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Finished: Plain Old Socks

I seem to have accidentally finished some socks!

I need some sun. Real bad.

The Specs:
Pattern: A toe-up version of Priscilla's Dream Socks by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, from the Fall 2000 Interweave Knits (also in the subscriber-only portion of their website).
Yarn: Trekking XXL.
Skeins: A little under one ball of color 110.
Needles: Bamboo dpns, sizes 1 and 2.
Start to finish: March 19 - May 18.
For: Me!

This has been my brainless take-along knitting for the past two months. Considering that I just did a few rows here and a few rows there, I was pretty surprised when I suddenly found that I was finished.

Thunk says I'm not really this white in real life. Really.

I achieved toe-up-ness on these by starting at the toe "seam" with a non-invisible provisional sort of cast-on (basically the long-tail cast-on onto two needles, alternating stitches between needles until I had my 76 stitches). I held one needles-worth of stitches on some dental floss (makes your knitting nice and minty! Just don't use the whitening variety) until I had completed a short-row toe. Then I just I put the held stitches back on the needles, knitted the foot, executed a PGR shortrow heel, and proceeded up the leg. Easy-peasy!

The Yarn:
As plain old sock yarn goes, I love Trekking most of all because of the colors and the way they never come out the same way twice. It's common for the colors in two of the three plies to match up, creating a dominant color band, but this was the first time I've ever had all three plies synch up. You can see where it happened on the ankle of one of the socks...there's about an inch or so where it looks a little more rainbow-riffic. I thought about cutting this section out of the yarn, but I kind of like it.


Final Verdict: Nice warm socks, just in time for summer!


Cute socks. I love the random stripy-ness of them. They'll be perfect in the fall. Btw, your Flower Basket Shawl is gorgeous.

Oh, I do love plain old Trekking socks -- these look very cozy. :)

Wow, I thought those legs were fake at first, like manequin legs they are so white! That sounds awful, I am just teasing, the socks are very lovely!

great socks! oh and i heard that the No-tan, natural skin look is in this season ;-) Since that's the case... I'm SO trendy right now, too!

These are so nice! Sometimes I get tired of the fancy socks.

oh my lord please don't get a tan. your skin is gorgeous! also nice socks. :)

I do love this colorway! They may be easy, but can never never be "plain," at least not with all of those great colors!

*wolf whistle* nice socks! wink wink nudge nudge

Oh! I love the color. And I'm glad I'm not the only one with white legs.

I didnt think there was anyone that had whiter legs than me:D Cute socks!!

Pretty socks! I love all the green grass, too.

Seriously. Did you borrow a corpse for this photo shoot?

I lub roo!!!

Lovely socks! And for one second, I thought it was a mannequin in that first photo. But all I see now is gorgeous, flawless skin!

At least the yarn is summery (in spite of the wool)! Looks like sherbet!

Trekking is a yarn that forces you to just accept it the way it is. Beautiful.

Yummy socks. And my legs are almost as white and that's WITH a bit of tan left over from last year. I think my natural color is "clear."

Also, I wanted to thank you - I've been lurking around for a long time without commenting. And I ended up knitting Blaze after I saw your post and I LOVE it. Thanks for the suggestion!

I love that Trekking color! and it looks really good on your pale skin. Beautiful socks

They're lovely Elli! I like the rainbowness too. Thanks for the recipe xo

they are so cute! I'm a stripe-person and I am lovin' your warm summer socks!

Also in "Favorite Socks"! Love the socks!

Those are lovely! Your legs look good, too. Smooth and alabaster and very artistic! Good sock modeling legs!

those are really cute - basic socks show off trekking best!

I love them - not plain in the least!

I love it when a project seems to finish itself. Great socks!

Yay for the simple! I love the socks, very utilitarian (and very colorful!).

Beautiful socks!! I adore the colors :)

Your socks look so nice! Great pics.

Such a happy colorway, I love them!

Bee-yoo-tiful. I love Trekking! The simple pattern shows it off well...now I must start my (second) pair of socks with my faux-Trekking: Fortissima Socka Colori (that name is too long!)

Don't you just love those simple, can-knit-without-looking, carry-along projects? Especially when they turn out this pretty in the end!

Lovely plain old socks!

Bew-Te-Ful! They look so cumffy and perfect. you have been tagged for the 7 random facts meme. Hope you have fun with this and can't want to read.

There's always time for socks! Funny how the stripes form so differently between them. Now cast on with Luna Park! =D

I second thunk's motion- your legs are not that pale in person :))

Lovely and lovely. You should see my legs, but I won't even show them, so there! Such happy socks. :D

Gorgeous. I love it when the socks just seem to finish themselves. I'll have to try your method on the toe - I don't knit that pattern because I don't want to graft that many toe stitches (I guess the only version I've knit is top down).

Did you managed to find the ball band? The colour is amazing.

They look great the colors remind me of rainbow sherbet.

They look great the colors remind me of rainbow sherbet.

OMG - I can't even stand how beautiful these colors are!!!

a haiku of admiration:

lo, these socks! are so
heart-wrenchingly beautiful
OMG, i weep.

this first picture is pretty amazing! the legs skin i´'s sowhite, so pure that the became "greener". I find quite beautiful.
I love your knits.