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Hi there! I know I've been gone a while. Sorry about that. Shall we dive right back in then? Excellent.

Christmas was good...and that's all I have to say about that for now. I'm feeling a bit paralyzed by the thought of summarizing the last month or so in one post, so I think I'm just going to sprinkle a little Christmas here and there as I remember things.

Today's holiday tidbit: Thunk's Mum in her Christmas flower basket shawl (yes, I waited 8 months to gift it. That is what we call delayed gratification).

I have the cutest mother-in-law ever (photo courtesy of the parents-in-law).

Other items of note:

1) I have somehow accumulated six unblogged FOs (the earliest is from September). I plan on doing something about that. Soon.

2) My camera is on the fritz. What exactly caused this is anyone’s guess, but I think I may have freaked the poor thing out a bit by taking too many pictures of yarn last week. In other news, my Ravelry stash page is up to date!

This is a photo I dug out of the elliphantom archives.

3) I’m amazingly behind on my blog reading. So behind that there’s no way I can catch up. If you would be so kind, do me a favor and let me know if there’s anything good I’ve missed, K?

That's it for now. More soon. Really.


Lovely shawl! Re-entry is always tough, isn't it?

Welcome back. Wen-Wen missed you terribly.

We've missed you!

You're right--you mother-in-law is adorable! And the shawl isn't half bad either;)

Glad you're back! I was beginning to wonder if the stress of the holiday knitting had put you over the edge.

Welcome back! I like the photo from the archives, btw.

i'm trying to help you catch up.
did you know that Grumperina got married and Glampyre had her baby?


Hello! The shawl looks lovely on and I look forward to your finished knits. Nora from Black dog knits got married too, I got a cold and knitted a bear out of Koigu!!!

Great to have you back! It's impossible to keep up with everything, so why try? I'll look forward to hearing about everything as you find the time.
xox, J

P.S. As for the really big news, I think Ann-Marie covered most of it. Anna Bell had her baby, too, but you might still have been posting then.

Beautiful shawl! Your MiL is indeed ridiculously cute.

And welcome back--it's nice to see you again. Looking forward to your FOs!

Great to see you again! I think the biggies have been mentioned. Look forward to catching up with what you've been up to, as well. :) PS: The Flower Basket shawl is gorgeous in that color!

Good to have ya back.

well, hello, again! and please do share your recently re-aquired blogging mojo. mine seems to have run out entirely...

Lovely shawl, dear! And I love those needles, too!

Happy new year! Your MIL looks great in her shawl.

Nice shawl! Will we see you at knitting night tomorrow night as part of your re-entry?

Also, I gave you an award of some kind: