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Needles on the Brain

See here the most recent spoils of thrifting:

Hello, we are all rosy and domestic.

Among other things, you'll see a circular needle which closely resembles the beloved Addi Turbo. The tips are steel, the cable is some sort of super-flexible rubber tube, and they're lovely. Also, only 50 cents! Much more affordable than the traditional A.T. Does anybody know what sort of needle this is? Maybe some sort of Addi Ancestor? Any veteran knitters out there who encountered these back in the day? I thought that all vintage circulars were supposed to be terrible, substandard things. Apparently not.

And speaking of Addi Turbos, I recently bought a pair of their new uber-pointy lace needles. It was a bit of a splurge (geesh those things are spendy) but they're supposed to be so wonderful and make lace knitting a dream, blah, blah, whatever. Anyway, yesterday I pulled them out to swatch and I only got as far as the cast-on row before I had to put them down because of the reek. Am I the only one who can't stand knitting with these? It's the same metallic smell that some cheap jewelry has. Yuckkus. The worst part is that I bought them on vacation, so I'd have to drive 6 hours to return them. Bah.

Thoughts? Advice? Words of wisdom?

p.s. I just smelled a pair of the regular Addis, and they're stench-free.


My lace addi's are reek free. Stick it in a container with some baking soda or send Addi an e-mail. Perhaps they'll replace them for you, as they usually have good customer service.

Hmm... I don't have any Addi lace needles, but I do own a self-healing cutting mat for sewing projects that smells like skunk!

I'm knitting with the Lace Turbos right this very minute, and I can testify that they're smell-free. I'd send Addi and email too; as Freecia says they seem to be pretty responsive to customers.

That's terrible! I've had bad smelling needle packages, but never the actual needles! What lace was attempted, if you don't mind me asking?

I've never sniffed needles, just yarn so I'm no help there. I do love and adore that kitschy rose print though.

mine smell metallic too...so your not alone. I didn't realize that some smelled okay.

sorry, YOU'RE not alone. I hate typos.

only some of them smell, i think the "first batch ones" but i cant find the thread. it has to do with the last clear finish and whether or not it adhered i read.

Yup, I know the smell.

Mine were metallic-smelling to start with, but it's resolved after a while (and they are fabulous to knit with, in my opinion).

I know well the smell that you speak of; but, I didn't smell it with the spendy ATs that I bought in St. Louis. Write the company with a "what's up?!" they might surprise you. And seriously, you and the thrifting success, so jealous.

Some great thrifting finds there. I don't know about the smelly needles I am afraid!

Mmm, thrifting! Now that is what I should do today (with my day off).

No advice about the smell, unfortunately. Maybe you could soak them in dishsoap?

My addi lace needles don't reek either. I'd suggest what has already been said about putting them in a jar with baking soda. Or wrap in newspaper and put in a ziplock or something.
Give a go at getting rid of the stench first. Since returning them can be a chore, how about selling them or trading them off?
In any case, I do hope you find a solution because I've found them really nice to use... MUCH nicer than the original Addi needles!

Even if it was a near by store most stores don't accept returns of needles unless they are defective and I'm not sure if the store would think that smelling metallic would qualify. I'd write to Addi, they will be much more likely to help you out. Maybe they'll exchange them for some regular ATs.

Yuck... I'd try to get rid of the smell (baking soda or newspaper as mentioned above). If that doesn't work, sell 'em on ebay!

Hi, I just got some ALNeedles as well. They just smell like brass to me, definitely different than their aluminums!

Hmm, I bought a pair of Addi lace needles recently and didn't smell a thing. I really liked them.

I'd contact the company since it's seems to be a batch issue. Isn't Skacel well known for replacing broken needles? The may replace stinky ones too.

I've read somewhere about people having trouble with the lace needles getting some kind of color on their work and there were apparently some batches that were substandard in some way. Definitely contact addi because mine don't smell either. I wonder if you got a bum set, and if they smell they may be the ones that discolor.

My advice for anything stinky is a: febreeze (which won't work here) and b. dryer sheets. I think that might work. I'd get the needles wet first and then "dry" them with a dryer sheet. I bet that will help.
Awesome thrifty finds!

I always look for knitted stuff at the thrift store. Great finds! Not sure what to tell you about he Addi's. Could just be the polishing agent they used. Maybe contact Skacel for advice or a replacement. Good luck!


The title of your post sounds very painful! haha!

Mine smell too. I had wondered if there was something wrong with my nose. Glad it wasn't just me. Also mine have discolored slightly at the tips. I have used both pairs for less then 2 hrs each total.

I live in L.A. no knitting store I know accepts returns on needles. So I am stuck. I will be contacting Addi.

Good luck to you.

I never noticed the smell. Maybe its just the lace ones. Yuckie!

Send the manufacturer and email and explain your situation. I do this often with various companies. About half the time I get some kind of response. They may give you instructions on how to return them, or quite possibly a an apology accompanied with a coupon. You'll never know unless you try.

I work in a knitting shop and some folks have had this problem. It is probably a reaction with chemicals in your skin. Give it a little while and the smell abates. If not, give Addi a holler as they stand behind their product.

This was a big deal when the Addi lace needles first came out. A number of people also reported that the finish, such as it is, reacted with something in their hands and caused black marks on their knitting. Some people found that the smell and the black rub-off seemed to go away with use.

Anyway, I believe Skacel was addmitting to the issue and exchanging needles, but I am not sure if you would have to work through the shop or not. It would be worth calling and asking, or just getting in touch with Skacel and asking for help directly.

Good luck -Most people I read about were able to work something out. - Karen

Great vintage needles. I have a couple of sets of the addi lace needles and I didn't notice a smell, but they did have a sort of tarnish that rubbed off on the white yarn I was using. I am going to try to clean them and see if it helps.

Smelly needles? That's pretty bizarre. You can bet I'm going to sniff mine when I get home, because I haven't noticed anything yet! And then I'm going to go sniff the whole drawer of them next time I'm in the shop...

Sorry, I don't have a trick to get rid of that smell! However, I'm tagging you for an "8 Random Things" meme. You can find the rules and my own answers on my blog. I hope you'll play along! I chose you because I really enjoy visiting your blog!

I know the smell...but the lady at the LYS told me to scrub it with cloth or tissue prior to the first use...it will take some reek away.

i was so excited to see the addi lace needles in my local yarn place in berlin, germany (yes in germany addi releases products more slowly), that i bought them, brought them home, whipped them out to swatch....and found the same stench. i love my regular addis, i guess my skin just doesn't get along with the finishing process on the lace ones.

There's a whole run of Addi lace needles that were not manufactured properly. Addi is aware of this and wants people to first take their needles back to the purchase place if at all possible and the store should contact Skacel. If not, contact them directly. This was a thread on the MS3 list, my needles smelled so strongly of dirty change, I had to stop using them, alas, my replacement set also smelled of metal. I used straight dishsoap on the first pair, scrubbed them lightly and they still stunk. Some were just made wrong and you can't scrub the smell out of metal. I would encourage you to return them. They were, alas, the best needles I'd used, but horrible to smell.
I found that the Knitpicks circulars are virtually as good, and considering how inexpensive they are, they are better in my book.