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Finished: Demi


The Specs:

-Pattern: Demi, from Rowan Vintage Knits.
-Size Knitted: the smallest one.
-Yarn: Rowan Magpie Tweed Aran (discontinued).
-Skeins: 6 skeins (540g, really) of shade 778.
-Needles: size 8 bamboo, (sizes 6 and 7 when called for).
-Buttons: La Mode style 43254.
-Start to finish: November 9, 2005 – July 5, 2007.
-For: Me!


The Pattern: I love this pattern. I love these cables with all the pretty twisted stitches. I love the bobbles. Love, love, love. The charts were a little tricky in the beginning (there's a lot going on there) but once the pattern was established and I could see what was going on it was smooth sailing.


The Fit: The only real issue I have with this pattern is with the fit of the sleeves. May I present Exhibit A:the pattern photo. As you can see, this pattern was meant to be a bit on the roomy side. Schlumpy-comfy with wideish sleeves and all that.

I made the size suggested for persons of my bustitude (3 to 4 inches ease). My body gauge was spot-on. I knitted, I blocked to measurements, I seamed the thing up and lo and behold...I have a sweater with very snug sleeves. Originally it was a sweater with very snug sleeves and a boxy unflattering body, but thanks to the miracle which is a blocking board, a whole whack of pins and a steam iron, I stretched and steamed the whole thing a few inches longer and now the body is a lot more fitted. This isn’t a bad thing…just different than I was expecting.

The way I see it, there are a few options: a) my biceps are magnificent, b) my gauge was off when I knitted the sleeves, c) the pattern could use a little tweaking, or d) all of the above. Hard to know since the sleeve schematic doesn’t include width measurements.


Mods: Being a tallish person, I knitted a couple extra inches in the sleeves. Another half inch wouldn’t have hurt, but whatever.

Why did it take you so long to knit this? I don’t know.

How’s the Magpie working out? ? It’s a little itchy, actually. I think the solution is to buy a nice wool wash, but I hate the idea of ordering one since I’m Really Picky about smells. Are there any good neutral smelling ones out there?


Why do you look so cranky? You should see the other photos. In my defense I’ll argue that getting into the zone and channeling my inner model was situationally appropriate. Because seriously people, when it’s 90 degrees out and you’re frolicking in the shallows of a public stream wearing a wool sweater…I think that looking committed to the project at hand is imperative.


Final Verdict: Love it! I’m particularly pleased with the buttons.

Hello. We look like cherry lifesavers.


Very well-modeled... and well-knit!

I keep having to make similar sleeve mods on my sweaters, although my 'ceps are not magnificent in any way. Your Demi certainly is, though. I love the color choice, and great photos too!

PURRRRECT~~ If only I can mine to be started.

It is beautiful!

It's sooooooooo gorgeous and you look absolutely beautiful! Love the sweater, love the colours and love the photoshoot :)

Beautiful sweater!

How fantastic! It looks great on you!

That looks AWESOME! Well done you. Such fancy modelly shots too.
I like Eucalan personally, it does smell a bit like eucalyptus (which I like) when it's in the sink but doesn't really leave any smell on the garment after it's dry.

It looks gorgeous on you!!! I love the photos -- very artsy!

Beautiful! I love the flecks of red in the tweedieness of the yarn, and how the lifesavers buttons accent that so well.

Wow that is gorgeous! I love that blue on you! The photos are also fabulous. I wish I had a photographer that could make me look that great.

Just too fabulous!!! You're allowed to look cranky when you're channeling your inner model, it's okay.

oh elli, you look so adorable, like a porcelain doll wearing a gorgeous sweater. i just love your styling. the sweater looks like a success, and i really enjoy your pictures.

GORGEOUS! This one is definitely on my to-do list!

It's really beautiful and the fit and color looks great on you.

Oh wow, what a gorgeous sweater! You did an amazing job. Great photos too.

You look gorgeous and that color is so great on you! And the sweater is amazing, really freaking fabulous!

That is amazing! I love it. And I think your sleeve dilemma was caused by choice A)your magnificent biceps. =]

Wow that looks amazing!! I love it!

