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For you...

So I’ve been off in a world of my own lately. Granted it’s a very nice world with lots of yarn and hot cocoa and an imaginary Gregory Peck* rubbing my feet, but it’s about time to snap back to the Land of Blog before you think that I’ve gone and pulled a lonely-tourist-Charlotte-Charles on you. Hi there. Not dead! Just changing seasonal gears and getting my cold-weather knit on and working on that gift I promised you.

You may have noticed that making presents is one of my favorite ways of showing affection and expressing appreciation. Which is to say...I think you guys are the nicest bunch of blogreaders on the planet. Here, have a prezzie:

I'd like to give the world a Pom.

Download your very own copy here**. I've proofread the pattern about 10 bajillion times, but do let me know if there are any errors I've missed, and send me pics if you make a pair!

Hugs and Keeses,


*Roman Holiday-era Gregory Peck, please.
**Requires Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded for free here, if you don't already have it.


mmmm, roman holiday era gregory peck. yum.
thanks for the mitten pattern ~ you rock. i'm definitely going to have to get my pom on...

That mitten pattern is awesome, and perfect for approaching Chrimbol Hols. I'm picturing an orange and red pair.

Gregory Peck was obscenely gorgeous, and that voice! I had completely inappropriate thoughts about him for the entirety of To Kill a Mockingbird. King of the, er, Dilfs!

Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday was one of my first movie-star crushes. And I wanted my hair to look like Audrey Hepburns (that just isnt happening...)
Thanks for the pattern - it looks gorgeous, and just in time for holiday gift knitting!

Wow, thanks for the pattern!! They are beautiful in all their pommmy glory.

Gregroy Peck. Oh, Gregory Peck. How do I love thee?

Gorgeous! ...Just like Roman Holiday-era Gregory Peck. ;) Thanks for the pattern!

You're the BESTIST!

Yay! Thank you for writing this up -- I love those mittens and I can think of some people on my list who will too...

And, oh, Gregory. My love for him is second only to my love for Cary Grant. (But the latter is mostly platonic, since I get the feeling he was more into dudes anyway. :))

Thanks for the pattern! I think herringbone is perfect for the wintry season.

Sometimes you just need a break, no shame in it. Thanks for the pattern! I'll definitely be making these soon.

Yaaaayyyyyyy! Thanks!

Gregory Peck...my first movie star crush (although it was To Kill a Mockingbird...I didn't discover Roman Holiday until my Audrey Hepburn era). And thanks for the pattern! You're the greatest.

why isn't thunkie rubbing your feet? gregory peck was said to have been very boring in real life.

p.s. blog about my corpse bride costume. i want fame and stardom.

This mitten is seriously cute. Thank you.

Thanks for the pattern! I have a friend who will love these.

These are great! Must cast on right now, thank you for the pattern!

thanks for the mitten pattern. i can't wait to try some colorwork. p.s. - i love the pie man.

Oh thank you, I love that pattern!!

Two things: 1) the mittens look very pretty! I might need to knit those. B) Heck ya, Roman Holiday Gregory Peck! How I love that movie. :)

Thank you so much for the pattern! It's just what I've been looking for for a couple of skeins of Knit Picks Totem I've had in my stash forever! :)

Thanks for the pattern. I had been on the hunt for some new mitts to knit.

thank you!!
(ooh, i wanna see the corpse bride costume)

Ooh, Gregory Peck was rather dreamy in RH, wasn't he? Thank for the pattern, Elli. It is beautiful!

Aw, thanks Ellie! Love the pattern!!

These are wonderful, Ellie! What a generous gift!

Beautiful mittens, and the layout of your pattern is beautiful, too, especially the font. I am usually a non-commenting lurker, but was prompted to say thanks out loud! Say hello to Gregory ;)

You're the best, Elli! the mittens are crazy-cute.

I'm sorry about your pup :(

Oh my, these are cool. Thank you for offering the pattern!

You rock, Elli! Thanks for sharing the pattern. They look like a great holiday knit.

Hurray for mittens! Thanks for the pattern!

Wow, thank you so much -- these are gorgeous!!

Hooray!!! Thanks for such a great pattern, I'm definitely adding them to the queue.

Thank you!

Thank You. Thank You.

Wow, those mittens are just the loveliest! Really they are without comparison. Soooo stylish! Eunnys ... mittens are also absolutely lovely, but in a completely different way. I must make mittens this winter ;) Thanks!

Sigh...and add another to the queue! Thank you so much. Can't wait to give these a try.

The mittens are seriously cute! I love the pattern. I'll have the warmest hands in Norway this winter I think, there are oodles of mitten patterns on my to-knit list!

Thank you for yours!

Never commented before but this time I must say thank you for a beautiful pattern and for being very inspiring to me in many ways.

Oooh, fun! Thanks, Elli!

(And I was always a Cary Grant girl, myself.)

Oooh! The mittens will be perfect for prezzies, thanks!

Thank you so much! These are truly lovely!


Maybe you have the best blog readers and commenters because you're the best blog maker! This is so sweet, the mittens are lovely!

Thanks man! What a lovely pattern!!

What a great gift! And they would make great gifts too...

Enjoy the cool weather!

woo hoo!

Wow! DD can't afford her herringbone coat, so now I can make her these in consolation!

Very cool - thanks!


The mitts are even cuter than Gregory!

Thanks so much. I can't wait to knit them.

I've really just been lurking for quite some time, but when you made the herringbone mittens I thought they were so nice, that I decided to try to chart the stitch pattern out myself - but seeing as you've made a proper pattern, I decided to de-lurk and say thank you - they are really lovely!

Thank you! You are awesome!

Thanks for offering such a great pattern! I started these up last night--it was exactly what I needed to get me out of my knitting funk :)

That is so nice - thank you! And also Gregory Peck is definitely inspiring

These mitts are super cool! I loved Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday... that's still one of my faves 'til today :)

These are so very beautiful. The pompom is such a quirky and fun twist.

Thanks for the pattern, such a nice layout! I have some yarn that would be SO cute...

Thanks for the pattern!

Thank you so much! These are absolutely beautiful and hopefully I'll get to them very soon!

Hey Girlie...it was so good to see you the other day, even just for a second. I love your mittens and am so incredibly sorry to hear about Sam, I know how much you loved him!

Nice pattern...thanks:) Sorry about your dog. Hugs.

Thanks for the pattern! I heart the mittens, they're awesome!

Hey, girl. I must be feelin' all sentimental or something, but...I want to tell you that you're an amazing person. So creative, so generous, and such a sense of style! And some mean knitting skills to boot.

Best mittens ever!!! i just finished mine, poms and all and am totally smitten. Check them out here: http://annypurls.blogspot.com/2007/11/rocking-mittens-and-fishy-miracle.html

When I surfed into your blog, first I saw Sam's yarn. Then next I saw that Sam died! I was so sad, but happy that you have some of his fur to make into something special.

Yahoo! Love these. Making red and white ones for my secret santa target. And then I will make some for me. thankee!

Thank you for the great mitten pattern--you rock!

Mmm, a RH GP. Ooooh yeah.