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Today this blog turns two. Mwah, mwah, etc.

there are more than two needles in this picture

I'm making you a present, but it's not done yet. Want a hint? Here.

p.s. it's cold out. and I'm a little grumpy. i'm going to go make cocoa. but imagine that I got all sentimental on y'all, ok? thanks, you're the best.


Happy 2 years in the blogosphere! I'm glad I metcha!

Happy 2nd Blogversary~~~

Happy Blogiversary!

Bonne Blogiversaire!

oooo, cute hint. Happy Blogiversary.

Happy blogiversary.

Awww...thanks for the pressie. (I realize I say "awww" way too much when commenting on your blog.) Happy blogiversary!

yay! I love your blog and those mittens : )

Happy anniversary!

Happy 2 years! The cocoa sounds yummy. mmmmm......

Happy Number Two!

Happy Blogiversary! And what a great present!

Congrats and Happy Blogiversary!

Happy blogiversary! I like this trend... you making presents for us. Hmmm... how about the Mossy Jacket for your 3rd blogiversary? hint, hint. :-)

Happy Second Blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary! The mitten looks so cute. Can't wait!

Ps. for some reason I can't see the photos you post on the main page or via bloglines. I only see the file name.

It must be the terrible twos. :)


Great,already two years!!!

Happy 2nd blogi-birthday! x

Happy Blogiversary to you.

Imagine kazoo music and me singing: Happy blogiversary! Happy blogiversary! Happy blogiversary! Haaaaaaaaaapy blogiversary!

Happy blogiversary!!!!!!!

Happy Blogiversary! I love the vintage needles. I think you should chill out with a cake of yarn with needles as candles and have a wonderful day.

happy second blogiversary! many more to come!

Love love love that photo.

happy anniversary:) Here's to the next 2

Your blog was one of the first I started reading, and inspired me to start my own. Happy birthday. Keep the lovely stuff coming!

Happy two years!

Love reading your blog--even when grumpy. Happy blogiversary!

happy happy blogging!!!!
congrats to fabulous years!

Happy blogiversary! Sorry I'll miss you at knit night tonight. The mittens v. 2.0 look grand, yay, exciting!

Happy blog birthday!

Wow 2 years already? Congratulations!

No Ellie, you're the best. Happy blogiversary.

I made cocoa last night - broke out the box of Jacque Torres Wicked chocolate from last Christmas (oops, May expiration! must not try to hoarde and savor!) and filled up the biggest damn mug I could find in the kitchen. It was the best idea I've had all week. Go get you some and celebrate in style!

Ooh, hot chocolate sounds amazing.

Happy Blog Birthday!

Happy 2nd blogday! Enjoy that cocoa :)

Your blog kicks a**!

Happy Blogiversary!!

Yay- Happy Blogiversary! And happy cocoa-drinking!

Happy Blogday!

Happy Blogiversary!

happy B-day. i'm a big fan of your blog. keep going!

Happy Blogiversary! I love your blog, keep the pretty knits coming!

Ha! I completely ignored my first blog birthday because I couldn't think of anything sentimental to say.

Happy two years!

happy blog anniversary.

Happy blogversary! Or whatever you choose to call it :)

Don't think I have commented before, but had to say yay on two years!

Happy blogiversary! Ooohh..are you making us all your fabulous mittens? just kidding. You always give the best blog gifts.

oh, Happy Blogthday!!
I'm so glad I found your blog, & can't wait for our gift. :)

Happy belated blogthday!!!

Congratulations, happy two years

Oh, your dog is spendid.

I found your blog page by accident...I just wanna tell you what a cute nephew you have.