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More Babies and Knee Highs

So I’ve been avoiding blogging a bit because I’ve been a bit on the tired and complainy side (see last two posts). But I promise, only nice things today!

Nice thing No. 1: Yarn

YaiAnn did a little shopping for me at Stitches West. I pretty much asked her to stage a mini-raid on Cookie's booth and she thoughtfully obliged. To feed the kneesock fiend in me, I now have my very own German Stocking sock kit:


I also had her nab me the Twisted Flower sock pattern (no pic, but it’s here if you haven’t seen it yet.) and some of Cookie’s handpainted sock yarn in a green colorway I’d been coveting since I first saw it up her blog. YaiAnn also surprised me with a skein of Lisa Souza merino sock yarn in a gorgeous almost-solid colorway called “pumpkin.” Yum! I’m currently obsessed with the idea of turning it into some snickets.

we are delicious.

Nice thing No. 2: I have a new nephew! Actually, I’ve had a new nephew since March 25. If you know me in real life I’ve probably already made you look at pictures. But for the rest of you, here he is:

I am delicious too. (picture by Krickie)

He belongs to my older sister Rae and BIL Natey. I think they did a rather decent job, don’t you? We’ll go up to visit his humongous adorableness and the rest of the family this weekend. I am very excited. Here's the other picture Krick sent (I want his hat).

In other news, the yellow soaker has been done for weeks and the cabley baby sweater is pretty darn near completed. More on those when I get my act together.


I love the baby's hat! It is adorable!

Those knee socks are fantastic! I can't wait to see you knit them up...

This whole post is delicious! :)

Brand new baby and yarn- can't beat that.

So jealous you got your hands on some of Cookie's yarn- saw that on her blog. Such great, saturated color.

Aw, what a cutie! Congrats on your new nephew!

(I got Twisted Flower too--how great is that pattern?)

Snickets! I am dying to make those. Beautiful yarn, especially the green.

What a cutie pie!

Oooo! I may have to make some Snickets along with you! Another excuse to buy yarn!!! :o)

Please count me in for the snickets. And congrats on your new nephew. He shares the same b-day with me... how cute ;o)

That pumpkin yarn is definitely delicious. congrats on the new nephew.

Congratulations on the new nephew! He really is a cutie!

And those kneehighs are so gorgeous. I'm hoping to start my own German Stocking during Easter but I'm not sure if I'll have enough time to knit.

What a little cutie!!! I think he looks like you and your sister!!

I can't stand the cutie!! On three.. 1, 2, 3... "Awwwwwww!"

oh, those german stockings are going to be hot hot hot! and I LOVE both yarns!
hope the lack of "tired and complainy" today means things are well. take care.

The baby is so cuteeeee, congrats he's delicious!

I love those patterns and the pumpkin yarn is gorgeous. Sock yarn envy! is the worst!

Congratulations, auntie! He is just delicious! (Although clearly he would rather have a hand-knit hat to wear!)

He's precious, Elli!

I bought most of the Cookie patterns, but not that one. You're making me want to do another sweep soon to pick up the stragglers.

Congratulations!! I've got two nephews myself and I've decided you can never have enough.

snickets - forgot about those - the pumpkin would be great. Lisa does such a great job dying!!!

He is too cute - they did do a great job!

Holy deliciousness Batman! I can hardly stand the cuteness of the little! And honestly, if you consider your last two posts complainy you are a saint--I will take your style of complaining anytime. Have fun with your family this weekend!

That's one gorgeous baby, and the yarn is drool-worthy!!!

Nice things, indeed! All the socks, the knee highs, the Twisted Flower, the Snickets (how did I miss that one?) are beautiful.
pins and needles!

pins and needles? Oops, I forgot to edit that out. :)

I love the sock pattern! So much so that I went right out and bought it. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and really enjoy it. Cute baby pictures are a nice bonus too :)

Ah, congratulations, Auntie!!! What a sweet little cherubic face! I love the pumpkin colored yarn too!


the twisted flower sock sure is nice... but so is the one in the picture you posted of the knee sock and the white yarn - what pattern is that? I LOVE IT!

The yarn is gorgeous and the baby is even more gorgeous!

Unlurking to say, Wow, I was JUST LOOKING for an old post on another blog about some fancy white knee socks! I am going for the Knitty fall '06 Cable Net instead... that orange yarn is absolutely edible.

That yarn is lovely, and I would make a lovely pair of snickets (That pattern is too cool, cant wait to see 'em)

Congrats Rae and Natey! What a cutie pie.

YUM! Yummy yarn, yummy patterns, yummy baby...very cute! I wish my nephew was still a baby--it's hard to knit for a 7-year-old boy. Snickets would look great in pumpkin yarn. Can't wait to see them. I always enjoy checking your blog...never fails to entertain or inspire. Thanks!

Such a sweet addition to the family!