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Finished: Muppety Sand Hat

Looky, it's a hat! A hat that's been finished since August (oh, the shame). Time to get caught up on the FOs...

Hello. I will stun you with my fuzzy rays.

The Specs:

-Pattern: Marloes Sand Hat, from Rowan 40.
-Yarn: 1.5 skeins of Lang Breeze.
-Needles: Size 13, and size 10.5 dpns (those were the largest ones I had).
-Start to finish: Two evenings way back in August, 2007.
-For: Me!

This is the best modeled shot I've got. Yes, I know it looks like I belong in the primate house.

The yarn was a gift from my MIL last February. My first reaction was, of course, "YARN! Woo-hoo!" My second was "hmmmm...it's a bit on the, um, fuzzy side...and the colors aren't exactly what I would choose for myself." So into the stash it went to await its destiny.

Fast forward to a Sunday evening in August. I reallyreallyreally needed a fast project and I had my eye on the Sand Hat. Bulky yarn is severely underrepresented in my stash so when I dove in all I came up with was the Lang Breeze. A bit doubtful of the appropriateness of cables knit in novelty yarn, I decided to cast on and figured I could aways give the hat to Kricket* for Christmas if it came out looking completely dorky.

I knit the hat. I tried it on. I fell in love. It's soft and snuggly warm and best of all, it looks good on me. I have no idea why, but it works. So there you have it. I love my hat. The only question I have now is: does it need a bigger pom?

If I stand in a prickly tree can you imagine it's winter?

Final Verdict: Utter bewilderment and inexplicable fondness.

*my designated recipient of odd and/or experimental knits. Sorry, Krick.


It's really cute! Surprisingly I'm growing rather fond of earflaps. :)

i like it! i think the pom look great, but bigger would be okay as well.

Very cute!
The pom is perfect.

I think the pom is exactly the right size. No need to get pom-crazy! Nice job.

Pom looks good as is. One problem with large pom: head clearance while driving car. Ask me how I know (and I'm only 5'6").

Hey, that's a cute hat! Glad you found a use for that yarn.

Very cute...primate house, ha! I think the pom is good as is. Makes me want to knit something with a pom!

The hat and the yarn are lovely. If you made the pom pom any bigger the hat only function to keep the pom pom balanced on you head.

Love the pom proportions. I'd leave her as is :] Looks ok-so-cute!

I just stumbled across your blog. It's lovely! And your work is lovely and the baby pictures in particular are adorable.

Hmm, yes it does rather look like the hat has claws in that first picture. But hey, it works, you love it, it must be a good FO!

You + that hat= very chic and stylish!

that's ok...we've had hours of entertainment from the knitted bathing cap.

I'm an anti-pom person but it really looks good on you, so either way is a very cute hat.

Pomtastic! Very cute.

Wow, that fastfastfast hat looks awesome! You look super cute in it.

I am all for a larger pom, it would enhance the wonderful muppety-ness!

I love the hat. It is so cute. I too am all for the larger pom!

Too bad for your sister but a score for you! What a great hat and I love the colors on you.

Love the pom!

I love the pom pom as-is. I also love the fuzziness of that hat! I usually shy away from fuzzy yarn (though I do have some Lush waiting for a project), but a fuzzy hat is awfully cute.

This is one cute hat! I think it looks great as-is but I'm kind of in love with bigger Poms as well!

I really love that shot of you modeling it, it's very Top Model-esque ;)

You are so silly! And that hat is totally cute!

I love the primate house shot! And I think the pom is big enough. Too big a pom can actually make a hat fall off your head when you're swinging through the trees.

Love the hat...then again, I do have a slight obsession with hats...