Magnificent, indeed! Demi is lovely in that shade. You look fantastic in those pictures; I would not have guessed it was 90 degrees out. I love the contrasting buttons, too. Yay!

Beautiful! And it looks great more fitted, amazing job.

Bee-yoo-tee-us!! The color and red buttons are to die for...that shade of blue really is gorgeous.

Oh cool! What an accomplishment! It looks wonderful.

Demi is gorgeous...and those buttons take the cake! Really lovely. Props to you for modeling a sweater these days, too. ;)

Gorgeous! I like how your yarn and button choice has really brightened up this jumper. I just got this book this week and this is one of the projects I plan on making - it goes onto the back of a very long list of things I want to make tho!

Oy oy! It's gorgeous! And I think you look coooool, not cranky. :-)

What a beautiful sweater and wearer!!

And there I was, thinking you were looking beautiful but I find in fact it was crankiness. :)

Once again you have managed to make a sweater I have seen a million times and never thought twice about suddenly seem like the only thing I want to knit ever again. It really is lovely and I like the fit a lot. Hope the sleeves don't make it too snug.

I'm sure you've tried it but I really like the smell of Eucalan (the original not the lavender one; it smells softly of eucalyptus I think, hence the name!). Alternatively you could try a touch of your favourite conditioner in the final rinse if you're using a standard wool wash, then at least you'd be guaranteed to like the smell! xo

It is fantastic, be proud of your gorgeous knits!

Fabulous sweater! Great pattern, color, buttons, and it looks like a perfect fit! Love the photo shoot:)


I like Kookaburra, but you have to be fond of the strong tea tree scent. I love tea tree, so it's okay with me.

I can't believe that the pattern doesn't provide a sleeve width. Slackers!

Great pictures and perfect sweater. You did a fantastic job, and you look beautiful in it. Bravo!


Wow! Your demi is absolutely stunning!!! Congratulations - and excellent button choice, they are perfect!

Just spectacular work! (I'm especially impressed that you took outdoor modeling shots in the middle of the summer!) For what it's worth, Demi does not look like it's too tight; I'll bet that with continued wearing and washing it'll get just a tad more roomy.

I do love the buttons!

I love your version of this sweater! While the shlumpy, comfy one is alright, yours looks very tailored. I also love the bright color, and the contrast between the blue wool and red buttons.

You should be commended for your commitment to modeling your handknits. It is 98 degrees today in Philly, and the idea of wearing a (gorgeous!!!) wool sweater sends me into full swoon!

that came out beautiful! props to you for modeling it OUTSIDE in the summer!!!! thanks for the sleeve warning. I have this way down in my queue, but I will knit wider sleeves for sure!

Wow, this is really really lovely. You did such a fantastic job!

Really, really, really gorgeous!

I didn't even read through your text, too busy ogling at the photos. That sweater is the most perfect thing I've ever seen. Great modeling job, great photos, great great sweater!!

love the sweater, and you did a great job on the modeling!

by the way, i need a close up photo of your hair-do. it's fabulous.

it is so lovely and it looks so good on you!

That's incredible. Beautifully tailored and beautifully modelled!

What a stunning sweater--so beautifully knit!

congrats on finishing - it really looks great on you!

Awesome! I like the overall slimmer fit on you, and boo on patterns with wimpy schematics. You're a stronger woman than I for modeling the sweater in this heat!

I like the sweater, and you have a cool nose. (Haha.)

It's gorgeous, well worth the wait! I like the fitted look of the sleeves.

Incredible!! I was so excited when you said you would shortly be posted the FOd Demi :) The fit, color and finishing are all stunning. BTW - I didn't think you looked cranky, on reflection you look alot like the serious Rowan models! And wow - 90 degrees! Youch.

Soak aquae is a lovely almost neutral smell (very light and natural) and it works wonderfully as a no-rinsh wool wash, nice for "unmentionables" too.

OMG! Do you ever look gorgeous in these pics. I'm serious...I thought the first pic was a professional model! WOW! Your sweater came out beautifully! The color and the fit are perfect on you!

wow! add me to the list of, "gorgeous!" it's perfect.

It's beautiful! I don't envy you, modelling wool in the middle of summer, but the pictures turned out fabulously!

