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Five happy things

1) I finished sewing up Demi! There won't be any pictures until I locate some buttons and do a little seam-steaming, but she's almost there! Do you know what this means?

2) I am down to ONE unfinished project! Just one! I'm still a little shocked about this. This in turn means that...

3) I can finally start some new projects! Swatching has ensued. Plans are being made for yummy projects which involve...


4) Stashbusting! This is some Alpaca Cloud I overdyed on Sunday evening. It used to be "sunlight heather" (aka blah beige) so I took care of that with a whole pile of lemon and orange flavored koolaid. I am really happy with the results and I'm hoping that it'll be just right for the project I have in mind.

And since we haven't had enough babies around here lately...

5) The nephewling is cute. So is my dad.



Such an adorable picture of you dad & nephew.
You overdyed that yarn really well. That's something I'd like to try one of these days - I've got some skeins that I used to like but now they're blah.

Oooh, goodness, that orange is so yummy! Yay for Koolaid, saving the day again. I can't wait to see your Demi (I'm still trying to resist, but you just might push me over the edge...). And what a sweet picture of your men!

Awww, cute photo of your dad and nephew. I like your yarn dyeing, too!!

Awww..Baby pic!

Congratulations on making it down to one unfinished project. What are you going to start on now?

One? ONE? Is it even possible? Will the Alpaca Cloud be a shawl of some sort?

Your Alpaca Cloud looks gorgeous now. That sunlight color looks so pretty on the monitor...too bad it's actually beige.

Love the picture of your guys.

The Alpaca Cloud looks absolutely irresistible, you did a great job dyeing it! I can't wait to see what you make out of it.

Ummm, you needs to come up here so I can take you to the new-to-me LYS so that we can rectify this one UFO nonsense. Yeppers.

Oh my, the nephewling is adorable.

Love the orange-y goodness, too.

ooh it must feel so good to be down to one project on the needles! can't wait to see what you're a brewing.

totally adorable nephew and pop!

Too cute! Now get those buttons!

Nice! I love the "Pre-Project" stage. Newphewling is so sweet looking.

Pretty yarn....sweet, sweet baby!

Love the yarn and the nephewling found just the right spot for his afternoon nap! Very cute.

Good for you that new projects will start soon. It must feel refreshing. Enjoy the baby and your dad. So cute a picture.

What a gorgeous baby! And the yarn turned out beautiful, too.

The alpaca cloud looks amazing! It kind of reminds me of a fox pelt. Very vintage. I do envy your stash busting and object finishing restraint.

Fuzzy orange yarn? Teeny sleeping baby? Dad absentmindedly snuggling said baby? It's like this post was scientifically calculated to bring us the most possible joy -per-photo! Can't wait for Demi, though. :)

Great color for the alpaca yarn. Are there some sparkles in that yarn?

locate some buttons please ;-)

- lovely alpaca cloud

Too adorable. Love that your dad is holding the baby while trying to read!

That picture of your father and your nephew is too sweet. Precious, actually.

One UFO??? No way, man! That's awesome. I have... 6. And I'm not counting UFOs that will be frogged. :-)

PS I think you and your dad look a lot alike!

yarn = gorgeous
nephewling + dad = great snapshot of peace and tranquility

thanks for sharing.

Oh Elli what happy days! Looking forward to seeing what happens next... xo

That overdye is amazing! Wow I love the colors. and of course the baby is adorable as well.

wahh!! no photos just the dreaded red X

I love, love, love that yarn!

Hi Elli are you OK? xxo