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Farm fresh

Schacht Fleece Farm had a open-farm day today, so Huan-Hua and I took the opportunity to drive south of town and soak up a little of the charming farminess. They have cute little Icelandic sheep, and today was shearing day.

ur_next.jpg shearing.jpg
Dude. You're next.

Nekked sheeps.

huan_hua.jpg silo.jpg
Huan-Hua and a guard llama; one of the cool old silos.

As the sun moves, so moveth the chickens.


The sun was out, there was a lovely breeze, and I did not get chiggers or poison ivy. A perfect afternoon, and the perfect way to say goodbye to September, if you ask me.

p.s. Thanks for all the nice noises about the herringbones. Worry not; a pattern will be forthcoming.


Looks like a fun day!

That chicken photo is KILLING me! I love them.

Yay, pictures! I don't know where my camera cable is but I'll hopefully put up my photos soon! Thanks for joining me on the fun field trip... it was indeed a lovely way to bid September goodbye.

Nice pictures and nice weather.

Ha! The chicken picture is cracking me up! Glad you had such a good day.

The chicken picture made me laugh! Smart chickens!

Oh, rats, I missed that! Looks like it was a lot of fun! I loves nekkid sheep and smart chickens :)

Arrugh! I went, too, but I missed the shearing. I guess they finished about two hours early this year. It was still a beautiful day, so I didn't mind too much. Sorry I missed you guys!

I took an almost identical photo of the silo. :)

That chicken photo cracks me up!!! Thanks for sharing!

Those chickens! I love llamas too.

Thanks so much for the pictures. I have adopted the beautiful Rahab from the farm and look forward to getting her fleece soon. Unfortunately I am way too far away to attend the shearing, though I desperately wanted to. Thanks again for the photos.

That chicken photo made my day.

Chickens, chickens!! I went to an alpaca farm over the weekend. Gotta love the livestock.

Hah, chickens! That is too funny.

What fun! I've decided that the Shetland sheep are the cutest (they're so wee and sprightly!), but the Icelandics might be next in line for the title.

Wonderful photos! Thanks for taking us along. I love to watch shearing! And the chickens, too funny.

Chickens, goats, sheep, and a llama. What's not to love?