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Finished: Mossy Baby Sweater

Hey look, it’s a finished baby sweater! This one has been waiting for its write-up for over a week, but lately life has been getting in the way of blogging. And returning e-mail. I'm working on it, I promise!

Oh fine, it's not the same color as moss.

The Specs:
Pattern: My own.
Size: About 3 months.
Yarn: GGH Samoa (50% cotton, 50% acrylic)
Needles: Size 7 circs for the body, size 7 straights for the sleeves.
Start to finish: March 4 - April 24.
For: Little Nephew E.

I couldn't find any snakes or snails or puppy-dog tails, so you'll have to settle for pine-needles and rocks.

If you cast your mind back to early March, you may recall that this sweater started out as a slightly modified version of this pattern from Rebecca Baby and Kids No. 8. After about 100 bazillion modifications, I ended up with what you see here.

The Plan:
I wanted a baby sweater with similar construction to the EZ baby sweater: knit in the round but with sleeves knit flat (though they could be done in the round. Whether a short little seam or knitting in the round takes longer is a bit of a toss-up). I knew I wanted zig-zaggy cables (I can't get enough zigzags. I bet you never noticed).


What really happened:
That was about where the planning ended. I pretended to crunch some numbers and cast on. After I knitted my way to the bottom of the sweater I decided that the neck was too small (resulting in the great backwards seed-stitch rip-out of '07). And then there was the night I decided I didn't like the spacing of the buttonholes so I dropped back the button-band stitches and picked them back up with new yarn-over buttonholes in the proper spots. And we won't go into how I knitted the first arm three times before I got it to look like it would fit a human baby (as opposed to a t-rex baby).

I feel a little bit like I knitted the middle of the sweater first and then fiddled around on the edges for a long time. Maybe because I did?


I took a bunch of notes thinking that maybe I'd write out a pattern, but I feel like I need to knit this one again the way normal people knit (you know, from the start to the finish without all that wishy-washy rippyness) before I put it down on paper. Luckily, people just keep having babies so it shouldn't be too much of a problem finding another one to knit for.

Tree, tree, tree...tree, tree, tree...

Final Verdict: I like it! Even if it was the slowest fast knit ever executed.

p.s. I finished up the Flowerbasket Shawl last Sunday! More finished object goodness coming your way soon! (Though I do realize that "soon" in Elli-land has come to mean "sometime hopefully in the next week.")


Ok, that's one seriously cute baby jacket. It manages to be a little bit more exciting than your average plain vanilla baby sweater pattern without becoming needlessly baroque. I hope you do get around to writing the pattern, because it would make an excellent project to have in the baby gift arsenal... But if you would rather not revisit it again that's cool. Reverse ripping seed stitch sounds like a pain.

That's a very cute baby cardi... I love the details!

Cute! Love that green.

I love that cardigan! If you do get around to writing a pattern, I'd definitely be interested in buying one! So adorable.

Frankly, I'm not one to leave many hoorah messages over FO's on knitting blogs. But this creation is GORGEOUS. I love seed stitch, I love the raglan shoulders, and the stand up collar is FABULOUS!! Please write it up asap so I can make one. (Although I've been making one of my own baby sweater unventions lately, and it also has seed stitch borders. Knit in Malabrigo chunky. Cast on for steeks, but haven't cut yet.

Anyway, mazel tov on the beautiful sweater!

What a pretty jacket! I really like the center-back cable.

Very cute miss! Now let's see that shawl!

this turned out beautifully -- it's perfect!

That sweater is so freakin beautiful! I *heart* that sweater and wish I could get ahold of the pattern.

I love it! the back cable panel would make a beautiful cardigan front also.

Adorable, I hope you´ll write the pattern down ;-)

Darling sweater! I'd also be interested in the pattern if you ever do write it up! Can't wait to see the Flowerbasket Shawl.

I am in awe of all the detaliling. It looks so simple and yet the more you stare at it the more complex it looks. You did a wonderful job and the little man will look brilliant in it.

The sweater looks great! Really beautiful!

