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creeping sleeviness

Here's the most recent photo of the Chicago sleeves:


That picture was taken yesterday before I got distracted by Pushing Daisies and inexplicably stopped increasing. So tonight I get to rip back an inch and a half. Bah. Otherwise the sweater is coming along swimmingly...the back, fronts and wee little flowerlettes are all finished. Yay!

Back to the argyle intarsia...there were a few things I forgot to mention yesterday:

1) The vest is the Argyll V-Neck from Knitting for Him, by Martin Storey and Wendy Baker. More on my love-hate relationship with this new book later.
2) My BIL Ross (Mr. Kricket) picked out the colors himself (he requested pink argyle...gotta love that, right?))
3) I HAVE knitted intarsia. I just forgot. Remember the robot?

And in closing, yesterday I discovered (much to my delight) that two pairs of the Herringbone Mittens have already been completed. Go check them out over at Kathryn Ivy and Anny Purls!

Over and out!


I didn't expect to see sleeves when there's all that vest-making to do! You must be anticipating some ninja-fast knitting. I'm glad people are already making the herringbone mittens. If I weren't currently knitting a herringbone sweater, I'd be all over 'em. As it is, I'm going to wait until I finish the sweater to learn whether I'm all herringboned out.

Ned could make any knitter forget her increases *swoon*.

Such a purdy sweater.

I'm intrigued by the Chicago sleeves and what it's going to become. It looks really cute so far... Reminds me of spring...

OMg, don't you LOVE pushing daisies? So cute! ONe of my fave new shows...

Okay, so you've done some intarsia before. That's good to hear -- I was worried that you didn't realize what you were getting yourself into.

So my hands got completely frozen this morning from scraping SNOW AND ICE(!) off my car. I think I need to knit myself up some mittens and soon!

Oh I hope to have my Herringbone mittens completed this weekend, pompons and all! What a genius pattern...

Holy crap those mitten people are speedy!

Yes you may post the xylophone movie.

I have some awesome pics of Elliot with the robot. I'll put them up.

How cool is that, to see other people knitting and interpreting your pattern?! That must be a great feeling, congrats!

I don't knit during Pushing Daisies. I crapped up a sock the first time I knit during the show...so now I just make pie while I watch the show. An activity I would encourage.

I like watching Pushing Daisies, too! It definitely has me craving pie . . .

And your BIL is awesome! He has great fashion taste, obviously.

Intarsia sounds like a disease.
Did you see the robot pictures yet, did you did you?

Everything you make is gorgeous! After visiting the other bloggers' Poms I can't resist asking: Any chance you could downsize that pattern so I could make it for my daughter? She's bigger than Camdyn (5) but she would still look rather, er, enveloped in the adult size. Though I'm dying to knit Poms for myself, I think she would love them even more. In your spare time--pretty please?

Please stop showing off those lovely mittens. I am doing quite well with the knitting for other people, knitting from the stash and knitting through the list. If you would kindly stop distracting me with items for which I do not own the yarn, have only recently seen, and wish very much to be mine-all-mine-mwa-ha-ha-ha I would be most grateful. Thank you.



I love the vest! Since you are an EZ fan...maybe check out Meg Swansen's new book "Armenian Knitting". Basically intarsia but carrying the CC the entire way, even when not in use. A thought for you!

Chicago, Chicago that toddlin' sweater!

They're in my ravelry queue and the pattern's printed out at home. I just have lots of swatching to do before I get started. Lame excuse I know. Especially when folks have already finished pairs of the cute little things.

Thanks for the free pattern.