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So far, so good.

greetings. i come in peace.

Last weekend, a swatch was born. I also downloaded a little Christmas countdown thingamajig for my desktop which informs me that I have a mere 34 days to finish my overly-ambitious Christmas crafting. But what's new? I do this to myself every year. Good thing I've got a nice Thanksgiving break coming up. See you on the other side of the turkey!


lovely swatch :) I must attempt argyle at some point, I just love it. Your color combo is terrific!

Eep! So great. Love the colors.

I love your swatch! Your colorwork is fabulous!

Beautiful swatch! I love the color scheme. One of these days I'm going to have to give argyle a try.

oh, that argyle swatch is perfection. love the color combo. i'll be keeping it in mind as i slowly stock up on yorkshire tweed 4 ply.

the swatch looks great! the colors really work nicely together.

I am counting sleeps too! In 24 I get on a plane to see my dearly beloved! (I have accepted that the likelihood of any knitting of mine being Christmas knitting is non-existent). The swatch looks great. Mr Krick seems to have as good taste in colours as you! x

That is the most beautiful swatch! Clearly you are a natural at this intarsia thing.

That's purdy!

Wow! That's the prettiest swatch I've ever seen!


Ooh, nice swatch. The colors really work well together, and your stitches are beautifully even!

Have a good Thanksgiving!

I'm always really impressed by argyle. Yours looks great -- great colors!

Those colors are lovely together. I love the little pot of bobbins!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Argyle? Be still my beating heart! LOVE that swatch!!

The colors look great! hope you had a nice holiday.

You gotta give me some intarsia tips. I think I've just been voluntold to knit an argyle vest.

I love the argyle color combination. If the finished product turns out as cute as the swatch, it will be amazing...and you will give it away...whoa.

It's awesomely awesome! I just love the color choice. Good luck!

Oooh lovely, I wish I had the patience to knit a garment in fingering weight! Whoever gets that vest is one very lucky person this x-mas :)