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UFO Roundup

There has been regrouping. There has been knitting.

Need a refresher on what’s on the needles over here at Chez UFO? Me too.

brittanies, jump rings, and alpaca cloud

Starting back with the oldest and most languishy of the lot, we have the Flowerbasket Shawl, started sometime in the spring of 2005. Those of you who have been hanging around for a while might realize that I’ve only blogged about this project once (back in January of 2006) when I hauled it out in all its neglected glory to motivate myself to get a move on. As you can probably guess, no moves were made…until last weekend.

I’m currently cruising along with less than two repeats to go before the edging. Somewhere in the past two years lace knitting has got a whole heckofalot easier for me. Time to finish this one up!

Demi: most of a front, all of a back

Ah yes, the lovely Demi. I started her in November of 2005 and the front and back have slowly materialized over time. Problem is that I keep getting distracted by other projects and shunting her off to the sidelines. No more! The goal for Demi is to get her knitted before the weather gets too hot so she’ll be ready to keep me warm when autumn hits. My other secret goal is to get her knitted before Jared and Ashley finish theirs (don’t tell).

jaywalker_current.jpg plain_old_socks.jpg

I started the Jaywalkers in late December and I’m only up to the gusset on sock number one. Seems I just lost momentum.

Plain Old Socks:
No problem here! This is my current portable and brainless project.

So that’s the lot. Only four projects total (and two pairs of socks hardly count, if you ask me). The biggest problem is those two ancient hangers-on up at the top. Time to pull a yaiAnn and get them all outa here!

p.s. If you’re wondering where that green baby sweater is…it’s FINISHED! FO report soon.


Only 4? That's really great! Sadly, I have 7. :-(

Glad to know that I am not alone in the ancient UFO catagory. They all look nice in there various states of incompleteness.

What yarn are you using for that jaywalker? It is awesome.

Yep, socks don't count, and 2 UFOs in nothing I have like 10. I think I have said it before but I LOVE how your demi is looking.

Pssh, four is nothing. In fact, it's rather reasonable. I really like the plain sock yarn, it reminds me of an ice cream flavor they have at Laura Secord- Superkid, which tastes like bubblegum and looks like a swirl of these colours.

And that Demi is gorgeous- love the tweed. Have you picked out buttons yet? It seems like one of the sweaters where the tone is set by button choice.

Way to get those old projects off the needles! And I agree that socks don't count :)

Great looking projects! I especially like the green socks and, well, the Demi of course.

Everything looks great!

Revisiting WIPs is a great idea. Good luck with wrapping up all your projects. Can't wait to see your socks finished, (the simple ones) I love the colorway!

Four isn't so bad. I am scared to count mine...The Jaywalkers look so pretty (lovely spring colors!), and just when I was saying I wan't a big fan of variegated yarn you go and show me something I like.

Ooh, Demi is looking good! Flowerbasket is...mysterious :)

You can do it! I mean, Demi really, really deserves your luv.

You have such pretty UFO's!! i don't remember the Flowerbasket shawl...but that deep blue is just gorgeous.

Hee hee--if your goal is to finish before me, I think you're safe ;)

I honestly expected to see more UFOs!

Oooh, I love the zingy springy colors of your Jaywalkers!

And the blue alpaca cloud is a gorgeous shade, too - how do you like working with that yarn?

I just took stock also and it was really painful. I always wonder if a project languishs on the needles will it actually languish in the proverbial closet as well?

Your UFO's are so beautiful though and certainly deserve ressurection :-)

Lucky you, with only two socks in progress. The latest post on my blog was about my 13 unfinished socks. Ouch. I don't even want to think about other UFOs, but now that you bring it up, I may have to dig some up and finish them! Demi is beautiful and the shawl looks luscious!

You can do it! =) Just keep those blinders on! Did you knit the Luna Park sock yarn yet?

I love the sweater you are working on! And, as a fan of Jaywalkers, I have to so say that yarn and pattern go together so well! :)

De-mi! De-mi! De-mi!

Well. Those UFOs are really worth having. I love the color for Demi. Sooo pretty!

I love your blue Demi! I have only seen brownish Demis out there, and I like them, but your blue was stunningly beautiful! And the green sockyarn for the Jaywalker.....! What kind of yarn is that?

Your blue Demi looks gorgeous! Good luck with the finishing...I'm hoping to get my Demi out (I've only got a back finished) this weekend and make a bit more progress. Seeing other people's Demis-in-progress is inspiring!

that's not too bad - all within finishing reach! demi is beautiful! such a great color - most of the ones I have seen have been in darker tweeds, but I love the lighter color!

Four? Seriously? You can totally get through those projects. And that Demi, its practically done, right? What's a set of sleeves and some seaming, right?

Oh my, those Jaywalkers are fantastic! It'll take all my strength not to rip my potatomus sock and reknit it as a stripy jaywalker!

The Demi looks fab. What yarn are you using? I have it on my future knitting list.

Your Flowerbasket shawl looks BEAUTIFUL in that light - oddly enough when I went to look at your one & only post from way back when the colours look so completely different! This post is like an azure iris-y blue, and the very first post was a very grey shade....which is most accurate, would you say?

Demi is magnificent - love the colour.

Those socks totally don't count. Both Demi and the shawl some rocking ufo's, I can't wait to see them complete!

What a great job! I have watched the progress of this sweater (and your other works) and just love it! You are truly talented.

I am desperately in love with your "Plain Old Sock." The colours are so beautiful!