You are committed to wear that in 90 degree weather, which I presume included a healthy dose of humidity!

LOVELY sweater and handiwork. Bravo! (It looks like it fits you to a T.)


Wow, what a gorgeous sweater! Love the buttons and the color. I've being using shampoo (one that doesn't contain sulphates) to handwash my sweaters for years with great results.

Very professionally done. The sweater, your modeling, the photographs. Kudos.

Sweater looks great! Especially on your well-toned biceps!

yes I still read your blog!
and- are you wearing eye shadow, blush and other eye makeup?! I'm so proud :))

Here I was thinking you looked rather Rowanesque in those pictures.

Monkey misses her new pillow and would like you to return Demi to the back of her sofa.

PS. Those cookies were fabulous! And now gone.

When I saw the first picture I thought it was the pattern shot! Great pics, and a wonderful job - as always.

I love it! It looks gorgeous, the fit and the color are absolutely lovely on you (and you're a great model, I must say!), and those buttons are just perfect. Oh, how I wish I could find a space to block out my Demi so I could finish it up before we move, but I don't think it's going to happen.

absolutely gorgeous photos!

i'm currently working on demi and i grateful for your comments on it - especially about the sleeves.

(of course your biceps are magnificent!!) :)

It is fabbity fab fab! I even like the snugger fit on it. You can totally pull it off!

That's a beautiful color for the sweater. Looks great. =D

It's great Elli! I've been waiting to see this one forever. How nice of you to model it, even in the heat. I like your sourpuss expression, too - it's Rowanesque.

LOVE the sweater! I added it to my ravelry que instantaneously! also... love the artsy shots of the Jordan. It is a mighty river, non?

Yay yay yay! It looks so gorgeous on you, and I am deeply impressed by your commitment to modeling. Rowan should hire you.

Thanks for the sleeve info. I am rather, um, magnificent of bicep myself, so I'll watch out for the tightness.

Your DEMI rocks! Thanks for all your detailed info. I have this one on my to knit list.

Lovely photos too!

My goodness. That sweater is absolutely perfect! You look like you were meant to model/wear it. Nice!

Thank you for this wondeful pictures :)
YOU look phantastic with your sweater!!
greets, Eva

It's not exactly what I expected either, fitwise, but I think it looks great on you. Maybe more so than the looser sleeves would have, actually.

I've been lusting after this sweater since I first saw "Vintage Knits" and I especially love how yours came out. The colour is lovely and the fit seems to be perfect for you. Well done!

ahh the beauty! she looks perfect on you and i love the colours. fantastic pictures, too!

I had given up on this pattern because I thought it would be unflattering. While I still think it would be unflattering on me...it is stunning on you. Amazing job! I like the nice fit in the arms--it looks beautiful. This is a classic sweater.

What a gorgeous sweater! This is definitely on my to-knit list.

I think the model shots suit the Rowan pattern...even if the pattern pics are more devilish looking. And the sweater is seriously wonderful.

I have several small one or two use packets of Soak that I'd be happy to send your way, if you want to e-me your addy.

Oooo - cherry lifesavers.

Your sweater looks fabulous, and I *love love love* that color on you.

When I first looked at the page, I thought you'd just posted the Rowan promo pics... until I actually read the post! You should call Rowan for a job - you channel your inner model quite well! :D

It looks fantastic--wondeful job!

You know, I've had a number of problems with Rowan sleeves. Of the Rowan patterns I've knit, I've found that their sleeves tend to be a bit on the slim side. Maybe it's just me? However, yours don't look particularly tight from my view--just fitted. Looks wonderful!

Wow! That's awesome. I love Sudz and Dudz wool wash bar, and she makes an unscented one. It's really nice and lanolin-y.


This sweater is absolutely fabulous! The sleeves make it so much more current and youthful that the looser ones in the pattern. BTW, I love Euclan for my less-than-itchless FOs.

Beautiful! I agree with the poster who said you look like a Rowan model. I'd never believe that the sweater was boxy before you blocked it -- it seems to fit you perfectly now! As for the itchy wool, what about using a hair conditioner whose smell you like? I did that with some itchy merino and it worked like a charm and smells very classy.

