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hopelessly addicted...

...to argyle. Can't eat. Can't sleep. Just want more delicious polygons of yarny goodness.

Even the bobbin fish are eating it up.

That's the back you're looking at there. I'm just a couple of rows short of the armhole decreases.

It's a good thing I'm enjoying myself now, because the finishing on this one is going to be murder. All those thousands of little ends to sew in. And don't forget the part where I go back and put in the little argyle lines with duplicate stitch. Oye.

Twenty-five days to the big C. Double oye.


Oh my goodness. That is amazing.

WOW! You're SO fast! It's looking great!

It looks GREAT! Very tempting!

Bee-ooo-ti-ful. I've never used bobbins, but your fish make them seem tempting. Glad you're having fun!

Good luck...

So fast! It's looking amazing.

Do we need an intervention? :)

holy cow that looks amazing.

Looks great! Where did you find those awesome bobbins?

I'm am 100% impressed. It looks great -- and a pretty fine gauge, too, if I'm not mistaken.

does this mean you're foresaking cables? wink.

Wow, this is epic!! And it's going to look so good. =) I love your bobbin fish.

I can already picture it on the strong, masculine back of my beloved.

Love the argyle diamonds, the mix of colours, the bobbin fish. But oh! I don't love all the finishing you've got in front of you, nor the reminder that I only have 25 days left to do some MASSIVE amounts of knitting. Yikes!!!

Wow, that looks amazing!

How on earth do you do that without winding up with a big mess of tangled up yarn and bobbins? There are so many!

Very impressive.

I love all the bobbin fish! It is looking good but that sounds like a lot of sewing for finishing to me.

I love that you spell oy with an "e" (as in "oye"). It made me laugh because my brain immediately went Mexican rather than Yiddish (as in "Oye Como Va"). Not sure what that says about me, but I had a nice little chuckle.

That's gorgeous! I'm sure all the work will be worth it. ;-)

And this is why you are, indeed, the Amazing Elliphantom. I think you need a cape.

PS: You must share with me the source of the bobble fish.

Wow, I am so impressed!

Wow, that looks beautiful! You're right though...I'm not sure I envy you when it comes time for the finishing touches. Just focus on exactly how good it will feel to sew in that very last end, though! Gorgeous work so far. I think I'm going to have to try out that technique over the holidays. Inspiring! And yes, the fish...share the source of the fish! :)

Oh that's gorgeous! May the force be with you with the end-weaving... Maybe a good movie on a rainy afternoon would work for that.

It's looking great!

It's looking fantastic! I love those fish bobbins, by the way.

Love the color combo, super chic!

Wow, this is turning out amazing. I can't believe how fast you are!


i'm soooo speechless!

How do you use the duplicate stitch to create the diagonal lines?

The argyle is gorgeous! But I think all of those bobbins would drive me crazy. I didn't realize there was duplicate stitch involved. I did some of that years ago, when you could add designs to plain sweaters using embroidery thread.


Girl, you are AMBITIOUS! There's no way that I could pull that craziness off in the span of a month.

I love how the bobbins really do look like fish. Hopefully the little amusements will get you through without going crazy - I certainly go mad when I'm working with multiple colors like that.

Goodness, that's ambitious. Glad you're enjoying it. I'm loving those fishy bobbins, too.

Good thing you've given up eating and sleeping! :) It'll be worth it in the end - it already looks gift-worthily good. Lucky BIL xxx

Yum! What yarn are you using?

It looks great! The back is neat enough to be the front! I wasn't nearly as successful with my attempt at intarsia!

argyle rocks. yours is the greatest.

Looks awesome. I knit some argyle socks recently, so I feel your pain about all the ends. A word of advice, weave in the argyle ends before you start with the duplicate stitch. I snagged a lot of ends before I realized that.

The vicarious knitting I am enjoying while watching you knit this is great. Keep our, I mean your, progress shots coming.

wow. i mean, wow. tres impressive.

Wow--I turn away for a few days, and you churn out some serious argyle! It looks terrific. Good luck finishing!!!