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Hey...you'll never guess what! It turns out that Thunky can fix a camera! This came as some surprise to me since a) the toolbox in our apartment is very definitely mine and b) up until now the only thing I have ever seen him "fix" was that time he removed the u-bend from under the bathroom sink to retrieve a necklace I dropped down the drain. It only goes to show that after 7 years of marriage, your spouse can still have some tricks up his sleeve.

But I digress. Enter the long-lost Argyll V-Neck:

Hi there. I am masculine yet sassy.

I know...long time no argyle. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE knitting this vest, but life happens, whatever, blah, blah blah...and I've gotten sidetracked.

No more. I've hopped back on the argyle wagon and now we are inseparable. Who knew a repetitive geometric intarsia pattern on size 3s in fingering-weight was my knitting soul mate? Not me, that's for sure, but I'm going with it. We have a date tonight with Part 3 of Pride and Prejudice. I'd better go get pretty.


Oooh, I love your argyle vest. It looks totally fun and sassy! I know what you mean about getting sidetracked. It doesn't mean you love the project any less.

Yikes! Better you than me! Hats off to you!

Yay for handy husbands! Stick to it lady! I can't wait to see it!

SUCH a fabulous idea - after a quick trip to the deli for chocolate treats, I've got a date with the couch, myknitting and P&P!! Gotta love that combo - It's one of the most perfect pick-me-ups there is, isn't it?

great vest. great colour combination too.

I love the argyle color combo. with new england in my blood, i truly believe you can't have argyle without pink!

i can; wait to see it finished!

Glad to see you're back to the argyle!

That IS masculine yet sassy. love it!

My own significant other has really been wanting an argyle vest. Your post simultaneously inspires me to start it up for him and makes me a wee bit terrified that he might not get it for two years or something. It is quite an undertaking isn't it? And men are so much taller than we are...

OOHH! I love that vest. I am knitting a simple vest for my dad right now and it is wearing me down! Men's garments take so much longer!

I'm so behind on P&P - thank goodness I have a DVR. I started in on pt. 1 last night and it was all I could do not to immediately watch parts 2 & 3.

Ah, P&P, the Colin Firth edition, if that is not enjoyable knitting time, I do not know what is. I have to say that knitting an adult garment on tiny needles is an idea I find very intriguing at the moment. Particularly if what I produced looked as good as your vest. I heart it. I also heart the fishies.

Yay Thunk! And to think I was chuffed because my husband fixed the extendable dog leash yesterday afternoon... And yay for Pride and Prejudice on television, even though I watch it many times a year on DVD. There's nothing better to knit to.

The argyle's looking great!

I'm just ahead of you, half way through episode 4. OTH, I'm WAY behind you on argyles. My husband will barely wear stripes!

It's looking really gorgeous...love the tweed!


Love love the argyle vest! I had to laugh at the "I own the toolbox" comment, I definitely own the toolbox in our house too, but those hubbies can surprise us every once in a while! Yay for Colin Firth, enjoy!

Haha! Those colors are just great, i really can't wait to see when it's finished! :o)

Wow, seems like a good lesson in patience. I'm always so impressed with your projects. Glad the camera is working! :)

Wow, the vest looks fabulous! It truly looks amazing; I can't wait to see the FO. And I'm glad to see your camera is working again!

The vest looks great! I adore argyle.

I love that the bobbins look like little fish on a hook :)

I love the argyle vest. You are a brave knitter! I hope you enjoyed part 3 of Pride and Prejudice. I've just about worn my DVD out.

you didn't publish one of my comments last time. i am furious. librarians do not believe in censorship!!

woss is glad you are back up with the vest though. luvie duvies!

oh wait, it showed up now. hmm. NEVERMIND!

It's looking so great- the colors and the tweed - yay!