, krickie).

What are you waiting for? Go and give them a holler for me.

hello. I am your designated knitting content for the day.

*this is the current name. Yesterday it was different, so don't be surprised if it's called something else tomorrow.


Hurray for more "phantom" sisters! I'll definitely give them a click through!

Ha, your sisters are as entertaining as you are. I'm very impressed with Rae's crafting! She makes beautiful things. And Krick's blog cracked me up more than once.

i'm still experimenting with names. i'll let you know when i settle on one. hee!

Thanks for the links and for letting us know. What a talented family you have.

Rae is prolific! Makes me want to sew more, it seems so much faster.

How funny! I always like seeing pictures of people's family. You look like the in-between one, as if one were to mix a little of Kricket with a smidgen of Rae you would appear. Is that right? Are you the middle sister too?

Hope you sort out your camera situation soon! Is there one you could borrow for a bit? I have been borrowing my sister's (which is a complicated process because she has lost the lead for connecting camera to computer, involving a weird slot on her computer with a funny kind of adaptor that I have never seen before, uploading them onto her computer, then onto a willy (hee hee!) and finally onto my computer). It is worth it though. I also borrow Deri's when he's around, which has the added advantage of a photographer attached! Still, I miss my little camera.

Can you get yours fixed or do you have to save up for another one? xx

Your sisters are so talented! I've always bemoaned the fact I never had a sister/s...or even a brother. *Sniff*. :o( How about some cousins close by?....nope.

Aww. I'll head over there right now. Let's hear it for sisters. I wish mine had a blog, so I could go over and give her regular pokes.

Sisters are the best! And I tagged you for the You Make my Day Award! Thanks for sharing your always lovely projects!

My gosh! You are all talented. I love both blogs!

Hey! Thanks for the mad props! I went from a readership of 1 (you) to about a bajillion in the course of one day. It's nice when people read the ol' blog every once in awhile.

Also, can I gank a pair of DPNs from you or do you hoard them like Smaug's jewels?

I like how you are all talented, funny, and highly entertaining. Thanks for the siblinks!

Could your family adopt me as Old Aunt Debbie?

hey, i'll take an old aunt debbie!

rae- you had a readership of 2! TWO! me and elli. pftt.

elli- dad gave me the old boat whistle to run with. he probably didn't make you wear it because we still had the boat when you were running.

rove roo.

hiya, I was thinking of ganking 5's and 8's. I needs them! And I can't find DPNs at JoAnns OR Michaels and we don't have a good yarn shop close by as you know. Thankyoooo! Oh and can you (or Deb) let me know if she wanted the baby pants in size newborn (0-3) or 6-12 months?

You're sisters are adorable. =) I have two myself, and feel lucky for that fact. Going to check out the blogs.