The baby sweater is gorgeous, and if you ever knit it again and write down the pattern, I would definately like to know how you made it. I am sure that the baby's mum will absolutely love it.

Adorable! Clearly all the ripping and reknitting was worth it!

So adorable!!! I have babies to knit for too, so let me know if you'd like any test knittage assistance ;)

that is really adorable - the zig zaggy cables add great texture!

This is FABULOUS! I am so impressed! What a lucky baby! :o)

How cute!

Oh wow, this is so gorgeous! Love those zigzags! So cute ;o)

Absolutely darling!

Incredibly cute without being too fussy!
If you're not too burned out on it, i hope you'll consider giving it another knit and writing up the pattern.

Very cute!

Oh, that is just a lovely baby sweater!! Beautiful job.

Beautiful little sweater! I'd love it if you wrote up the pattern!

What a darling baby sweater!

So cute! Definitely will need that pattern.

You have no idea how long it took me to figure out that half those shots were of the back. You said it had a button band and I got so confused. Heh, I blame pregnancy brain.

Now that sweater is adorable, and the only thing that will make it more adorable is your sweet nephew wearing it!

Too cute! what a perfect baby pattern.

Nice, nice work. I love your modifications. A metamorphosis, really. And I hadn't noticed you and zig zags. Your links made me laugh.

I love the zigzags! It seems a little unexpected and very cool for a baby sweater. I hope for a pattern someday.

I am in desperate need of a very cute cardigan pattern for a baby. Want a test knitter?

Seed stitch + zig-zag cables = baby sweater perfection! Super cute. I hope you do post the pattern, 'cause I'll be the first to knit it up!

It's amazingly lovely sweater with great detailing.

Wow, that is so, so cute! Very nice work.

Nephew E. is sooooo lucky having you and your beautiful work.

Just wanted to say hello. I just found your site though Brooklyn Tweed's blog and it's lovely. I lived in Bloomington for about 7 years! I hope you're enjoying it.

Nice work!

adorable, and thanks for the details!

That is just the most adorable sweater ever! Great color too! Would love to see a pattern of it someday......no pressure.....

Aw, that is so cute! Lucky baby!

Oooh, it looks beautiful!

Gosh, that's lovely! It's classic and cute without being cutesy. I'd love to buy the pattern if you ever do write it up.

gorgeous sweater! I'll look forward to the pattern :)

Lovely cardigan. You did an amazing job. All that trouble was really worth it; it came out beautifully.

What an adorable little sweater! I'm sure the little guy (and his parents) will love it!!!! He'll look so sweet in it too. I'm really looking forward to your pattern!

Beautiful! I too, would love to see the pattern one day!

Drop. Dead. Gorgeous!

so very sweet and spring-y~

Oh, Please do write up the pattern! The sweater turned out so cute~

This sweater is precious! I especially love the cable panel down the front- so cute!

Love it! Love the buttons! but I want it in my size!!!

Lovely sweater! Would love to see a pattern : )

SO cute! I love the zigzagy action, too. I'm in a serious baby-sweater-knitting-mode right now, so I may steal that feature from you.

I am going to try not to get to beggy on you here...aw, forget it. Please, please, please, pattern? Due in September. Must have sweet wavy mandrin collar sweater.

I will get beggy on you - pretty, pretty, pretty please!

Excellent! In the spirit of EZ, instead of writing the pattern out in details, why not write an EZ style pattern -- i.e. a general plan, followed by a few "pithy" instructions. Make us all think a little -- it will be good for us :-)


I swear I like this better than the trellis I'm finishing up...great pattern...love the zigzags

That is REALLY cute. You really should write up a pattern for it. People would probably even pay you for it!

So very pretty!

Fantastic!!! You are making me want to plunder my stash, dig out my EZ books and concoct something similar.

So cute! What a lucky nephew!

That sweater is really great. Good job on the seat-of your pants patterning.

It's absolutely adorable!

Wow it turned out great. I love the colour and cant wait till you write out the pattern. Id love to make it too. Top Job.

Beautiful baby cardigan, I love that color and the buttons.