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Chicago is for knitters

Look at me...blogging two days in a row. Wheeeeee!

39 down, 15 to go.

In honor of it being 98 degrees out (how did we have such a beautiful Labor Day weekend and then return to this?), I'm flashing my Christmas knitting again.

I know I said that I was going to knit all 54 florettes before starting in on the actual sweater, but I lied. I got sick of them. I figure I can either glare at the flowers or make progress on the back. Easy choice, I say.

Greetings. I come in peace.

[Also pictured: the stubby tote I finally caved and bought for schlepping the knitting about town (and I have to say that it coordinates nicely with the current project and my pear needles). Shael still has a few left (on sale!) at her Etsy shop if you're on the market for a small-project knitting bag.]

I like to celebrate the advent of fall by pulling out my vintage taped-off-tv videocasettes of Ally McBeal, so I'm off to go knit and do a little singing along with Vonda and the crew. Over and out!


I don't blame you for starting the sweater -- if I'd had to do all the florettes first, I probably would have washed my hands of the project altogether!

Adorable project bag!

Ally McBeal is a good choice- I ended up buying all the seasons from eBay (they sell them in Japan, and the UK, but not here. Boo!)

That's looking fantastic! The pattern works really well with that yarn! (P.S. - I finished my sock on deadline!)

Cute tote bag, and the sweater is looking gorgeous. Wow how quickly do those flowers take to make.

Teehee, look at all those little alienheads!

The sweater looks gorgeous by the way ;)

I probably would not have attempted it in the first place. LOL. Looks like a lot of work. Can't wait to see the finished product. The flowers are lovely!

I certainly don't blame you for giving up on the florettes for now and working on the sweater instead...I think I'd go nuts knitting that many little flowers! The sweater's looking really great so far!

Dang, how I miss Ally McBeal. Has it been released on DVD yet?

Your sweater looks like it's going to be really cute.

Cute sweater, adorable bags, nifty florettes (even if you are tiring of them), and Ally McBeal? Does it get any better? I think I need to go and dust off my taped from TV AMcB episodes too.

oooh your sweater looks so pretty.

Ack, get that Etsy link away from me! I have so many "cute" bags and pouches from Etsy and other stores. My goal is to use up some of my fabric stack to make my own totes and pouches for a little while. (Your bag is part of that goal! Which will soon be on its way by the by).
That mushroom bag is seriously tempting though, there's on left in her shop.

Oops, I meant "one".

Well, the mushroom bag is the *only* one left in her store, because I just sniped over there and snatched up the one with the cute balloon children! Etsy binges don't count if they're gifts for others, right? :) Thanks for the link, and I can't wait to see that adorable sweater all knit up! Love the color and the sweet little stitch pattern.

I think half and half on the fiddly flowers and the soothing knit sounds about right. So you're back to the flowers now, aren't you? xx :)

lovely sweater - you are right between the yarn, the needles and the bag, you have quite the coordinated project going on there. Enjoy!


It's so nice that you join the Frisian crafsters group on Ravelry!!
I like your blog, what you are making en write as the lay-out as well.

Your little flowers are so cute! I can't wait to see the finished product.