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Finished: Mum's Blueberry Shetland Triangle

Welcome to our next installment of Christmas Presents on Parade! Today our subject is none other than She Who Bore Me, the Mother of Elliphantom herself! Seen here modeling her Christmas Shetland Triangle:

This is my Mum

You may say to yourself “didn’t we just see a Mother-in-Law modeling a blue shawl designed by Evelyn A. Clark?” What of it? The matrons in my life like their blue triangular shawls. Who am I to argue?

The Specs:
-Pattern: Shetland Triangle, by Evelyn A. Clark, from Wrap Style.
-Yarn: Blue Moon Silk Thread, one skein in the color “Haida,” knit doubled.
-Needles: Size 6 circs.
-Start to finish: November 29, 2005 - December 16, 2007.


My first attempt at this shawl was all wrong. Mum had requested a navy or black shawl for her Christmas gift and, come October, I found myself traveling down the uncomfortable road of “this yarn is not quite what I had in mind…” with 4 balls of navy Cashsoft 4 Ply. It was so soft. It was so squooshy. It was so…blah.

Wendie gets full credit for pointing me in the direction of the silk thread. She and Mr. Wendie were visiting (Thunk and Señor One-Ply-Short share an enormous passion for boy-type nerdly pursuits) and I was woe-is-me-ing my little heart out to Wen-Wen about the all-wrong-ness of the Cashsoft. Thank goodness for knitterly friends with an eye on the hand-dyed yarn market, is all I can say.

The Pattern:
A typical Evelyn A. Clark pattern with an easily memorized pattern repeat. To sum up: no problem-o.

I inherited all of her good qualities.

The Yarn:
I really like the Silk Thread…it’s lovely and silky and drapes like a dream. My only complaint is that the dye didn’t penetrate the entire skein, leaving little undyed patches here and there, which is not so nice in a super-dark colorway. I was on a tight schedule though, so I didn’t have time for complaining and exchanging. It looks fine knit up (the white just looks like a little extra shine on the silk), but I’ve definitely become a center-of-the-skein checker. Heed my wisdom born of experience and go and do likewise.

I knitted an extra six lace repeats. I agree with the Bigger is Better philosophy of shawl knitting. It’s difficult to sweep around looking fabulous if you have to keep adjusting your wrap. Make it big. Make it enormous, if you must. The worst that can happen is that it’ll look dramatic.


Final Verdict: Lovely, lovely, lovely.


it's beautiful. i have this on the needles currently, and plan to do 5 or 6 extra body repeats as well!

The shawl is beautiful.

And I think "Make it big. Make it enormous, if you must. The worst that can happen is that it’ll look dramatic." is going to be my new motto.

Beautiful shawl and it looks fabulous on your Mum!

What a lovely color! And your mom looks beautiful in it.


Stunning. And I SO agree with the bigger is better theory. Seeing that gorgeous shawl is inspiring to finish the Shetland I have on the needles...

Beautiful!! The advice was spot on...that's a gorgeous colorway, and I like those little light patches in there for interest. It looks so gorgeous on your mom.

Absolutely gorgeous.

This is just breathtaking - I am so in love with the colour. A beautiful job.

I love your shawl philosophy. Nothing wrong with a little drama, it worked for Alexis Carrington, after all.

I love this pattern--this is the first one I've seen that is larger than the pattern as written and I love it! Mine is pretty but slightly too small to actually wear. Go matrons in blue!

It's beautiful - and looks lovely on your mum, what a lucky family you've got :)

"Lovely, lovely, lovely" is right! What a lucky mom you have!

Mr. Wendie, hah, I'm sure Jay will like that.

The shawl is just stunning and now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to order some of that yarn for me.

What a beautiful shawl! Your mom makes a fabulous model.

The mothers in your life are such cute models! The shawl is lovely.

Lovely it is! And she wears it so well.

It's amazing! It looks so etherreal and lovely. And what a great colour- who wouldn't love a blue triangular shawl?!

It's beautiful! And your mom is so cute. She has a great smile--I like the first picture where she's looking off to the side the best.

Lovely! And equally elegant as your Mother looks, I think! Great job!

It's fabulous, Ellie! And seeing the shawl on your mom I can tell where you and your sisters got all of your beauty. Merry Christmas indeed!

This is really a lovely finish. Your mom seems to like it as well :)
Congrats on the finish.

Beautiful! It looks absolutely lovely on your mom!

Another gorgeous shawl! And I agree with you on the bigger is better theory when it comes to shawls- they should wrap and envelop, that's what I say!

I agree! Lovely lovely lovely. Your lucky mum

Wow another wonderful FO. This shawl turned out great!

The internet knitting world is officially conspiring to corrode my rational capacities and make me buy a great big load of yarn in Haida. Between your shawl and Domesticraft's Rambling Rose-in-progress, I can see that resistence to this stuff is futile. Show me the inky blue goodness, Blue Moon! I want to roll in it!

It really *is* lovely. Glad to read you liked the silk thread--I'm eyeing some of my own, right now.

I've seen this shawl in so many different yarns or all different weights, but this one really stands out. It's lovely!

The shawl does look beautiful on your mum. I have also nominated you for You Make My Day award so please check my blog for details.

You and your momma AND the shawl are gorgeous!

Dear Elli,
Thanks for the wonderful shawl. I wore it with grace and aplomb to the symphony and was the envy of all of Seattle society, or at least those in rows P and Q. Or at least the women there. It's lovely. Who knew that troublesome toddler would turn out to be such a terrific knitter?
Sincerely, She Who Bore You but Did Not Teach You to Knit. XXOO

That shawl is just gorgeous! It makes me consider getting the book just for that pattern.

It's gorgeous! I didn't notice anything funny with the yarn and you are right about this shawl, bigger is definitely better. Seems like E.Clark's shawls are always on the small side.


Lovely shawl and beautiful yarn! =D

Also, you are among my ten "blogs that make my day"

Just thought you should know that you make my day. Visit my blog to find out why!

How beautiful that is!

The shawl is beautiful, and the yarn/thread is intriguing. I feel like I need to find some. Now.

The shawl is so beautiful! The combination of yarn, color, and pattern is amazing. It looks wispy and dreamlike--as if it came from a pre-Raphaelite-era painting.

Also, I really like the pom-pom mittens. :) I know I'm late on commenting on them, but I really like the pattern.

The shawls and sweater are beautiful. What very lucky recipients!

Shawls are beautiful. I have been very ambivalent about triangular shawls, but on such lovely women, they don't look granny at all. Inspiring!

hahahaha! I love Mom's comment. Also, very nice shawl. Beautiful knitting as usual. And thanks for the props on my bloggaboo.

You make my day!

Well hot damn, that is lovely!