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Finished: Luna Socks

Look, more socks!


The Specs:
Pattern: A toe-up version of Priscilla's Dream Socks by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, from the Fall 2000 Interweave Knits; also in the book "Favorite Socks."
Yarn: Luna Park Ornaghi Filati.
Skeins: 2 balls in colorway 203.
Needles: Bamboo dpns, sizes 1 and 1.5.
Start to finish: June 16 - August 18.
For: Kricket, who claimed them first.

Hello. We are shortrow toes.

Another pair of two-month live-in-my-bag pull-out-when-I-have-a-spare-moment socks. Seems I consistently have about one socks-worth of free minutes a month. It is nice to know that it all adds up to something, isn't it? See what the non-knitters are missing out on? Accidental productiveness. Incidentally, non-knitters are also strangers to the thrill and danger of shot-gun sock knitting...each day knitters everywhere risk their lives knitting in the passenger seat. What if the airbag deploys during a minor fender-bender and causes the knitter to be impaled on their own bamboo dpns, turning a minor incident into a spleen-puncturing ordeal? Wait. I seem to have lost my train of thought. Oh yes...the socks.

I knitted these in pretty much the same manner that I did the last pair. If you are curious about my conversion to toe-upness you can find the details in that FO report.

The Yarn:
The yarn was pretty meh. Meh-ness previously blogged about back in July.

Always looking for new and thought-provoking angles, Thunk insisted that we take a few shots like this:

I like to think of it as the Wicked Witch of the East shot

Final Verdict: Soxy. Time to cast on another pair!


I like!

Very cute, I need to cast on some spare minute socks.

I like the colors.

So cute. I'm just now starting to keep a sock in my purse, they're just so portable!

Death by DPN airbag impalement.. you are silly, dear! hee hee.. Yes, bring on more socks!

It's oddly comforting to know that I'm not alone in such DPN-impalement fantasies.

I dig the socks.

Sorry to hear about the med-ness of the yarn. Personally, I want to take it home, cuddle up to it on the couch, and have its children :) Nice socks, in other words!

I think there could be a whole slew of Oz themed sock shots. You may be onto something

Oh, I like those! and laughed at your wicked witch reference, too. we watched that *every* year it was on, without fail, as kids. I just got Priscilla's "Simple Socks" book and am about to embark on a similar undertaking. Glad to hear it's 'easy peasy!'

I just tried this method for the first time, having previously only worked the 'Simple Socks' pattern cuff-down, and it's so cool!
I need to read your toe-up conversion post...in the meantime, thanks for the lovely photos!

Cute as can be! Great colors, perfect for fall (which, thank god, is rapidly approaching).

Fun stripiness! I'm fully convinced that I finish as many socks as I do because I take advantage of all those spare minutes. Then again, I'm always antsy and hate waiting, which means I'm always knitting.

Ha-ha! I'm loving the Wicked Witch of the East pose!
Those short row toes are a thing of beauty!

Cute stripey socks! Gotta love progress without really knowing it!

The yarn may be meh, but the colors are fabulous. Also, since you did your socks toe-up, how did you get that ridge at the top of the toe?

Spleen-puncturing ordeal? Gosh, way to freak me out! Just kidding...

Those socks are super cute, I know what you mean about sudden productiveness. I knit on my sock in the cafeteria and on the bus and I almost have a finished one! Those non-knitters don't know what they're missing.

I only he'd thought to plunk a doll house on your legs for the true wicked witch effect!

Cute socks! I keep a pair in my purse like that, too...they've actually seen lots of action recently because I keep winding up in waiting rooms.

I really like that last "wicked witch" picture!

Great Wicked Witch shot! I had that same creepy thought about being impaled on a dpn yesterday...

Cute! Love the short row toes!

Pretty socks and toes especially the purl row.

That is a great shot of your socks!

I love the 'pull out of your bag productivity socks' I have a pair on the needles all the time too. I like the colors of the the socks!

Hey, how was your birthday?!

much very like the colours

These are great! I love the stripes.

Great socks with some great photos. I heart the Wicked Witch of the East shot--classic.


Cute! Love the stripes -- sherbety! I also love short row toes, always and forever. Thanks for the close up. :)

I really like these, don't think they're meh! They're very cute and elfin.

You know, every time I knit in the car I worry about getting impaled! I thought I was the only one - I feel better knowing others are concerned about this too!!!

Cute socks!

Soxy, heh. Your short rows look really awesome and neat, I wish mine looked like that.

Also - happy birthday! I am late. Hope you had a good one!