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Labor Day Weekend

Ack! It's already the 3rd of September...time to get cracking on that whole blogging resolution.

The siblings came down from Michigan to spend the long weekend at Chez Knitalot. There was lots of sisterly bonding and baby-cuddling, as well as a large chunk of time spent being terrorized by yellow jackets. Pretty much every time we ventured outdoors (dinner outside, the lakeside picnic-lunch, and wine and cheese on the winery deck), the entire yellow jacket population of southern Indiana descended.* It was like The Birds, except without Tippi Hedren and her scary hair. Or birds, for that matter.

Here are a few pics from the weekend. Knitting coverage to resume soon.

m%26c.jpg kfloss.jpg
Rae and HRH the Nephewling; Kricket's embroidery floss

Krick with her embroidery, before the deadly diet coke disaster of '07

raebag.jpg ricecereal.jpg
The bag Rae sewed me for my birthday; angelic nephewling with rice cereal

I'm off to enjoy what's left of my 3-day weekend (by which I mean: knit). Over and out!

*we eventually discovered that yellow jackets love red wine and diet coke above all other beverages, which may explain why they they spent a lot of time following us around.


sounds like you all had a good weekend. So cool that you and your sisters are all so crafty!

good grief, he is so freaking adorable!

HRH the Nephewling is adorable!!!

I love the bag. HRH is so cute. That's a good thing to know about the yellow jackets cause I am really afraid of bees.

omg, kricket is adorable.

Awwww, love babies! Let's see more!

Great photos! Nephewling is adorable, and I love that bag that Rae made for you.

Cute Baby! Lovely photos as well, look that you really enjoyed your weekend.

What a great weekend! I like the bag you were made, lovely fabric.

Very weird, my MIL was telling me last night about how she had the yellow jacket population of Southern Ontario descend onto her back porch.

Nephewling!!! So cute, I wants to nibble his cheeks. Nibble nibble nibble.

The nephewling is so ridiculously adorable! What a crafty family you seem to have, too! The yellowjackets have been out in full force around here, and my abject terror about stinging insects is keeping me from venturing outdoors at all. You're braver than I am!

LOVE the sweet yellow bag!! Though, sweet as it is, it has nothing on those baby cheeks!

Aww, look at your cute little nephew! We definitely shared in the yellowjackety abundance over the weekend, so if it makes you feel any better you probably really only had the entire Bloomington yellowjacket population MINUS about 200.

I hate yellow jackets! (and I'm allergic.) They are everywhere in the San Juan islands so if you ever go...watch out. Even one or two are out on the water offshore. =(

Cute embroidery floss!! (mmm...colors) Cute nephew!

That is the cutest baby I have ever seen! I will trade him for 13 balls of Rowan Felted Tweed...or my entire stash of sock yarn? Just kidding :) What a blessing to be around such pure joy. Love your blog...never commented before but the baby and the rice cereal...just had to say ADORABLE!

Hey there! Little E is totally adorable! I love all the things you've made for him too. Looks like you all had a very good time together this past weekend. Sara O says you're doing good? Missed you at the reunion, although it wasn't the biggest thrill for $60. Chat soon?

The deadly diet coke disaster of '07 sounds like the worst thing ever. Diet coke-it's so fickle, you know? Most of the time it's your best friend, but then every so often it'll stab you right in the back.

Your nephew is such a cutie. Love the bag, so pretty. We get swooped by magpies from September til November and they are quite vicious. We have to work out which ones swoop and try to avoid that pathway. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend too.

Oh my, what an adorable little man. Your family is darling.

Your family are officially the most gorgeous family on the internet. Or on my internet anyway. And oh for a work box like Kricket's...

Michigan? Kricket? Oh gosh, back in kindergarten I had a good friend Kricket I used to play with and she had sisters and they all moved away. That was in Manistee. Is it even possible???