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Hi there!

So you may have noticed that I’ve been a bit absent from blogland lately. Not to worry! I’ve just been busy and then I had to go to San Diego last week for a conference. I meant to blog before I left but it seems that I underestimated the time I needed for packing and all that. So here I am! Still alive and everything.

Have I found buttons for Demi yet? No I haven’t. Have I been knitting? Yes I have! Meet the latest shawl:

green = provisional cast-on

Continuing in the stashbusting theme of late, the yarn is some that I got from the lovely Lois last November. The kidsilk-hazey nature of this yarn lends itself nicely to shawl-ness, but I didn’t want to pick a super-complicated pattern since there’s quite a bit of variegation in the colorway. For a while I considered adapting the Mason-Dixon Bubbly Curtain into shawl form, but then one day I happened upon Melanie’s pattern for the Hanami Shawl and decided to run with it.

I’m skipping the basket weave half, and I’ve upped the gauge quite a bit, and I’ll probably quit the cherry blossom pattern before I get down to the point where the eyelets all line up (otherwise it’ll be Really Long) but a Hanami it is nonetheless.

Time to get back to the unpacking!

I knit. Yes I do.


Welcome back Elli! Please tell me you brought the sunshine of San Diego back with you. It's been a messy week.

Great picture of you! That shawl is so pretty.

i demand photo credits. also, you should talk about me more. me, me, me! oh and send pictures. or put them on flickr or something.

Hi Elli, seems like the yarns are in very good hands! I am looking forward to see the finished product, and Demi too. :)

very pretty and looks snuggly warm.

What a lovely shawl pattern- the colorway of your yarn will compliment it so nicely!

The new shawl just screams warm Summer nights! Such beautiful colors.

Your shawl will be nice, the colour is fab. I am so tempted by that pattern.

That pattern looks so pretty I cannot wait to see your finished product.

I unpack on the balcony too. :-)

That pattern looks so pretty I cannot wait to see your finished product.

what a pretty, open pattern!

And how happy you look knitting too! I'd really like to make a Hanami. One day... in the meantime I will take vicarious pleasure in your beautiful version. Hope you had fun in San Diego! I went once, a vegetarian, and returned a carnivore. Well, I eat vegetables too but I think someone tipped me over the edge with salt beef and there's been no return

I love that shawl pattern! Is looking lovely with the variegated yarn

Very cool pattern! Thanks for telling us about it!

Cute knitting picture! ;) That shawl looks promising, curious to see how it turns out. I'm doing some similar stash busting with some variegated mohair-y yarn and a simple shawl pattern. Mine is very, very simple though! No pattern really.

That shawl pattern is really nifty. I can't wait to see yours once it's finished. :D

Dear Auntie Elli,
Thank you for my new onesie. I love it! Arrrrr!

Cannot wait to see your Hanami. I am dying to see it because I thought about getting rid of the basketweave section too. I just love the other side so much...

San Diego? A conference in San Diego? What conference? Cuz I was at a conference in San Diego too? Could we have both been at the ESRI conference? Wahhh!!!! We could have met in the north tower lobby and knitted the evenings away!

I love these conferences in fun places. I also love the posts from your sister and nephew, very cute. And the shawl is nice too, of course. Welcome back!