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Hi there. We are lovely, lovely, lovely...

Good mail yesterday! Freshly married Ms. Moon Tea Julia sewed me a fantastic little bag-lette, which is just the right size for a sock project. So cute! Can I say again how much I love it when people sew things for me? And how birthday contests rock? She also sent along the Amy Butler Swing Bag pattern, which I adore, as a consolation prize for waiting while she sewed it. Not that I was in need of any consolation, but I love it all the same. Yay! Thanks, Julia!

In other news: as the phlegm is still in residence (though much better than it was), all I've managed to knit this past week is the herringbone mittens. Pictures soon.


That bag is SO cute! love the fabric!

Don't you just love good mail? Glad you're feeling better, hope you're fully mended soon!

I assume you mean pics of the mittens, not the phlegm ;)

(I am also with-phlegm , so not reading that astutely)

Herring bone mits do sound very exciting, looking forward to seeing them!

What a cute bag!!
Hope you get rid of the phlegm soon - not fun!

Lucky you, the bag is so cheerful I love it.

Feel better soon!

What a cute bag! I just sewed the Swing Bag and blogged about it this week - it's a fun pattern and a great bag.

The bag is adorable!

Man, you're good at taking photos! You totally don't need a fancy camera. You made my bag look really cute! Glad you like it!

I looove that cute little bag!!! You're so lucky! I have that Amy Butler Swing Bag pattern too, but I haven't made one yet.

Have you sent your contagion my way? I am sick and I can not figure out why! I hope I am half as productive (craft wise...you know what I mean) in my phlegmy state as you have been. Good mail days, oh how I love them!

"All I've managed to knit" and "herringbone mittens"? That seems an oxymoron to me. If it were me, that would say, "holy cow! I managed to knit herringbone mittens!" Hope you keep feeling better.

I covet all your beautiful hand-sewn bags! That's lovely indeed.

But guess what my mom bought me today?

A herringbone jumper!

Nice bag, love the fabric.

Isn't that bag just lovely!

I love the sheep card ;)

Isn't she lovely, Julia? Hope you're nearly mended now.