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Almost there...

Two Demi sleeves, blocked and ready for action! All that's left is to knit up that little shoulder-flap-thingee that has the button holes in it (I'm sure it has a name, but it eludes me at the moment). Then we're on to Finishingland!

Hello. It's dark in here.

Something about the shapes and colors in this photo remind me of this fossil fuels stamp. Maybe I should try cabled trilobites next time?


I love the color of your Demi and am really excited to see the finished product!

So great. Can't wait to see it!

Mmm, love that color. Great pictures, they really show off the pretty patterns!

Sweet! They're wonderfully ridgey.


Pretty Demi!

i heart the trilobite idea. sleeves are beautiful.

Ohh, those are beautiful. The cables really pop and the color is gorgeous. You're so close!

eeee! So exciting to see all that cabley goodness laid out. And like everyone else, I love this color.

It's rally time! Get it done. I would just call them button bands! =)

Love the blue color, and it is looking so good. I cant wait to see the finished result.

Such amounts of pretty detail. I love that pattern more and more everytime I see it.

That color and the stitch pattern is so vivid! Beautiful.

Extremely beautiful work! Love it.

that looks lovely, such perfect knitting.

I really love your choice of colour, it suits her (Demi :-)) very well! Good luck with the finishing!

oooh - that is looking absolutely beautiful!

Ooh, beautiful!

man your work is so beautiful. it really is.

Oh, they look so good! I can't wait to see the whole thing put together. I'm so eager to finish mine off, too...just a little ways further to go!

Epaulets I think they are called. I can't wait to see this finished. It's going to be spectacular...I liked the link to the stamps too. Fun!

Lovely, perfect, cables.

Cabled trilobites...I would wear that!

(BTW, very nice trekking socks)

Those sleeves are really stunning! I never really noticed the Demi pattern before, but now I'm intrigued.

I have those same stamps! I haven't looked at them in years, and now I'm wondering what on earth a "breeder reactor" is.

The sleeves are lovely -- must resist urge to add Demi to queue...

Gorgeous color, and I know what you mean about the cables reminding you of a scientific element. Several issues back there was a scarf in Interweave Knits in which the cable pattern replicated a DNA strand. Good to know you're not alone. BTW, I'm new to your blog, and really enjoy it. My own is quite new. Come on over and check it out when you have a chance: www.floribundajulie.blogspot.com


Gorgeous! Can't wait to see it finished and modeled! You do such nice work :)

I can't wait to see the finished product. Even just the sleeves are a work of art!

What patience you have - it's just perfect! The teal is gorgeous!

inspiring ! just lovely !


The stitches look so beautiful and just pop with the lovely yarn you've chosen.

Hee! Can't wait to see it finished! Those are some handsome sleeves, and I have yet to see a Demi that inspired me - and you always manage to tip the scales :)

I am so excited to see this finished. I love Demi and cannot wait to knit it.

Yay! Demi! Demi!

The things you knit are incredible!

My hero! Mine lags in the UFO basket. Someday perhaps. . .

Oooo pretty....pretty blue, pretty sleeves. It will be so cute!