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in which we excavate the crazy

New yarn, peeps:

hello. we are mauvelous.

Things you should know:

1) This yarn is for this vest.
2) It is fingering weight.
3) I have never knitted intarsia before.
4) There is intarsia on the front AND the back.
5) I am going to modify the pattern.
6) It is a Christmas gift.

No problem-o, right?

In other news: Kricket wants me to show you the Corpse Bride costume I made her for Halloween because she craves fame and stardom. Who am I to deprive her? See? The costume is made of Mum's old nightie, an old bra, two of Dad's old undershirts, some lace, gauzey stuff, a bit of stretchy white fabric, and some ribbon. Krick used a dry-erase marker to do the blue details. All thrown together the afternoon before we left Seattle.


I wish you luck with the intarsia! I've done it exactly once (well, twice, if you count both items that were in the gift I was knitting). It's not my cup of tea at all, but I know there are people out there who just adore it!

You'll do fine with the intarsia - just twist the yarn when you change colors. Krick looks beautiful and ghoulish - great job with the costume - very inventive!

The Corpse Bride costume is a winner! Tell Krick she looks gorgeous and scarey in it.

I'm sure you will be a natural at intarsia.

Intarsia is easier than it often appears. Once you get going, you'll get into a groove and won't be able to put it down. I love the colors you chose. They're much better than the designer's color choices. :-)

Cute Vest, it's a challenge but I'm sure you'll do just fine.

I loooove the costume great character and she looks gorgeous.

Hmmm, maybe you could use stranded knitting for the vest. The floats might be a little long (you could always wrap them or neaten them up later if these bother you) but if you have enough yarn, that would be the easiest way to go...

You'll probably love working the project, since you're using such yummy yarn and you'll be fascinated by the way intarsia emerges row by row. It's addictive! just mind your tension, too tight can a knitting nightmare make.

Preeeetty colors! It sounds like we'll all have some exciting knitting races towards the deadline, come Christmas.

Regarding the vest: OH WOW.

I wish you courage and godspeed with it! And here I've been wondering if I can get two pairs of mittens made, and an ear-flap hat :)

Awesome costume!!

I want to be a bride next year for Halloween. I want to look picture perfect...real dress (on the cheap) get my hair done, do my makeup. With a single bullet hole through my head and a gun in my hand.

It will vent all my leftover frustrations about my wedding and getting married. I did love my wedding, but there were some moments...there were some moments. Plus, it's taboo and that's what Halloween's all about!

Joe wants to be a groom shot through the heart. Can't wait.

Dude, corpse bride! Make me one! I definitely think you can do it. You've got like the best gift knitting deadline karma in all of blogland.. I hope I didn't jinx you!

Argyle. Fun! If anyone can do this, you can.

And the Corpse Bride is phenomenal!

i DO look good, don't i.

by the way that is you and me in those photos on the bookcase.

I made an argyle sock for my husband's Christmas stocking years ago. It was the first intarsia I had ever done. I'd recommend getting the round doughnut-shaped bobbins to hold your yarn; I had rectangular ones and the corners caught on each other and were highly annoying. Kaffe Fassett, he of the amazing intarsia colorwork, recommends just cutting your yarns into 1-yard lengths and splicing when necessary; he says the yarn strands are easier to untangle than bobbins. Whatever. But it's not that hard, just a bit trying sometimes.

That is the best wallpaper EVER!

That's an awesome sweater pattern and I love your color choices--where's the pattern from??

I love Corpse Bride! I love Krick's costume! And I love that there are knitters out there crazier than me. Crazy excavated, indeed.

No problem-o, indeed! I am sure you'll do a fabulous job. Beautiful colors! (And hee--"mauvelous," I love it!)

heh - i admire your willingness to take on a challenge! seriously, though, the crazy of knitters is a powerful thing - i bet it motivates you through that vest with time to spare.

the vest model looks like dan from the survey he he he :)
miss you!