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For any of you out there who doubted me when I said I was going to finish up those stubborn lingering FOs, lookie here!

Oi! Demi sleeves!

It's slow going here in Sleevetown, but I'm plugging away. As usual, I'm working both at the same time so that they come out the same size. I keep reminding myself that if I was only working on one sleeve I'd be twice as far, but somehow this never makes it any easier. I just want to be done!

Though that in itself poses a problem since I have no idea how I'm going to manage a FO photo-session without passing out from sweater-stroke at this time of year. I would totally do it in a cave if it weren't for that pesky lack-of-natural-light problem. Come to think of it, all the cold-in-warm-weather locations I can think of are a bit short on natural light. Your average basement...the ice rink...a meat packing plant...

Good thing I have a bit of knitting to accomplish before I have to decide.

accidental color-combo inspiration from the violas


It is always a good idea to knit the sleeves together, at least that way you know you dont have to do them again. I always enjoy knitting the 1st one, then I realise I have to repeat it again and it seems to go slower second time. I love the blue color you are using, it looks gorgeous. I cant wait to see the end result.

Good luck in Sleevetown! I do the same thing with sleeves, and with socks. It may seem like a slow process, but when you're done, you're done! Which is the best part. :)

pretty, pretty, pretty! Next time I knit sleeves, it will be two at a time!

I'm a huge fan of knitting parts at the same time. I figure I'm saving at least ten minutes by not counting rows and reading instructions twice!

Woo! You are rockin' those sleeves. And actually, you can come up here to GR for the photo shoot--it was barely 60 today; I wouldn't have minded a snuggly sweater!

It's gorgeous - well worth a swelter.

BTW, I love the photo of your mom below.

I always wish that I'd done that, but I never manage to remember until I'm half way through the first one.

Yay! It looks great!

That is such a gorgeous blue. It makes me drool.

Is there a well-air-conditioned mall in your area that has natural light? You could do a photo shoot there (much to the delight of the shoppers).

I've been waiting so patiently for its return...

love the colour very much, with some colour spot on it.

I suggest going to the mall on a sunny day and doing your photo shoot under a skylight.

Oh! I see someone else has already suggested this. Great minds think a like.... :-)

Ah yes, I was going to suggest a walk-in fridge, but I see this has already occurred to you. Also, a somewhat grittier background than your usual pretty pictures!

Do you have any airconditioning at work? (I know this might be tricky, blogging-meets-real-life etc) but maybe during a lunch time, or as a way of making having to go in on a weekend more bearable? I always thought it would be lovely to see you standing against one of your maps! xo

two sleeves at once always seems like it takes 4 times as long instead of twice as long...but when you are done, you are done!

you could come to my office - I wear a sweater all summer long!

Very pretty!!!!

I always knit both sleeves at the same time out of fear of winding up with two different sized/shaped sleeves. It does seem to take forever, but when you reach the end...you're done!

I really, really like the way your Demi looks in that blue yarn. It's gorgeous.

I always do my sleeves at the same time also. Second Sleeve Syndrome seems so much more daunting than Second Sock Syndrome.
I adore the flecks of red in your tweed. Fabulous!

Good for you! My poor demi is still just 2/3 of a front. I keep putting it aside and then dreading picking it up again because I'm not sure I'll find my spot on the chart. You're giving me inspiration to just get it done!

What about a library? Not a special collections one or an Archives (obsiously) but one that subscribes to the idea of opening up spaces to natural light? It looks like you are going to have to think of something soon though, you'll be done with those sleeves in no time.

De-lurking (oh, well you got me on Ravelry). But the blue is purdy!!!!

OOOOoooooo, pretty :)

So happy to see Demi back! I just love that sweater : ) It is sure to be stunning on you.

Go, go, go! It's looking great.

What a beautiful shade of blue! That sweater is truly going to be a beauty.

I love this sweater so much, and I know I'm going to adore your blue version. Keep on kicking sleeve-ass!

Maybe another trip to SF for a photo shoot? It's so windy right now. That color blue is stunning!

Sleevetown is such a fun place! I really like the idea of knitting both sleeves at once, I don't think my sleeves are ever the same length (pre-blocking). Thanks! and keep up the good work!

You've been TAGGED. See my blog for the rules.

I have to try and knit both sleeves at the same time because I always make a mistake on one and turns out a little different (only I know!)than the other. Goodluck finishing your UFO. Can't wait to see it.

That yarn is gorgeous!

ugh, sleevetown. not my fave place to visit. but that yarn! so lovely.

Yum, Demi is so gorgeous! I hear you on the photoshoot in the heat issue, I've been procrastinating photoing a sweater as the temps rise. Perhaps you could do a Demi-at-dawn photo?