Congrats on finishing--it's gorgeous!

My goodness! This is gorgeous! Congrats- mind if I link to it?

Best Demi Ever.

And you get 1000 points for tropping out in this heat with that beast on (and inadvertantly giving me an awesome birthday gift!! ;)

GOREGOUS. Love those buttons, love the color, love the photos, lots of love for your Demi! I have the yarn and the pattern, but not the time to justify it just yet...

This looks fantastic! It fits perfectly on you...congratulations!!

Very nice - it is vrey pretty on you.

love it too!!!!!!!

Love the expressions. It IS a Rowan photoshoot, after all. No grinning allowed! Congratulations on a fantastic knit!

You look stunning! Great job. But really I think you need to come and visit me and get some sun girl!

SOAK has some very neutral fragrances. SOAK is my FAVORITE!!! and it smells good and not smelly. http://www.soakwash.com/ I think the one called "aquae: purely elemental" is the most neutral. I like a special edition they have out right now called celebration but that might be too smelly for you (but so so good). They have citrus and other fairly neutral fragrances too. And it works great and you don't have to rinse it out.

Gorgeous, amazing sweater. Congratulations. It's wonderful. And the narrow arms are very pretty. Hope they feel comfortable enough.


You don't look crabby! You look like a Rowan model! Congratulations on the sweater!

Holy Crap I love that sweater! Excellent job! I like your notes on the sleeves... I so think A! Going right into my Favorites :-)

Not only is this a stunning sweater, but you are a great model as well! Beautiful photos!

It's truly fanatastic. Great job Elli! I like the buttons too.

nice Elli, very nice!

I can see you on the cover of Interweave - it looks great!

Like the others before me have said, this is wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful, etc, etc. Love love love.

Holy hell, Elli, this is perfect. Seriously perfect. I'd been planning to knit Demi forever, then wrote it off -- this just put it back at the top of my winter to-do list.

I love it! It's beautiful!

Wow! It looks very good! Your sleeves are great and I like them better than the ones on the pattern photo!

Love it! Looks great on you! Your a great model

It looks great! I love the blue! It is so wonderful! Great job!

You know....when I first saw the pieces of demi...I wasn't so sure how it would look when complete. But I must say, I am amazed at how gorgeous it came out!

Gorgeous! I must make this sweater...

OMG it's so amazing, what a wonderful colorway & button combination! So perfect :)

You made me laugh with the last comment about the 'innermodel' cranky factor!


I can't believe you look so cool and calm in that sweater! It's beautiful and so are you. And I had a fun time picking out the buttons with you.

The sweater is beautiful. I especially like it with the head scarf. Amazing job, yo!

LOVE LOVE LOVE. seriously. this is my first time commenting and i had to because that sweater is so freakin awesome!

It is awesome.

I would never have considered making that sweater, from the original pattern photo... but seeing yours makes me reconsider.

I love the sweater! It is so beautiful!

Congratualtions on finishing such a gorgeous sweater! I'm usually not one for bobbles, but they look great here. Great job!

And I'm also a fan of Eucalan's original scent. Hope you find something that works for you.

I'm shamefully late to the lovefest, but it looks fantastic! The svelte close fit makes it look like a '40s vintage piece, and I'm all about that. The cherry buttons make me drool. Beautiful, beautiful work.

I love it, it turned out beautiful.

Fantastic sweater, and I really think it looks wonderful on you too.

Super-cool! I love the contrasting buttons!


It looks so great!! I love the button colors!!!

Good heavens! That is a gorgeous sweater. You have done a fabulous job, and I like your more fitted version very much.

very nice !!!!!

I love the fit of this sweater on you! It is really flattering--classy! You look like you could be in the Rowan pattern book! Such a nice even stitch with all the cables and bobbles, too.

My lady, you look like a greek goddess! The sweater and you are beauuuuutiful!

perfect, perfect. i'm so tickled by the lifesaver buttons -- great placement, great contrast. just lovely!

WOW. Gorgeous. It looks fabulous on you - and I love the pics (esp. the first one). Brava!

It's beautiful!!! You did a great job as usual. Hope all is well. ;)

they DO look like cherry lifesavers!