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Finished: Herringbone Mittens

Look! Mittens!

Does looking at herringbone make you dizzy too?

The Specs:

-Pattern: An Elliphantom original.
-Size Knitted: Elli-size (read: biggish).
-Yarn: Lamb's Pride Worsted.
-Skeins: Less than one skein each of Deep Charcoal (M-06) and Silver Sliver (M-130).
-Needles: Size 7 dpns (size 6 for ribbing).
-Start to finish: September 9 - September 25, 2007.
-For: Me!

From the bottom up: ribbed cuff; eyelets to accommodate crocheted cord and large pom-pom; striped thumb; herringbone goodness.

I've wanted to knit myself some mittens ever since the too-small-squirrel-mitten incident of 2006. So a few weeks ago I grabbed some leftovers from the stash, took some inspiration from the thrifted herringbone fabric, and got cracking.

Improvements I've made since the squirrel mittens:
-These fit! It's a nice touch.
-Worsted-weight yarn for a quicker, thicker mitten (heh. that rhymed).
-A ribbed cuff for extra snuggyness.
-The traditional thumb. I've determined that my thumbs are too, how should I put this...drumstick-like for a tab thumb).

Other than that, they're pretty similar to the squirrel mittens. (read: they're fair-isle and the tops are shaped similarly).

The Yarn:
The mohair content in the yarn makes it ill-suited for a lot of projects (too itchy), but it might just be made for mitten-dom. Lots of fuzzy snuggliness inside these double-stranded babies. If they full up just a little bit over time they'll be darn near impervious to wind and weather.

Respect The Pom.

Final Verdict: I'm so pleased. La, la, la...


You should be pleased! They are adorable. Now you need a pair in camel colored herringbone too. Or, at least I do!

hypnotic hands!

oooh ooh ooh. They're even better than what I had extrapolated from that one progress shot. I even love the pompom, which is usually not at all my thing.

I have a pair of Lamb's Pride mittens, and they're extremely wind-proof. And pompoms make them extra awesome!

very nice - love the poms!

Lovely mittens! I have a well worn pair of mittens from lamb's pride that I've worn for years. They're not my prettiest, but they're warm! Yours will be both!

Cute! I definitely respect that pom. Double cute.

SO cute!! I want to make them! And they do make me a liiiiiittle bit dizzy.

Elli they're so wonderful! (I would expect no less from an elliphantom creation). Mitten envy is seeping across the pond... What do you mean you have a drumstick thumb? xX

They are fab!


Am loving the poms. There should be more poms in knits.

I LOVE them!!! I've got mittens on the brain lately, and yours are terrific - I have complete respect for the pom. And the thumb. love that too - great job, congrats!!

So cute!!! The classic herringbone with the irreverent pom...love it!

Love them. They make me want to go skating in a cute short skirt! I know what you mean about the thumb! Mine are like that, too. :)

Oh I love love love them!

Bring on the pompoms!

Lovely mittens! So stylish!

Beautiful! I especially like how you managed to get a Cruella de Ville-style pom pom.

The mittens are awesome. And the poms? Super-awesome. I love me a well placed pom.

Those are adorable.

LOVE the pom pom!

Lovely mittens!

I wouldn't have gone for the pom poms myself, but you know I think they actually make them!

Genius, lovely!!

Those look fantastic! I love the pom pom. So fun.

i'm in love with these mittens--such an unexpected balance of cuteness and sophistication! now venerating The Pom.

Love the POM! Fabulous mittens! Are you planning on offering the pattern?

adorable!!! love the herringbone....

The thumb? The pom? jeez, SO freaking cute. I love them!

These are great -- the herringbone makes them class, but the pompom gives them just the right amount of humour.

Those are great! You made me think about my own mitten sitution. Gotta get cracking!

Oh, they're fantastic! They remind me of knights decked out in heraldic devices - jousting mittens!

Very cool mittens!


Hi Elli, I absolutely love them! Super duper. Any chance of a pattern? x

They look great! I think you shoud call them HerMitts. "Her" as short for "herringone" but they could also be "her" like... as opposed to "him." ;-)

Simply gorgeous! I love the colors you used.

Ooo cute!!

Those are awesome! I love herringbone.

Those are great!

Too cool for school. I love them! But the poms, they set the whole set off.

Darn sweet mittens.

From one "biggish" person to another, I love the mittens... especially the way you shaped the thumb. From your Dutch drumstick-like thumb friend here in MI--you rock.

So adorable! I think I need a pair of my own. ;-)

Great Mittens! Uber great post! I love blog posts like this one - an FO, background on the project; including links, detail on the yarn, outline of the pattern and rationale for various aspects of it. On top of all that - inspiration to get knitting myself some mittens too! Kudos on the FO and thanks for a highly satisfying post!

Those mittens are awesome and I love the pom-poms! Are you going to offer the pattern?

I've got some lamb's pride worsted festering in the stash (re: I'd like to use it up to clear space for something else), and these would be just the ticket. Will you be offering the pattern, perchance?

Those are so cool! Great job!

I love the mittens! Will you be posting the pattern? I too have biggish hands and keep making mittens slightly too small. I like the herringbone and the striped thumb a lot.

And pleased you should be. Those are some awesome mittens.

ok, the pattern is fantastic, and the pompom.....is such a great touch!

Beautiful mitts, and I adore the poms!

Wow, those are really fabulous. Simply gorgeous!

Those are adorable! Love the poms.

They look great, and inspirational as well.

Full respect to the pom. :)

SUPER cute!

And the poms totally add that little somethin' somethin'.

Lovely mittens! Will you be making the pattern available??

You should be pleased! I want some!

Love the dizzying herringbone mittens! And the pom is perfect!

Those pompoms are INSPIRED.

Would you be willing to share the pattern? My sister loves the gloves and has requested them for Christmas.

They are truly awesome.

I love these mittens - and I have some LP Worsted..... I think I have figured out the herringbone chart but I would love to know how you do the stripey thumbs. I would love to share/buy the pattern if you have time to do it. The pompom is a great idea. Congratulations!

Beautiful, love the pompoms

I LOVE them. And excellent bonus with the actually fitting part!

Hi Elli:
Just wanted to send you a Big Thank-You for the Herringbone Mittens pattern, I think the two different colors are so pretty that you have made
& Happy Valentines Day too you!!! Again, Thanks.