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Finished: Coral Herringbone Mittens

The camera, it is still broken (sadness, woe, etcetera). But now it is absolutely, completely broken. This is different from the sort of broken it was before (which was just kind of halfway broken). There are still a few photos hanging around from before the world went dark for my beloved Crapshot 2000, including these ones, taken Saturday.

Howdy. We are Pomtastic

The Specs:

-Pattern: Herringbone Mittens with Poms, by me! Pattern here.
-Size Knitted: Medium
-Yarn: Cascade 220.
-Skeins: Less than one skein each of Coral (7830) and Natural (8010).
-Needles: Size 6 dpns (size 4 for ribbing).
-Start to finish: October 2007 - February, 2008.
-For: Recipient as of yet unknown (which explains why I wasn't really in a hurry to finish these).

Upside-down mittens! I really know how to shake things up.

You probably thought I'd finished these already, since one of them appears in the pattern and has been paraded around blogland for all the world to see. But that was just the single mitten I knitted up to test out the smaller size. Now there are two and, as someone's wise mother once said, mittens really are better in pairs.

Not much new to say about these. If you really want to read a full FO report, you can take a gander at the last one, which is here.

Final Verdict: neat-o complete-o!


The mitts look beautiful, as usual. Fun colors, too! The poms are truly pomtastic.

Sorry to hear about your camera, though! That's really a bummer. I hope you'll be able to get a suitable replacement soon.

If you, um, need a recipient, I might, um, know someone...

Drag about the camera! I like the fact that you had the whole 'finished pair of mittens' charade going, thanks for coming clean;)

ooh! they are beautiful! i like mittens! we have a lot of snow here!
...my fingers are cold...


Love 'em! Finished a pair in cascade natural and black and just blogged about them!

Those are adorable! I love the vertical stripes on the thumbs.

I was a little confused; but, now I understand...tricky putting the first pom in with the pattern like it was finished. I really like the colors for this pair. It makes me want to knit a pair...my abandoned pair...

I love these mittens. I can't wait to try a pair!

Those are so fun!

Supercalifragilistipomtastic! The orange-and-white pom will be the death of me with its cuteness.

Fabulous! Love the pom poms. :)

Love the mittens!

Just as lovely as the first time I saw them! Yay Elli!

Beeeautiful! That coral color looks almost glow in the dark...perfect for dreary winter days.

I think it would practically impossible to have a bad day wearing those mittens.

These just...make me smile. :)

I love the mittens! I made a pair for a friend in light blue and lime green, and she adores them. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

so pretty. i've had these on my to do list but still haven't gotten around to them!

i really love your mitten and the pattern! thanks again for sharing it with us!

Hooray! Good to see you posting again - I was starting to worry and it's good to know it's only your poor camera that's in trouble. Although, poor camera and poor you!

I love those mittens. You are clever. One day, I will make some, and then I will be really really happy.

Come to think of it, maybe I should expedite that day...! xx

Hooray for mittens and their mates! I can't wait to make myself a pair of these--the pattern looks so fun!

In the mean time though, did I mention the wind chill here is -30 right now...?


Wowwwww! I love these mittens!!! Very nice!!!

Oh wow, these mittens are amazing, and sooo much more beautiful than the pair I finished... :| And I didnĀ“t respect the pom, either. Wants to have some orange and white yarn and try again!

This is one of my favorite patterns! Thank you!