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in-flight entertainment

So today I'm hopping a plane to Seattle to go see the fam. As we all know, there is nothing quite so boring as hanging around airports and being stuck in narrow seats...especially when traveling alone.

Hello. We are unrelated to this post.

In an attempt to spice things up a bit, I'm giving myself a knitting challenge. Here are the details:

Who: Me.
What: One pair of knucks, exactly like the ones I knit (and lost) last year.
Where: In any car, airport, or plane between Bloomington, Indiana and Sammamish, Washington.
When: Today!
Why: Because it's going to be cold out there.

Think I can do it?. See you on the other side!

p.s. thanks for all the needle advice. I'll let you know how things work out.


I'm sure you can do it!
Have a great trip.

Good luck on the knitting challenge. Love the design of your blog.

Pshaw, that's not even a challenge. Me thinks you should throw some color-work in there or something :)

Have a save and enjoyable trip!

Have a good time! We missed you at KnitNight yesterday, but I expect you were packing. :)

Hey! You're coming to Sammamish?! That's where I live! You know, there's a yarn store in Issaquah. ;) Worst case scenario - drop me a note. I have needles and yarn coming out of my ears and I can hook a fellow knitta up.

Have a great trip and I'm sure that you'll do it. Nothing like a little motivation (ehm, cold weather) to make you knit faster.

I think I am one of those weird people that likes traveling alone. It is more of an adventure that way.

Good luck finished the Knucks!

Yay! Enjoy the PNW -- it's not THAT cold out here, but perhaps just enough that some Knucks would be mighty cozy. I bet you can finish them.

I totally think you can do it. Good luck!

You can absolutely do it. Have fun with your family!

Knucks rule. Travel knitting also. And, while unrelated to the post, I love your needle photo! :)

Great photo and caption! Go, Knucks!

You can do it! Good luck on the plane with those needles. I was wondering if you taped them together until you get on the plane, whether they'd notice them in your carry on? I had some taken from me in an ER waiting room once. Not. cool.


Have a lovely trip! Tell the Emerald City I miss her! =) OH.. and go eat at Cedars on Brooklyn in the U-district.

hehe Sounds fun, good luck!

Cool challenge. Go for it!
(PS: I like the unrelated photo!)

Have a great time! It's suppose to be very nice here this weekend!

I believe it can be done!

I have every faith in you. You are one of my knitting heroines, after all x

Another knitter coming to Washington! We make the PNW a better place :).

If you're stuck at SeaTac for any length of time, the curving wall of windows near the new food court has wooden rockers and benches perfect for knitting. I knit alot of my Shifting Sands scarf while watching planes land and take off.

hey there--i'm such a lurker, but then you mentioned bloomington openly, and i had to say:

I'm from Bloomington! I lived there pretty much my whole life--I grew up on Jordan, worked on 3rd Street, etc. Now I live in Jerusalem, and really love to see you mention the Dunn River, Beck Chapel (my parents got married there!) etc.

Hoosier Pride-