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4 months, 11 days

I love August. It is my birthday month. It's hot and sticky and lovely...and the month I start thinking about Christmas knitting. I can't be the only one, right? Admit it. You've been planning and scheming too. Project Number 1: Chicago, from Rowan 37.

Hello. We are wee flowerlings.

My big sister Rae has reallyreallyreally wanted this exact sweater, in the exact pattern colors, for a few years now. I have to say that I admire her persistence. Now that I've finally managed to find the Calmer* on sale, I'm really to go.

I started the trim this weekend while up in Michigan visiting the fam [gratuitous adorable nephewling pic here]. I'm making myself knit all 54 of the itty-bitty flowers before starting the sweater bits. I know I'll thank myself when December rolls around. 16 down...38 to go.

It's August 14. Do you know where your Christmas knitting is?

*colors: sour, lucky, coral, blush.


If you don't finish, you could always give her a nice bouquet of knitted flowers!

This could definitely earn you sister of the year.

wee flowerlings! hee!
your sister is very lucky; it's a pretty sweater (and a lot of work)

I've always liked that sweater, and I second that one for you being sister of the year.

I just started considering my Christmas knits, and all I figured out thus far is attempting to keep it simple. With the hope that simple means quick and easy :)

Calmer on sale, you say? And whereabouts might that be?

(August babies are the best!)

Your nephew is adorable... they say deep set eyes are a sign of intelligence. Your knitting astounds me... someday I'll get there. I can't wait to see your sweater.

The flowers are sweet. I like Rowan 37. There are a lot of nice knits in there and Chicago is certainly one of them!

Oh, lucky sister! I've been eyeing that cardi myself, the colours are great!

your sister has great taste! I've been eyeing the sweater for eons and have yet to see another in blogland. I'm looking to seeing your version. Might be just the boost to start my own!

my Christmas knitting started at the beginning of August this year - with a goal of stash busting sweaters for 6 grankids! It's just around the corner...

Oh yes, I know where my Chirstmas knitting is. It is that big pile of yarn from Knitpicks, sitting in a drawer, waiting to become a mitered afghan for my dad. Did I mention that it comes out late at night to haunt me in my sleep?

Such pretty little flowers.

Chicago... I like! BTW, who names a color 'sour'? WTF. It's a great color but the name? Ick. It will be so pretty, even if it takes you till December to make all those flowers!!!

nothing like getting an early start!!! that will be great!

Wow, you are one generous knitter. My Xmas knitting? Scarves. Hats. Maybe some mittens. If they're lucky.

I hear you about the Christmas knits - I started a few this summer and have a list of what's left yet to do!

I've been thinking about Christmas knitting. Even found all the yarn for my Christmas knitting. I just haven't started the knitting.

I'm definitely starting the Christmas knits already! Good luck with your sister's sweater...what a lucky sister you have.

Yeah, I'm already doing my Christmas knitting too...I have to admit I started thinking about it in June...DH always looks at me liked I'm nuts when I start talking about Christmas in June, but by the time December 15 comes around, he's thanking me for my foresight.

I just finished that sweater(without the flowers)and have to say you are indeed a very generous sister. I made mine out of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and I love it. It's a great pattern, I'm sure your sister will love it too.

Christmas?! Wow. You are so dedicated. I can barely think about labor day.

The sweater is going to be so fab. Those colors are awesome!

I start thinking about Christmas knitting in May, but I don't generally start knitting it until right about now. In fact, your adorable flowerlets might be just the kick in the pants I need to actually finish up the Things That Must Be Finished Before Xmas Knitting Can Commence.

I've totally been *thinking* about Christmas knits. Now if only I could be so good as to actually start knitting them.

Ooh, Christmas knitting... I decline to answer on the grounds that it could incriminate me. I have ideas, but not what you might call a "plan" for Christmas knitting. Sigh.

My Christmas knitting? All bagged by project, ready to go. I have actually done a few things here and there throughout the year, I think it will make the holiday season just a wee more manageable. Calmer on sale? Are you joking?

Happy birthday month!

Ooo, I'm so glad there are others like me! I've been planning and have already started knitting too! Good luck for you.

Ooo ooo - my birthday month too! Happy birthday to us!

I love your wee flowerlings. They just gave me an idea for barrettes for my neice. :D

I am SO not anonymous. I do, however, seem to be blog-postily challenged at the moment.


That sweater is very cute. Lucky sister!

And thanks for the reminder, the holidays do sneak up on us, don't they?

That sweater is very cute. Lucky sister!

And thanks for the reminder, the holidays do sneak up on us, don't they?

You just made me feel guilty thinking about Christmas knitting already! Is too hot to think :)

Pretty pretty flowers.

Hah! I just started a christmas project, actually. a vest for my mom. :) great minds...

great color combo on the flowers!!!

You are such a wonderful sister to knit your sister a beautiful garment. Love the flowers and you are so good about starting your Christmas knitting right now.

Happy Birthday from a fellow Leo (August 11th!).

Oh, I've been loving that sweater for a while now, too! I just got some of that sale Calmer and plan on making it this summer. I can't wait to see your progress. And of course, happy birthday!

Happy upcoming birthday! I adore that sweater, but not the concept of knitting all those little flowers.

I really like the little knitted flowers---would love the pattern---where do I find it?