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19 days

Christmas knitting is in full panic mode here at Chez Elliphantom. If there were a virtual elli-cam you could witness me flitting between projects and not being able to finish any of them because I keep distracting myself with something else I should be working on. I totally love the holidays. So productive. Too bad it makes me all twitchy. Here's our sampling for today:

First up, Mum’s blueberry-flavored Shetland Triangle:

Hello. I am silky and blue.

This project hasn’t managed to make it onto the blog yet for various reasons. Back in October I knitted almost an entire one of these in navy Cashsoft 4-ply before I decided that it wasn’t up to snuff (read: too chunky and blah-looking). So that version got sent to Project Purgatory to await its fate, and I ordered up a hank of Blue Moon silk thread in the Haida colorway. Much better. I’m knitting the shawl with the yarn doubled and it’s turning out just exactly as I’d envisioned. Hooray!

Ho there.

The Chicago cardigan for my sister Rae is on the home stretch. All parts are knitted and the main body of the sweater is assembled. Still left to do: picking up and knitting the neckband and buttonbands, weaving in ends, and sewing on all those dinky little flowerlings. Anybody want to come over and help with that? I’ll feed you Christmas cookies and homemade hot cocoa! Anybody? What, no takers? Darn.

The current Plain Old Socks:


The usual recipe. Knit with the rare and wonderful Cookie A. Handpainted Sock. Kricket has claimed this pair already and, since she’s worn the heck out of the last pair I gave her, I have no qualms about sending these her way. We’ll see if they get done by Christmas. They get lower priority since she did get a birthday knit this year.

In other knitting, the Argyll vest knitting is on hold until I get Chicago and the Shetland Triangle finished. More projects planned. Stay tuned.

p.s. those of you drooling over the fishie bobbins from the last post...I regret to inform you that I found them at the thrift store. I do recall that they were made by Phildar, and it looks as if they have some similar ones for sale on their website. I have no idea what shipping from France costs.

p.p.s. no links in this post. I have to get back to my knitting.


You're welcome :)

But seriously, I love the way the shawl is turning out. Haida was definitely the right decision.

I'm in a Christmas knitting frenzy, too, but on a much smaller scale. I've also borrowed some of your Korknisse ideas from last year. Can't wait to see the flowers on the Chicago cardigan!!

I feel your C-day pain. I have over optimistic plans for my gifts! Rather than get bitter at my knitting, I've developed startistis for myself. It doesn't look like it will all get done.

Your gifts are quite beautiful!

Keep rocking those projects, that Chicago cardi is going to make your sister die of happiness because of its incredible loveliness...

We have the fishie bobbins at our local yarn store
Yarns Etc. (g*ogle for the website, Mary would be delighted to hear from you ;)
They are made by Pony.

I want to eat that shawl.

Chicago looks great and it's really coming together! Can't wait to see the FO :)

Those look great! And I"m glad I'm not the only one flitting between projects!

Goodness. And I thought the argyle vest alone was ambitious! Frantically knitting here, as well, for two brothers-in-law and one sister-in-law, chosen, I'm not sure why, to receive handknit socks this year.

Wow, you are taking your knitted gifts to the next level.. I am so impressed! I am also in freak out mode, eep!

Wow, those are some gifts! That shawl is going to be spectacular when it's done -- can't wait to see it!

Chicago looks fabulous! I'm so impressed. What a lucky sister you've got!

And wow, that is one pretty sock. I love those colors.

I always get a bunch of Christmas projects going at the same time and worry because I have forty-eleven unfinished things on the needles...not realizing that if I just sat down and FINISHED something, I'd feel much better!

The cardigan is really really pretty! It's going to make a beautiful gift!

I don't know whether to thank you or curse you for reminding me that there are only 19 days. Fedex is going to love me. I'm stunned with how well you are doing on the Xmas progress, though - impressive!

Go, Elli, go!

(Also, I wanted to post this comment so I can share with the world that Elli is not coming to our knitting night tonight because she says she is... wait for it... too busy knitting.)

If I finish my own Christmas knitting in time, I'll help you weave ends!

Pretties!! I like how when you "knit Christmas" you don't mess around. Go, Elli, go!

Ooh--the Haida shawl looks beautiful. I love the color!

I am also madly knitting away, but on things like scarves and hats. Your gifts are much more elaborate--I am definitely in awe of your knitterly prowess and generosity!

Oh My Gosh, that sock yarn is like, the epitome of my favorite colors.

back you go! Everything's beautiful. =D

i feel your angst about the xmas knitting. However, I feel weirdly in control right now. Guess the urgency of the issue has yet to set in. Just wait for another week and I will be pulling my hair out.

love the shawl color. It is so elegant!

The Shetland Triangle shawl is truly gorgeous in the Haida. I'm eager to see it finished and blocked!

My grand-mother used the same fish bobbins! Her sister had a Phildar franchise, so my grand-mother knit only with Phildar yarns (aka acrylic, at least back then).
Love the yellow-green for your sister's cardigan!
Wow, all your holiday handknits are impressive :)

Gosh, that all looks great and very productive. I have only managed one scarf! Your leafies are on the way! (I hope!)

Your blog is such a pleasure for the eye! Nice projects, reaaaally!

Please - where is the Chicago sweter knitting pattern?

I will second the other poster and let people know that the fish bobbins can be acquired at your LYS. I saw the Pony ones last week in a store.

All is looking gorgeous! and you're way more ahead in your christmas knitting than I am.

I love the colour of your socks that you are knitting. Love it! Love it!

I AM dying of happiness over that Chicago. SOOOO cute!!! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Again, you are a machine!

Your work is gorgeous! I hope you were able to finish everything in time!

i am just discovering your work and this is really beautiful!
i am looking forward to seeing the progress on the argyle sweater you were showing in the previous post, i love it!

and happy new year!

Drooling over the sock yarn... You're a stronger person than I am, if you can bear to give those socks away.
Finished a pair of your beautiful Herringbone Mittens for my husband - missed Christmas by a week, but I was close. I thrummed them for extra warmth. (He works outdoors in New England, so extra warmth is much appreciated!)

Elli, are you out there? Happy New Year!