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Almost, but not quite

For those of you curious about these things, here's how eleven hours of traveling breaks down into fingerless gloves:

0:00, some Rowan Felted Tweed. Yum, yum.

2:06, Indianapolis airport

4:50, Minneapolis/St. Paul airport

11:02, in the car somewhere between Seattle and Sammamish

By the time I'd reached my final destination, I'd executed a tubular bind-off on glove number one and begun the ribbing on glove number two. So almost, but not quite, finished. Not too bad, right?

Especially since the project made my flying time about one thousand times more enjoyable. Delayed plane? No problem! More knitting time for me. Sullen, silent seatmate who makes me move so that he can use the lav. three times on a three hour flight and puts the armrest up so that he can encroach on my space while he snores? No biggie. My knitting keeps me sane.

And deadline knitting (even the self-imposed type) is great for steering you clear of those sleepy pockets that exist only on airplanes. You know...the ones that make you take accidental naps from which you wake with a buzzy head and toxic breath. So even though I didn't quite get to the end of the project, I AM A WINNER!!! Yes indeed.


Oooh, I think I sat next to that guy back in March.

The gloves look warm and toasty.

I know exactly the sleepy pockets you mean, hehe! I never get those in everyday life, except in the lecture hall back when i was in college. Could. not. stay. awake.
P.S. I see the little bag I made peeking out!! Yay!

Yes, I agree that knitting takes the flying pain away. Next week I'm flying to Colorado and am already relishing the knitting alone time.

Your gloves are fantastic btw!

Wow! Speedy von speedster! Hope you're having fun with your parents!

Nice knitting time and work!
Love the yarn and the pattern.

Hey speedy! You're inspiring me to make some knucks of my own...one ball is really enough?

A winner is you! Are you going to embroider them?

Oooh, pretty pretty!

Wow! I've lost the first pair of Knucks I made, too. Maybe I'll make new ones! I love the color of the Felted Tweed you used.

That is indeed inspiring! High Five!

I'm impressed that you brought the DPNs out in such tight quarters. I've always been afraid that I'll lurch to the side during some turbulence and poke someone's eye out.

ha! love this post!
i knew you would have them finished, or almost finished!

I'm impressed!:)

My faith was well placed. :)

I am speechless that it is possible to get through the security check with knitting needles in America---
I asked in Germany before flying if it is possible to knit during flight- no, it wasn´t possible. Forbidden.
Latest holiday I put in a last minute second my dpns in my sons pencil case- it worked. Got it through ;)
best wishes, wonderful gloves, eva

Very impressive! I'm knitting with Felted Tweed right now too, and it makes me pretty happy. Congrats!

You are totally a winner. Awesome. Is that one ball of yarn?

Wow, that's some serious knitting!! They turned out really cute :)

And in an unrelated question, who did your blog design? I'm in the market...

These are so cool! Is there a pattern?

Lovely! I dig hoe the background changed in each photo. I have 10 balls of Felted Tweed in that very color, and late nights when I'm up with the new baby, I imagine it as a Tangled Yoke Cardi. Maybe mitts would take the edge off.

I don't know if I missed it, but what pattern are you using for the gloves?

I am so in love with them!


You're absolutely right, knitting makes so many unpleasant things bearable, even enjoyable. Gridlocked traffic, long lines at the bank, waiting room purgatory, sitting through a really bad action movie that DH wants to watch, waiting for cookies to come out of the oven, and on and on...

The gloves look awesome. I LOVE felted tweed too.

Good for you - those look fantastic, and very cozy! Now that I know it's possible to whip out a pair in less than 24 hours, there's no excuse for not making some badly-needed gloves for myself in the next couple of weeks. Must fend off chilblains this winter!