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Feeling Shawly

Wow, thanks everybody for all the nice comments on the baby sweater! Imagine me all pink and blushy. I think that I can safely say that I have sufficient motivation to get that pattern written up.

In other news, we got out and took some shots of the Flowerbasket Shawl yesterday. Let me tell you, alpaca shawls are not for 84 degree days. And how is it 84 degrees already anyway? I don't have enough time to do a whole FO post right now, but I thought I'd quick give you some pre- and mid-blocking shots to keep you occupied and marveling about the miracle of lace.

hello, I am lumpy.



Very pretty!

God, don't you love a good block? That lace looks so pretty!

So pretty!

Love lace, love, love, love lace. It is gonna be gorgeous, I can already tell.

Oh la la! That already looks gorgeous!

OoOoo...pretty! I like the color a lot.

It's so pretty! Love it.


You tease! Love the color, is it going to be a shawl for you or a special someone?

I have been lurking, but the suggestion that you might write up that baby sweater pattern is enough to bring me out of hiding. That is the sweetest, most captivating design I have seen in a very long time. It truly took my breath away when I saw the post. I would really love to try my hand at one, even though I don't currently have a recipient in mind. Worthy of putting in a future grandchild trousseau trunk, I say.

Love the shawl and cant wait til the baby pattern is up!!

The baby sweater is indeed FAB.U.LOUS!

Wow - blue FBS, very nice colour choice. How big is it?

I love lace before and after shots!!!!


Shawl blocking really is magic isn't it.

I love the colour btw. :)

ahhh blocking... it never ceases to amaze me.

Beautiful work, can't wait to see you model it.

wow, it looks beautiful! I'm wondering...what's going on with the yellow string there...?

OOOH, so beautiful!

absolutely amazing that you have the patience to do a shawl...i'm still in awe. hopefully i'll pick my jaw up off the floor before ants come strolling by.

It's a miracle! I love that pattern, I had forgotten about it (and now I want one NOW!).


WOW!! That is absolutely stunning and looks amazing with that dress. I must have both! Nice work...gorgeous!!