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Hi there. I'm unblocked.

Why is it that when I get sick it always happens on the weekend? Just for once I'd like to be nice and sick on a Wednesday. I had so many lovely knitting plans, not to mention that I've had to cancel a playdate with Wen-wen. We were going to go thrifting. I was going to make pizza and cupcakes. Bah.

Do me a favor and have some fun and report back to me, K? I'm in need of some vicarious thrills.

Here, have another photo.

blockitty, blockitty.

p.s. grump, grump.


Aww, poor kid. Well, it looks really really pretty, if that helps. Does it?

Ick, sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you're at least feeling well enough to knit!

Awww, you poor thing. At least you have something beautiful to look forward to. By the way...how huge is that blocking board? *gasp*

Sorry you're not be feeling well. But that is one beautiful piece of knitting.

Feel better soon!

What a pitty, that you have to cancel the date and that you are ill!
Hope you soon feel better. Nice knitting work!!

Hanami is gorgeous. I hope you get better soon. x

Awww, I'm sorry you're sick! I hope you feel better soon! Alas, I can't have any fun on your behalf, because I'm sick too.

I love blocking photos. It looks gorgeous!

Awww, I hope you are feeling better soon. I'll try to get out there and have some fun for you.

Wen-Wen pouts for you. Hope you feel better soon! xoxo

The wrap looks absolutely beautiful! Feel better soon. I usually find that rest, tea, knitting, a good book, and a few discs of Buffy do the trick.

Boo to being sick on a weekend. I hope you feel better soon!

This is GORGEOUS! You are such an inspiration. I'd love to get one of those gossamer projects onto my needles soon.

Aw, take care! Can't wait to see some photos when you're feeling better. :)

I hope you're feeling better already! I also tend to have my headaches in the weekends. I believe that my stress level in the week may be higher and produce some sort of chemical that protects me from being sick and then... yƩ! Anyhow... I look forward to see you new FO! Good luck!

It's because you're too conscientious, dear! I always used to get sick the first few days of the holiday, especially over Christmas :( - it's when you allow yourself to slow down. I had a lovely weekend thanks, gallivanting around the country in the name of research. Hope you're feeling better xxx

Get well soon! Everybody's getting sick - it's the children going back to school and wiping their dear germy little fingers all over everything. Hope you're not too ill to knit, anyway.

man, it's so creepy how we all get sick at the same time when we live on opposite coasts... I hope you feel better soon! I think I'll be staying home tomorrow. Okay you are killing me with your many blocking boards!! I want more than one two...

Love the colors! What a great pattern too! God I need a real blocking board!

Hope you are feeling better!

Being sick sucks. Feel better soon. (It looks lovely blocking BTW)

I always get sick on the weekends too. I hope you feel better. Make cupcakes during the week, it will make you smile!

Sorry you're not feeling well! But you can at least wrap yourself in lacey goodness and drink some tea.

Aww, feel better!

And the Hanami is MINE...it's MINE, it's ALL MINE...bwwaaahaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaa....