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Finished: Flower Basket Shawl


The Specs:
-Pattern: Flower Basket Shawl, by Evelyn A. Clark, from Interweave Fall 2004.
-Yarn: Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud.
-Skeins: Two 50g skeins in the color "stream heather" knit doubled. 95g used total.
-Needles: Size 10 Brittanies.
-Start to finish: Spring 2005 - April 29, 2007.

Started way back in the spring of 2005, this shawl has been lurking in the bottom of my knitting basket for a remarkably long time. It was the first lace project I ever attempted and I'm not ashamed to admit that it kicked my heinder the first time around. But what a difference a couple of years can make! I pulled this one out and finished up the remaining 3/4ths of the shawl in less than a week (much of this on a single Saturday I spent at home recovering from a stomach bug).

Put on your party dresses kids, it's a finished flower basket!

The Pattern:
I can't say I loved knitting this one, but the pattern was everything it needed to be: clear and free of mistakes. I found that using a large number of stitch markers and counting my stitches at the end of every row really helped keep things moving along smoothly.

The Yarn:
Nice and soft and insanely affordable. The alpaca makes this one Very Warm shawl.


Way back when I started this one I must have decided that I didn't like how small the shawl looked in this picture, so I went up three needle sizes from a 7 to a 10. Time went by and I forgot that I had done this, so when I picked it back up again I decided to add two lace repeats to ensure that it wouldn't be too small. I used a short set of straight needles (not recommended, I could hardly get all the stitches on there at the end) so I had no way to know how big this shawl was until I bound off and held it up. Turns out that mine is a whole 14 inches wider than the original...larger than I had anticipated, but just fine with me!

Final Verdict: You have no idea how satisfying it is to finish this one up. Happiness all around!



Very beautiful. A wonderful match for your beautiful dress too.

Beautiful Flower Basket - I love your enlarged version! and such a pretty photo on the lawn!

Purty! That's an awesome dress, too.

This is amazingly beautiful! Big wow.

Lovely! I'm sure it is well worth the wait. And I agree - love the dress!

Stunning. I have an old lace WIP languishing here at my house. Thanks for the inspiration to pick it up again. :)

hi elli, this is a beautiful shawl, with your lovely dress, too. i'm not a big fan of knitting lace shawls but i do love this pattern a lot.

WOW. It's totally gorgeous. Love the dress, too.


I love it! The only thing that's really kept me from knitting it was the small size...I wanted something bigger, so I thought I'd go with a different 1st lace project. Do you think it's simple enough for a beginning lace knitter?

That is gorgeous! Fantastic job!

How simply gorgeous! I love the dress also!

So pretty! And that dress, FAB! What a better way to show off a pretty shawl than with a pretty dress!

So beautiful Elli! I actually like that it turned out bigger than the original pattern - I always thought that it was a little too small. Pretty dress too :)

wow, beautiful! I'm really blown away by your styling and photos!

love the shawl and what a pretty dress!

This is one of the prettiest FBS I've seen in blogland. It's just beautiful!

Oh gorgeous shawl and you look so lovely too!

wow!! so beautiful!!
*and can I come and steal your dress?*

Just gorgeous!! oooo, just, wow! It looks so good as a "full" shawl rather than a little shawl-lette. I applaud you as I attemt my first actual Lace weight project. I've knit lace before but the smallest weight yarn was fingering. You give me hope!


Absolutely beautiful!
I've been looking for a new shawl to knit! I even have the yarn, JaggerSpun Zephyr in Peacock. but I think I'll go single strand as it's for my Mum and she's quite small, don't want to swamp her ;)
Thanks for the idea.

Wow that shawl is gorgeous and it looks wonderful with your dress. I sooo want to make one now, espceially with the affordable alpaca cloud!!

That is amazing! I really like the alpaca doubled. It gives the finished product a nice (perceived) mass. Great job!

Lovely, and so are your photos!

Beautiful! All of it...that shawl and your dress. I'm sure it must have felt good to finish that knit.

it's goregous!! talk about a fantastic shawl two years in the making!! lovely job!

What a beautiful shawl and your dress looks so pretty!

Beautiful! I actually love this pattern. It is so easy to memorize and goes by so fast.
Love it.

Great job! Knitting thin yarn on large needles sure makes a big shawl!

Well, that is fabulous! And it compliments your dress beautifully. I have that pattern in my queue, perhaps I should move it up!

This is my favorite FBS yet - great party dress, too! You are a stunner!

That is so beautiful, the color especially. I really love your dress, too!

soOoO pretty. Wow, I love it in that shade of blue.

WOW!!! I LOVE you version, this will have to go on my wish list!

Wow! That is wonderous. I think it's been about a year since my first attempt at lace - maybe I too should try again.

Please, tell us more about your beautiful dress as well!

I like it even better more open like this (larger needles). Lovely colour on you.

Gorgeous! I love that you got all dressed up for the photo shoot -- I certainly hope that after you were done you took the shawl out and showed it a good time!

Lovely! The size is perfect!

Beautiful!!! I like it bigger - the functionality of the original size just didn't look feasable.

beautiful. It is a good match with the colourful dress.

Your shawl turned out beautifully. And what a cute dress!!

Awesome! This is great to see because I'm about to start my own Flower Basket Shawl and I love seeing how people have modified patterns with different yarns, needle sizes, etc.

Good call on sizing up--twice! That's a great color, too. It looks wunnerful, esp. with that dress.


I love it bigger--it's beautiful!

i love how LARGE it is. great!

How gorgeous! Both the shawl, AND the dress!

From germany: 10 points including the dress :o))
greets, Eva

Lovely shawl!

lovely! Plus, congrats on finishing an old UFO, and on the knitting smarts you've gained since you set it down. :)


Gorgeous! (LOVE your dress.)

The shawl is smashing! I am glad to see that the Alpaca Cloud works even using size 10's - I just did a shawl on size 4's (for my sister) and was wondering how I would choose to make one as big as I would like it to be for myself (someday, should I ever get around to it). And isn't that blocking just magical?

Very pretty, and I also love the dress!

Wow, it's gorgeous!

...and it's gorgeous!

The shawl is beautiful and I love how well it matches your dress.

The shawl is beautiful!

It's beautiful Elli! Nice dress, too. I wish you well to wear it, and congratulations on finishing! X

Stunning! It looks especially perfect with your pretty dress. I really need to make me a flower basket shawl.

Hot-cha! V cute and sexy. You're the best knitter in the universe.

Glorious! And I covet that dress.

It looks wonderful, and I love the larger size of it.

Beautiful and inspiring. I know what you mean about the difference between a beginner lace knitter and later. I've been at lace for almost a year and Evelyn Clark's patterns used to boggle me, but now I really enjoy it!