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Anatomy of a fuzzy purple post

Part I: Salutation and a Lame Excuse

Ahoy there, knitterly people! I know things on the blog have been about as exciting as watching ice cream melt on the sidewalk, so you guys all get ten points for hanging around. The knitting has been chugging along at a leisurely summerish pace (slowly, and without deadlines) and, well, you know how it goes.

Part II: Attempt at Distraction and Pacification with Pretty Yarn

Find here a picture of my lovely new angora to ease the shock of reentry:

Souvenir yarn from Paris, courtesy of the Parents du Thunk.

Part III: The Knitting Bit

Ok, down to business. The Modified Hanami is progressing nicely...I'm nearing the end of the first half. Here's what things look like currently:

Hello there. I am warm and fuzzy.

A slight aside: it suddenly occurs to me that this is the second year running that I find myself knitting a shawl out of kid mohair in July. Could it be a subconscious rebellion against over-air conditioned workplaces, or perhaps just a coincidence?

Part IV: Tardy Finishing Disguised with Positive Spin

I bought buttons and sewed them onto Demi yesterday! Stay tuned for FO shots. Finally.


Demi! Demi! Demi!
hooray : )

Nice to have you back! The hanami is looking beauiful (warm and fuzzy too)

I can't wait to see the Demi

The angora from Paris looks exactly like an Anny Blatt angora I knitted in 1986! can it be the same yarn? if it is, let me know and I will take a photo of my sweater (yes, I still have it) and post it!

Beautiful Hanami, I am waiting patiently to see the finished version.

That's Anny Blatt alright. I can see the ballband. Nice to have you back, girl. Always nice to see your blog updated.

The hanami is gorgeous. I love the shades of color in it. Can't wait to see the FO shots of Demi.

Yay, Demi! I think hanami is looking great so far.

Hanami is lovely! What are you going to do with the Angora? I have some that a inhereted from my grandmother, but there's so little of it... Can't wait to see Demi!

Finished Demi?! How will I stand the wait?!

Ooh, that angora yarn looks absolutely heavenly...! I want to make something in angora.. Some day.

Also can't wait to see FO pics of Demi! I really love the colour you chose..

And it's nice to see an update. ;) I really like your blog!

Your shawl is so pretty! I love the variegation. (is that a word?) Can't wait to see Demi!

I tend to start knitting wool sweaters on the weekend it hits 90. I don't know what that is. Craziness, maybe.

I love the colors of that shawl. So sunset-y!

That Hanami shawl is amazing and I definitely think it is protest to over AC!

Oh, I can't wait for Demi! It's going to be so gorgeous. I can't stop knitting wool and mohair in the summer, either. It's a sickness, really.

Wow. . . your Hanami is absolutely lovely.

This made me laugh! Good formula, your honesty is refreshing and amusing.


I can't wait for my Precious...my sweet warm and fuzzy.

No pressure, though.