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Get yer fiber

Tomorrow I’ll be making my yearly sojourn north to Greencastle Indiana for a bit of wooly fun at THE FIBER EVENT.* I’ll be there with the lovely and accomplished Wendie, who is flying in from Virginia solely for the purpose of being my yarn-buying companion. Ok, I’m a liar. She’s really out here for other reasons, but it’s a happy coincidence that she’s around the one weekend that we have a fiber festival.

At any rate, if you happen to be at the Putnam County Fairground tomorrow and see two knitbloggers hopped up on fiber fumes, say hi! I’ll be the one completely freezing my arse off.

*formerly known as the Fleece Fair. Freshly renamed to sound like a convention for people with slow colons.


Have fun!
By the way, I'm writing to say that I loved your robot of the previous post.

Hope you find some great stuff!

Have fun storming the castle!

OMG! I'm glad I remembered to bring my scarf and Fetchings. And my credit card. :shifty:

See you in the morning!

Have fun for me (I won't be there this year)!!

Well, shoot. Last year I swore I would make the festival this year, and it completely snuck up on me. Have fun, Elli!

Greencastle! Well! I was passing through there on my way to my folks' for Christmas. We stopped for the night at the home of a good friend (from my husband's childhood) and we thought it a charming little town. And at the time I had no idea they had a fiber event. Neat! Have fun.

Sounds like a lot of fun :-)

Enjoy and stay warm!

Was it not just freezing out on Saturday! I was there for a few hours and poorly dressed (if you can imagine an avid knitter and spinner to come poorly dressed to the fiber event when the forecast was for cold temps, rain, and eventually snow!). I sure found some great goodies though and had a great time, I hope you did the same!

I was looking back at a couple of posts and saw your 2 Cookie A patterns. I'm about 2.5" into her Thelonious sock with Mountain Colors Bearfoot (which does not do the fabulousness of the pattern justice) and have an entire bag of Rowan Cashsoft 4-ply to make her Rhiannon pattern. I love a complicated pattern.

Have a great time and buy lots of cute things for me!

Have fun! We're getting ready for Maryland Sheep and Wool in my neighborhood :)

Hello Elli,

I found your blog today following a link from brooklyntweed and was surprised to hear you were from Bloomington! I am a student at IUB (for a few more weeks!) and it's nice to find a blog I enjoy with a local author.

I also see that you have obtained one of the elusive copies of the "unusual toys for you to knit and ejnoy" which have been unable to find anywhere... I'm very jealous!

I'd love to hear about the fiber event, maybe I'll get to go next year!