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A little bit of everything

I went into the weekend thinking that I'd see how much of the Chicago cardi I could crank out, but I got a little sidetracked. What's new? I did finish the back though:

Hello. I am soft and smooshy.

Saturday morning was devoted to thrifting:

Fall colors and fabrics!

There is enough of the blue and white herringbone to sew a nice-sized project (am I crazy to want a jumper?) and the tweedy orange wool is destined to become a cushion.

And just when I thought my days of bringing home odd balls of thrifted yarn were over, two skeins of vintage alpaca/nylon found their way into my basket (they're sneaky little things). I reskeined them and gave them a nice wash to get rid of the fusty smell and now they're ready for action...whatever that may mean. Then there were some vintage pattern pamphlets and zippers that didn't make it into the picture. A darn good trip for $4.83, wouldn't you say?

Inspired by the fabric, Sunday afternoon I decided that I had to knit some herringbone mittens. Here's where I was by 5pm:

Hello. We are fuzzy-wuzzy.

The yarn is some leftover lamb's pride worsted and I'm making things up as I go. We'll see if it works!


Chicago looks super cute. And I also want a jumper but keep wondering if I would actually wear it enough. I even have enough grey plaid in my stash...

Oh, I have such a weakness for herringbone...

The fabrics are a great score! herringbone everywhere! (not that it's a bad thing at all!)

When I saw that Columbia-Minerva label I wow-ed. That is some mighty fine thrifting you have there!

Ack! Those fabrics! I want to go thrifting with you. You find such cool things!

Where did you find this stuff? All your finds are lovely, especially that herringbone fabric!

Ooo, I like the looks of those mittens!
Those are some pretty impressive thrifting finds!

The Chicago looks great! Wow, what a great thrifter you are, I lack those abilities. I can't wait to see the herringbone mitts! And the jumper!

The things you can do with $5 in a thrift store. It must be a geographical thing, you can't find anything that good in southeastern CT, and it isn't for a lack of trying either... Good stuff...and the mittens...lurve.

[hypnotizing Elli]You must take me to this place...[/hypnotising Elli]

I can't believe you got that all for under $5! I can never find good scores like that when I go thrifting. You totally hauled!

I also have a weakness for herringbone, especially when the fall season rolls in... I've been thinking of just knitting up a pair of "endpaper mitt's" with a herringbone motif...


Wheee! What a gorgeous weekend. I love herringbone: I was delighted by the fabric and - mittens! Can't wait to see them finished. Right after the Chicago of course :) xx

What a great day of bargains. I love those mittens, the wool looks so nice and warm. I love the sweater at the top too, it looks so nice.

That cardi is so pretty!

Ooooo... Caaaaaaaaaalmer... I'm drrrroooling already. Chicago looks good and I can't wait to see the FO :)

Sorry... that was me in the last comment.

Herringbone mittens! Cute!

A great set of bargains there! The mittens are looking nice too.

I think a jumper is a great idea! I don't know what you do - but it could make a great office outfit with a starchy big-pointy collared white button down, some great tights and a messy bun for a hair-do. Very cute, very trendy, very artsy.

By the way - this is my first comment and I have to tell you I have been secretly reading for a bit now - I love your projects. Way to keep knitting hip.

Hel-LO soft and smooshy! And awesome thrifting -- I vote jumper.

good finds - the herringbone mittens look awesome, so far. I'm excited to see how they go. I, too, have been a secret reader for a while now and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your lovely photographs and quirky commentary - thanks for writing!

Elli, you have to PROMISE not to disclose the location of our favorite thrift store. People from the east and west coasts will be jetting in to ransack the bargain-filled aisles!

Herringbone mittens = freaking awesome! You go. I want to cast on some mittens this weekend...

yes...make a jumper! i just came across a lot of wool while thrifting also, and want a jumper......i want to see yours first though! :)

Um. Your projects are talking to me. Is that bad?

The cardi looks good!

Great thrift scores.
Oh, I want a jumper too! I think there's a pattern around somewhere here for one. Curious to see the one you may (or may not) make.