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It's my birthday, so I made you a present!

MailingLabels.gif Hello. We are knitterly mailing labels.

Instructions for use:
1) Go here to download the pdf.*
2) Save a copy.
3) Print.
4) Cut apart.
5) Inscribe with address/short poem/recipe/instructions to your dogsitter/short message.
6) Affix to package/letter/knitting basket/significant other/whatever else you can think of, using tape/rubber cement/paste/mucilage/static electricity, or your adhesive of choice.
7) Enjoy!

*Requires Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded for free here, if you don't already have it.


How cool is that? Thanks! Have a very happy birthday!!

These are great, Elli! Happy birthday!

You're so sweet! Thank you! Have a wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday Elli! I'll be 28 in November. I still can't believe how quickly the 20s are going by.

Thanks for the labels - they are great!

Happy Birthday Elli!!
Those gift cards are adorable!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!!!!
Thanks so much for the labels - they are the perfect thing to attach to a baby blanket I just finished yesterday.

happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to yah! Happy Birthday to yah!
Happy Birthday! (Steve Wonder version)

Cool Labels!!

How cool! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday!! Those labels are precious :)

Happy Birthday!

and thank you!

Awesome! Happy Birthday!

Wow, I forgot about mucilage. My catholic grammer school days were filled with that stuff.

Happy Birthday!

From Christine, Longtime Lurker

These are darling--Thanks!

Happy Birthday!

Adorable -- thanks for sharing!

And happy birthday!

Happy, Happy Birthday! You are such a doll. Those labels are so cute.

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one!
You're 18 days younger than me ;o)

And thanks for sharing these cute labels.

Hippo Birdies Elli! Those labels are too freakin' cute!

Happy Birthday!!! What cute labels! Thanks for sharing!

These are so cute! Happy Birthday!

Cute! Thanks for the prezzies and I hope you have a very Happy Birthday.

LOVE! Thank you for the birthday present :)

Hope you have a great day...

How lovely to give US a present on YOUR birthday. I hope your generosity comes back to you double. Have a great day!

Eek, they are so cute I had to print out two copies. Now I just need something to mail...

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, fancy lady!

And thank you for the labels. They're already printed out.

Happy Birthday! And thank you for the cute labels ;)

Happy Bday! those are really cute labels, thanks!

Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your special day!

Congratulations .... 28 is a great year, but you have even better years ahead. It's just getting better I think ;o)

Thanks Elli! And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Hi!Very very compliments for your blog and your works!

How Cute, I'm totally gonna use them. Happy Birthday!!

Have a lovely birthday! And what cute labels, thank you.

hanks for the labels. They're cute! Happy B'day. Mine was in July and dh was just last week.

they're adorable - and happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!! Thanks for the labels. Too cute!

Happy Birthday!!! And thanks for the labels, they're super cute!

How wonderful! Thanks! And happy birthday!

So cute! Thanks! And who doesn't love getting a present on someone else's birthday?

Hope it's a great one!

You're so sweet! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!! I love labels! haha

Happy, Happy Birthday to you!

Very cool labels! Happy happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday and thank you for the labels, very cute!

Happy Birthday! The labels are darling. And you, you are young!!!

Thanks for the super cute lables. I will use them often-and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.....

Those are adorable. Thank you and Happy Birthday!

Have a great Bday!

Happy Birthday! Thank you - I love the knitting octopus :)

Happy Birthday Elli! Thanks for the cute labels too!

Happy birthday!!

How sweet! Have a nice birthday!

happy birthday! thanks for your lovely present! I will use it!!!!!

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the cool labels!

so cute! and happy birthday!

These are really cute. Thanks and Happy Birthday!

Thank you, thank you. I have to go mail something this morning, so these cuties will be put to immediate use.

Happy Birthday!

THANKYOU so much from a lurker! I've been mailing lots of packages lately, these are perfect! Happy birthday from a "34."

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the totally cool labels. They make me want to mail stuff.

Happy birthday! Or as they say in German, Alles gute zum Geburtstag!

Hey, cute octopus.

Awwwww I have a soft spot for octopus and these are so cute. Happy Birthday to you. May you receive some yarny presents. :)

Gah, so freaking cute! Happy birthday. You're a genius.

Happy happy birthday!!!

How cute. Thanks, and Happy Birthday!

Aw, you shouldn't have! ;) These are too cute! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

Happy Birthday. Thanx for the birthday gift. I collect elephants, I'll put this on my knitted gifts. Perfect.

happy b-day. thanks for the lovely labels. i can't wait to print and use them.

happy happy birthday! you're so young!

hi, left you an award on my blog =)

Happy birthday! Thank you for the labels. I didn't get you anything. :( :)

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great celebration!

Happy Birthday!..
...and tks so much for the labels. They are wonderful!


Happy Birthday (sorry a little late) and thank you for our gift!

Happy Birthday. Gee 28 was 10 years ago for me now, and it seems to go by so fast. Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for the labels too, so cute.

Hey, we have the same birthdate!

I hope you got lots of yarn too.

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great year. Thanks so much for the cute labels!

Very cool -- and happy belated birthday!

my birthday's on Aug 16!

happy birthday.
my birthday: August 16!
Have a great birthday!
PS. You are an AWESOME knitter!