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Finished: Curry in a Hurry Hat

A couple of weeks back I was waiting for that Rowanspun Aran to show up and I got a little antsy. So I decided to knit up a quick hat to take the edge off.


-Pattern: Cap Karma Hat, from Smariek Knits.
-Yarn: Handspun Bulky from Handpaintedyarn.com.
-Skeins: Less than one skein of "Sunset."
-Needles: Size 7 for ribbing; size 8 for the rest.
-Start to finish: July 18 – July 19, 2007.
-For: Me!

This is a nice little hat pattern. I was drawn to it because the cables make the hat pucker in a zig-zaggy way and, as we know, all it takes is a nice zig-zag and I'm putty in your hands. Plus, cables! I had to make this one.


You may recognize the Handpainted Bulky from Thunky's Hidden Agenda Sweater. I kind of hated the yarn back when I knitted the sweater, because half of the skeins seemed to have been spun by someone whose instructions read "spin thick and thin singles" and the other half by someone whose instructions said "spin singles of a consistent thickness." Since I just needed one skein for this hat I figured I was in the clear.

Not so much, it turns out. The yarn itself was fine, but the dyejob was fabulously craptastic. After an hour or two of knitting I looked like I had severe jaundice of the fingers. Most of the dye washed off my hands with a good scrubbing, but it stained the edges of my fingernails (and nothing says sexy like nasty yellowy nails. Yuck).

On the plus side, the dye stopped bleeding after three good washes and the lovely sunsetty color doesn't seem to have faded. You have no idea how gross the wash water was though. It looked like radioactive lemonade.


I made the whole thing shorter, so that it wouldn't swallow my head. I like my hats to just cover the tops of my ears.

Final Verdict: Yummy! A great pattern, but use different yarn.


I love cables without purl stitches inbetween -- so scrunchy and subtle -- nd this color is one of my favorites.

But you're holding out on us! What's to become of the Rowanspun??

Lovely. And on a cold, icky, grey day, that color is going to be the best thing around.

I love that hat! Thanks for pointing me to the pattern--I'm going to go bulky yarn hunting tomorrow! (Even though it is eleventy million degrees.)

oooh, tres chic! that will definitely look nice come the depression inducing gray period that is the Indiana winter.

Oh, I love it! That color is wonderful - I just love oranges and yellows!

Very cute! Thanks for the link to the pattern. I think I want one for myself too!

Cool hat! I'll have to add that pattern to the notebook. Great for a rainy day and some stash-busting.

Really cute hat, I love the texture and a very good idea for my manos del uruguay leftovers.

Very cute!

Really lovely! glad that you could get the extra dye out. Can you imagine the sexiness of a yellow forehead? yikes!!

great hat! i definitely need one of those to get me through the mind numbing (quite literally) winter here in newfoundland. thanks for the link and the great pics!


Sorry about the color bleeding. I've been dealing with pink fingertips lately, but that's much more natural looking than yellow fingernails.

Curry is a perfect name for hat- the color is fabulous, and it's so cute!

Lovely hat! There is a Indian restaurant here in NYC that is called Curry in a Hurry.

I really like this pattern! Must try. Too bad about the dye, but it makes a pretty hat!

What a great hat! I have to say, the final color (post dye release) looks really good! Thanks for pointing to the pattern too.

That's sad about the yarn, because it's so purty. Great hat, though!

That is a great hat! The color is so pretty!

Hmmmm. I see a new red (oops, I meant orange) leather chair to go with your new hat!

Ooo, the hat is lovely! Too bad about the yarn bleeding on you though -- tee, hee, we'll see if I turn funny colors when I knit with the laceweight I bought from them.

Love the color! Great hat.

I love the golden hat, and the cables look perfect on it too. At least the dye was yellow, it is much worse when your fingers are dark blue.

SUperbe! j'adore le dessin!

The hat is beautiful! I'm going to put this in the queue. And sorry to hear about the dye, though I agree with Dawn -- better your fingers now than your forehead later!

Very cute. Too bad about the yarn issues. The color is beautiful, though.

Lovely hat you made. I COULD NOT DOWNLOAD it from the site you linked to. Could you put it on your site?

That looks lovely!

Great hat! I think this will be a good choice for my first foray into cable knitting.

Oh how beautiful! I love the color, love the pattern... Mind if I link to it?

I'm craving curry right now.

And bookmarking that pattern! Love it!

Lovely hat...lovely zigzagging too!