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Goings on

Wow! It's kind of hard to come down from that Demi post, but I guess it's time to move on. Thanks much for all the thoughtful comments; I'm all pink and blushy here.

Getting back to the slightly more mundane...here's the latest Plain Old Sock project I've been carrying around with me:


This is Luna Park, color 203* and you're looking at sock number two. I haven't posted about this project yet because, well, let's just say that I'm a bit underwhelmed. The colors aren't quite as charming knitted up as they were in ball-form, and the yarn is annoyingly unbalanced which means both socks have a bit of a twist to them. Also, for merino it feels an awful lot like regular old sock yarn. Nothing special folks. Move along.

In other project news, I finished the first half of Hanami, picked out the provisional cast-on and started knitting the second half. Everything was looking lovely...I got a few inches in before I noticed that I was getting some nasty pooling. What gives? Needless to say, Hanami is in time-out for a while.

Fortunately, I have (relatively) new yarn to console me:

Hello. We are an impulse purchase.

Two Saturdays ago I may have spent some quality time in the sale section at Stitches and Scones in Indy, and we all know I'm nothing if not helpless in the face of discounted lambswool. I blame Wendie for taking me there and Jared for making a cameo as the little voice in my head who kept saying "but it's Tweeeeeeeed...**"

All right, I'm off to go knit now. More new-projecty excitingness coming soon!

*Didja see how I remembered to tell you what yarn I'm using for a change? 10 points for me!
**I'm sure he's not this whiney in real life.


well.... it is!

Hmm. I don't know of this "Stitches and Scones." I'll have to check it out next time I'm in Indy!

I can see why you're feeling a little meh about the socks. It's still a nice color combo, though!

I actually love the stripey socks! It is a nice change from the skinny stripes you see all the time ... I think it's very pretty.

Mmm... that tweed is luscious.

Yay, tweed!

I love that skye tweed. My lys has it, but I'm waiting for a sale! Mmmmm. Tweed.

tweed, i am powerless against it's well, tweediness, as well....

Jared whined at me, too. You wouldn't believe how much of that yarn I bought!

i'm digging the colors on those socks - the colors are kind of unexpected together. i'm a fan :)

I too buy tweed on impulse...well, everything, really. I rarely go in with a plan. It is sad.

I actually like the way the socks look knitted up better than the way the yarn looks in the ball! :) They have a vintage kitchen towel look about them that's a bit different.

The socks are cute... but the tweed is delicious

Why can't they sell that 1215 colorway at my LYS?

I've been dying trying to find it ANYWHERE :(


Your sock is really nice!Goods!

Tweed... yummm...

I'd love to see your hanami soon, I plan to make one myself sometime.

Beautiful tweed, I can see how you were helpless, what's it going to be?

Awww, was hoping the Luna Park would have knit up just as pretty as it was on the ball. Oh well.

I think the socks are beyond lovely. The colors are FUN! Enjoy your site, as always.

I just dicovered your blog. It is amazing !!
Your knitting looks so good ! Bravo !!
Sorry for my basic english ! :)
A bientôt

Don't you hate the deceiving ball! urgh!

That tweed is very pretty! :)

ooh! ooh! Those socks are sweet. Maybe if you hate them so much you could give them to your adoring seeester...

Oh, I LOVE that store! I was in Indy this past June for the US Grand Prix, and happened upon Stitches-N-Scones on the last day, right before we left for the airport. Too bad we had a flight scheduled. I could have spent many, many hours in there. That's OK. I guess I did enough damage in my limited time. Gorgeous yarns, and they're so friendly...

What are the colors? I really like the rose/red one.


We are so happy that you found Stitches and Scones. It is on the North side of Indianapolis in Westfield.

Hi! Just came from Stitches 'n Scones which is in Westfield, just north of Indianapolis, about a 20 minute drive off of the 465-loop. Anyway, not only were they selling fabulous yarns, etc, today, but they were having a 50% off their clearance! I scored with a Hanne Falkenberg kit & never would have (been able to afford it) bought it had it not been for such a great sale! As always, the staff is fabulous & friendly, whether you drop in or stay for half the afternoon. They actually encourage you to stick around for a while, offering free delicious scones & coffee/tea & a wonderful sofa to linger on or terrific light-filled workspaces. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, other than being a rather regular (ahem) customer. Just thought you'd want to know! :o)